Jul 13, 2014
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Agriculture's Big Picture


AgWeb Editor Greg Vincent takes a big-picture look at agriculture and current events.

Animal Abuse Suspect Enters Plea; Crop Insurance Cuts

Jun 11, 2010
With all the college conference realignment talk, as an Iowa State graduate I could use some good news. The World Cup Matches just don’t do it for me and the government’s announcements this morning look like it isn’t going to do for me either.

There was more disappointing economic news from key financial indicators. (Haven’t I been hearing that our economy is recovering so quickly?) May retail sales dropped 1.2% and building materials dropped a whopping 9.3%. This had an immediate negative impact on the financial futures market.

The good areas? Food services sales were up. If one thing has become clear out of this financial mess, the food area is relatively immune to any affects. We love our food in the United States and we will stop buying clothes before we make any effort to change our diets. Pass the steaks!

Crop Insurance
Then new crop insurance program for 2011 will save $6 billion in the government coffers, according to AP reports. Of that total, $4 billion is reserved for deficit reduction and $2 billion is destined for risk management programs and conservation programs.

Argentina Grain Sales To be Blocked
A Reuters report out yesterday afternoon says Argentina’s grain workers are set to block all grain shipments next week in a protest for higher pay. The grain workers union president says grain exporters have had significant profits lately and the grain worker’s union just wants their share, too.

There are growing concerns about foot and mouth disease in Japan.

Shrinking Glaciers and Food Shortages
Dutch scientists are saying areas around the Himalaya Mountains are destined for massive food shortages in the coming future. The glaciers in the mountain range are melting at an alarming rate, which means they are disappearing. Reservoirs in the area store water that is used to grow crops. No water=no crops=food shortages.

The Moron in Ohio
And finally, the moron in Ohio who was caught on tape beating dairy cows at Conklin Dairy farm has entered a not guilty plea to 12 counts of animal cruelty. Seriously? Seriously? Did he not watch the tape? I’m no animal rights supporter and I believe the person with the pencam in their pockets should be just as accountable for what happened as this guy, but come on. 

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Gee Wizz there Greg , I think you have been reading to much db and Faust on the doom and gloom tread ! LOL
Second thought the way you start'd out are sure db didn't write that for you ?
7:02 AM Jun 14th
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