Jul 24, 2014
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AgWeb Editor Greg Vincent takes a big-picture look at agriculture and current events.

A Sweeter Name For Corn Syrup and Drive Thru Tax

Sep 15, 2010

 Corn Sugar? Sweetener? Syrup? What is it?

What’s in a name? A lot, according to the Corn Refiners Association. They have filed a petition with the Food and Drug Administration to formally change the name of the sweet, sugary stuff derived from corn that is under constant attacks from Michael Pollan, nutritionists, diet gurus and Michelle Obama.

CRA believes changing the name to Corn Sugar from Corn Syrup will help sales of the product rebound. Usage of Corn Syrup (Sugar) is at a 20 year low.

The AP article points out that name changes have worked before. Example: canola oil used to be called low eurcic acid rapeseed oil. Yeah, that’s would be the only difference.

China Gets Cold Cotton

China, which has battled drought, heat and floods this year can now add cold to the list….at lease in the cotton-growing areas. Bloomberg is reporting that the International Cotton Exchange price is now at a 15 year high.

Would You Like a Tax With That? Please Pull Around.

If you like a late-night Big Mac or the Thick Burger, a Whopper or just a plain ol’ Coke and you don’t want to get out of the car, it may cost you more soon in West Virginia. The state legislature is considering tacking on an additional 5% tax for drive thru purchases.




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