Jul 12, 2014
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Agriculture's Big Picture


AgWeb Editor Greg Vincent takes a big-picture look at agriculture and current events.

Vegans, China & Potash, Perennial Grain and a Civics Primer

Jul 02, 2010

Downright Un-American
Nothing says American independence like taking the meat right off of a rib bone, or a hamburger, or a hot dog, or a bratwurst…I’m getting hungry. But are we meat eaters disenfranchising the vegans of the world? 

Fear not. You can go to a non-meat BBQ hosted by the Farm Sanctuary. There you can sit with like-minded people and rail against big ag, and your ideas of perceived sanctuaries will offer free samples of animal mistreatment and throw the term "factory farm" around like it's a football. This is actually from a Farm Sanctuary news release: “The animals who live at Farm Sanctuary’s shelters have been rescued from neglect and abuse, and to see them roaming free in the pastures, swimming in the ponds, or rolling happily in the mud at our sanctuaries is an incredibly poignant experience that we hope to share with many visitors at this annual event.”

Me, I’ll do my best to single-handedly add an extra nickel to the meat complex this weekend. I'll let the animals eat by themselves. 

China Drives Potash, Too
David Begleiter, a chemical and agriculture industry analyst for Deutsche Bank, says Israel and Russia need to move closer to full production expansion before prices will rise again. That won’t happen until China gets closer to the 11 million ton mark it used in 2007. The past two years, it was in the 7 million ton range and it’ll use between 8 million and 9 million tons this year.

Perennial Grain
Researchers across the globe, led by a professor at Washington State University, are working to develop perennial grains, according to the Christian Science Monitor. The grains require less fertilizer and herbicides, and they produce a root system that runs nearly 12 feet deep! Can you imagine no more planting delays?

And finally, since it seems like so many people have forgotten what this country is about, maybe a little Schoolhouse Rock can remind them. Pass it along.



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COMMENTS (1 Comments)

Noelle Taylor
Isn't a non-meat BBQ an oxymoron?! I'm all for grilled veggies, but the steak is the star of the show!
7:51 PM Jul 5th
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