Jul 23, 2014
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AgWeb Editor Greg Vincent takes a big-picture look at agriculture and current events.

Corn and Soybean Yields Rise Ahead of Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving, the time when America celebrates an abundant harvest. And from the looks of the farmer-reported yield data on the AgWeb Corn Harvest Map and the AgWeb Soybean Harvest Map, the harvest has gotten more abundant as the season progressed.

Since last reported two weeks ago, the average corn yield on our maps has jumped to 148.67 bu./acre. Soybeans jumped as well to 46.30 bu./acre. 

These numbers are from more than 1,100 farmer-reported corn yields on nearly 340,000 acres. Almost 600 farmer-reported soybean yields come from more than 170,000 acres. 

  Corn Soybeans
USDA Nov. Crop Production
Estimated Harvested Acres (million acres)
 83.936  73.676

Nov. USDA Estimates

148.7 41.5
Avg. Farmer-Reported Yields on AgWeb
148.67 46.30

USDA Oct. U.S. Total Crop Estimates
(Bill. bu.)

12.432 3.046

Total U.S. Crop based on USDA Sept. Harvested Acres Est. using AgWeb Harvest Map Data 
(bill. bu.)



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COMMENTS (1 Comments)

Do you really buy into some of these guys yields. It's a pissing match. It's like my neighbor acroos the road getting 230 bu corn and 70 bu beans when everyone else in the neighborhood is getting 160 bu and 50 bu.
4:17 PM Nov 23rd
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