Jul 11, 2014
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High Yield Agriculture's Biggest Threat

Sep 14, 2010

The latest threat to high-yield agriculture and the enemy of the local food movement may be here. Zoning laws in Dekalb County, Georgia. I found it on the Internet via the Drudge Report.

Dekalb County, Georgia, is suing a farmer for, get this, growing too many crops, according WSBT Channel 2 in Atlanta. The farmer is embracing the local food movement and is growing all sorts of fruits and vegetables on his two-acre plot, just too many.

What’s more is he knew this was coming, so he stopped growing stuff this summer and went through the process to get his property rezoned…so he could grow his produce…legally…within the boundaries of the law. He succeeded, but not it appears the county is coming after him again because he was in violation before the new zoning went into effect.

I wonder if anybody at the White House checked DC zoning laws for their garden. Or what about USDA?

The case in Georgia is being called Cabbagegate. I’m smelling massive scandal, government cover ups and payoffs here. This could be huge!


Anybody wonder why our country has stalled progress? 

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COMMENTS (1 Comments)

Tim Gieseke - MN
In addition to growing too many crops, the complaint does state too many employees as well. And I don't know the whole story, but operating certain businesses can be disruptive to the area zoned differently. Hopefully a common sense prevails and creating food and jobs is allowable in his area. As they say, there is three sides to every argument, mine, yours and the truth. I know it is fun, but the media likes to grab the most silly one. How does that go, media work is kind of like threshing - you separate the grain from the chaff and throw away the grain.
11:14 AM Sep 14th
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