Apr 20, 2014
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Agriculture's Big Picture


AgWeb Editor Greg Vincent takes a big-picture look at agriculture and current events.

More European Austerity Plans; Are Corn Cobs the Answer to the Big Spill?

Jun 09, 2010
While the oil spill in the Gulf lingers on, one Michigan woman believes she has the solution to the cleanup. If you think the oil companies don’t like corn already, wait’ll you get a load of these corn cobs from the Detroit News.

The Spanish Parliament is looking at austerity programs, and it’s bringing the country to a halt. Unlike Greece, where riots broke out last month as programs were examined, Spanish workers are striking, says the lead story on the London Times Web site this morning. The two largest labor unions in Spain claim 75% of their workers are striking. The government says it’s at 11%. Either way, it’s a large percentage of people who aren’t working. Meanwhile, Britain is preparing to take a hatchet to its budget.  

While we’re still dealing with the animal rights stakeout video here in the U.S., environmental groups continue to target GMO use in Europe, according to a story from UPI. Greenpeace is capitalizing on the apparent finding of an unapproved GMO trait in a German corn field from Pioneer. Greenpeace says the findings meet the legal limit of 0.1% contaminated plants. The company says the findings are closer to 0.03% and anything less than 0.1% cannot scientifically be proven.

North Korea has apparently made a severe boo-boo with its biggest ally, China. China will likely be bothered by the shooting of three Chinese by North Korean border guards, reports the London Times, but it is not likely to change its attitude toward North Korea and tensions between that country and South Korea continue. 

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European workers rioting or striking because they refuse to face economic reality. Animal rights groups and earth worshipers and their feel good wishes. What they all have in common is that they are children in adult bodies. Things don't go well when the children are making the decisions.
11:19 AM Jun 9th
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