Jul 11, 2014
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UPDATE: Trading Error Takes Down The Dow?

May 06, 2010

****UPDATE: Say what you want about Cramer on CNBC (and there's a lot)...but when he starting flapping his gums about the P&G stock being down as far as it was, it turned almost immediately. The stock went up 7 points in about 30 seconds and the Dow recovered about 300 points that quickly.

Sorry, the original post I made got deleted. It referenced this story from CNBC that pointed out the big crash on the Dow today was likely a result of a trader with fat fingers. He hit the "t" for trillion instead of the "m" for million on a sell order for Procter & Gamble. It's sent the stock tumbling and the dow dropped almost 1,000 points.

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COMMENTS (11 Comments)

at least someone else gets it 11:00...
3:10 PM May 8th
Simply pressing a b instead of an m sounds a little far fetched. I think its a nice way of saying we want the dow to cool off a bit. What nicer way of explaining it. Might need some more controls over this.
10:00 AM May 8th
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