Jul 24, 2014
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AgWeb Editor Greg Vincent takes a big-picture look at agriculture and current events.

Things We Don't Think About in Agriculture

Apr 13, 2010
There’s plenty of weird news within agriculture, but get on the outskirts of it and you might be amazed what shows up on the Internet. A small sampling this week tells us there are more male vegans (so says an animal rights group), there's yet another book outlining the evils of factory farming and animals in Switzerland do not deserve legal protection.

Here are the details:
DemoDirt.com, a Web site that dubs itself as “the leading online publication dedicated to providing demographic and psychographic intelligence about Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers, Matures, and more,” tells us It’s Raining Vegan Men. Nevermind the evidence they use to suggest the increasing number of vegan men (the proverbial rain storm) is based solely on anecdotal information, largely from members of the Farm Sanctuary staff.
Maybe these hegans (a male vegan as dubbed by the Boston Globe) have read the latest attack book on “Factory Farming” called Gristle.
From the book’s Web site:
An information-packed, lively, and informative little guide, Gristle is for the growing number of people—from omnivores to vegans—who are thinking twice about the consequences of our industrial factory-farming system of raising animals for food. Multi-platinum musician Moby and leading food policy activist and expert Miyun Park have brought together fifteen of the country's leading voices on this issue—an eclectic group from such diverse backgrounds as farming, workers' rights activism, professional athletics, science, environmental sustainability, food business, and animal welfare advocacy—who together eloquently lay out how and why industrial animal agriculture unnecessarily harms workers, communities, the environment, our health, our wallets, and animals.
Sounds like a riveting read…that I will likely skip. Maybe the book was funded by the ACLU-equivalent of animal care, which must be looking for something to do after its recent set back in Switzerland. Unfortunately animals are not privy to government funded defense attorneys.
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4:36 AM Apr 14th
4:36 AM Apr 14th
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