Sep 21, 2014
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May 2009 Archive for Crop Comments

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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

April Crop Comments

May 01, 2009

Use this link to send us your comments about the crops in your local area.  Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity.

What's happening in your fields? When will you start planting? Will your crop mix be the same as last year? Send us your photos and video! (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying:

  • 4/30 - Decatur, Illinois: Field report from Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor -- Listen in as Pete Pistorius, farmer from Blue Mound, Ill., give his planting update. (Send in your photos and videos. E-mail them to

  • 4/30 - Northern Indiana: Wet here and predicted to stay wet. Some corn planted.... maybe 5%. It will be a week before it dries out but with rain today (Thursday) and Friday and next Tuesday and could be 2 weeks before much is done at all. May 10th is our cut off date for corn to make optimal yields. With the ridiculous cost to plant and dry corn in this area I predict a switch to soybeans.

  • 4/30 - Gallatin County, Southeastern Illinois: We were able to start planting corn Friday, but it rained an inch plus Monday night with more rain predicted for later this week and early next.  Fields are starting to get grown up as it has been too windy to do much spraying even during the dry window we had.  Reminds me of last spring, too much.
  • 4/30 - Shelby County, Ohio: Had several great drying days last week, 80+ degrees and 20-30 mph winds dried fields out in a hurry.  Planted the first corn & beans of the season on Monday April 27th, just enough to get everything set and ready to roll, then 1/2 inch rain on Tuesday and heavy rain predicted for tomorrow.  Guess we will wait a little longer.  Hopefully, we'll get going again next week.  Good luck to everyone and stay safe!

  • 4/30 - South Central Nebraska: Corn planting is complete, received an inch of much needed rain. When field work resumes, beans will go into perfect conditions, life doesn’t get any better.

  • 4/30 - LaSalle County, Illinois: So far no planting to report, in fact hardly any field work to report. Calling for another 1-2 inches tonight and tomorrow. We will need at least 4-5 to dry out. This will be the latest start we have had in 15 years, and that’s if we get in the fields next week. Last year at this time we were 50% planted.

  • 4/30 - Brown County, Northeast Kansas: We had four days of corn planting, then rain Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday, and Wednesday afternoon. Water standing everywhere. Estimate 1/3 corn planted.
  • 4/30 - Gratiot County, Central Michigan: Very, very wet. We received 4+ inches of rain Saturday and Sunday. Most of the ditches were running full. Many county drains were bubbling up. We still have water standing over top of catch basins. Looks like the middle of next week before anyone will be able to be back into the fields.

    We had started out great with many sugar beets being planted in almost ideal conditions the first couple of weeks of April. Most of the sugar beets are planted with very little corn if any being planted. Soil temperatures this morning was 49 degrees. Still very early for corn planting in our area and most is planted between the last week of April and the first two weeks of May.
  • 4/30 - Southern Kidder County, North Dakota: Soil temp 38 today, Sunday 3 inches of snow, roads still out have to drive 6 miles farther to town, some fields can't get to because roads and section lines washed out, raining now, to much more and a guy could lose his sense of humor. Before I forget I found the two creep feeders I was looking for out in a corn field I grazed last fall after combining it, the water went down just far enough so the top 12 inches could stick out, guess who won the deepest slough contest. Not that funny!!


  • 4/30 - Delaware County, Indiana: Just dumped 1.4” of rain out of the gauge this morning, and is still raining. Some corn got planted Monday, but most planters were parked waiting for dryer conditions. Hopefully next week will give us a dry forecast.

  • 4/30 - Northeast Iowa, Butler County: Finished planting corn last week with excellent soil conditions, and a lot of corn has been planted in this part of the state.  However, we are now stopped with 4 to 5” of rain over the weekend.

  • 4/29 - St. Clair County, Southwestern Illinois: We were able to get two and a half days of work in before the heavy rain showed up on Monday.  We picked up 2.3 inches with lesser amounts to the west and the east.  The weatherman says we will pick up an additional 1-3 inches by Friday with more on the way after that.  I saw one cornfield planted in the area and I am glad it wasn't mine.  We usually start planting here on the 15th of April but we will be lucky to seed anything here by May 8.  I thought 2008 was tough, but 2009 is looking worse which I would have bet was impossible.
  • 4/29 - Scott County, Iowa: Wet, wet, wet.  Mud holes everywhere.  Here we are again, a year later, trying to decide whether to plant into wet soils or hope it will stop raining soon.  Very little seed in the ground anywhere around here.

  • 4/29 - Southeast Missouri, Mississippi County: Lots of corn went in the ground over the weekend, finally WAS starting to dry out. Got 1.8" last night with good (or bad?) chances of rain all week. We were on the verge of wet anyway and this would shut us down for a week alone much less any more precip. I still have almost half my corn to plant but figure with this wet week most of the low ground will now be switched back to beans, hate it but just can't keep planting corn all year and I really don't like to mess with grain sorghum!

  • 4/29 - Stark County, North Dakota: It will be a late start normal mid-April no planting yet-wet and cool. This is a much better situation then 2008 when we started in March seeding done late April and suffered one of the worst droughts in History with a yield of 5 bushels an acre on wheat. We have the month of May before it’s too late!

  • 4/29 - Peoria and Fulton Counties, Central Illinois: Still saturated around this area, had 2.5 inches of rain Monday night and more heavy rain predicted Thursday and Friday. Nothing planted that I know of, I seen one farmer spraying Monday afternoon before the rains hit and he was leaving a pretty good track behind him. If this rain keeps up I might be switching some acres to soybeans. Things are getting so backed up now that it will be a night mare when we finally do get going!
  • 4/29 - Nelson County, Northeast North Dakota: Two+ inches of heavy wet snow Sunday evening. More rain in forecast. Fields were saturated last fall. If we're lucky, we'll be in the fields by May 11.  With rain, could be significantly later. Our no till soil temps are around 38 degrees now. Much sunshine needed.

  • 4/29 - Bates County, West Central Missouri: Received over 5 inches the past 2 days.  Several planters finally got in field for about 2 days before rain.  It will be May 5th without any additional rain which is 5+ weeks later than normal.

  • 4/28 - Winnebago County, Iowa: A lot of corn went in the ground last week. Probably 75-80% done around here. Two inches over the weekend.  We needed a little rain but this made it really wet. It is cold too. Frost on the ground this morning.  Hope it warms up and dries out soon or seed rot could be an issue.  Looks like more rain tonight and tomorrow.  There will be no field work this week.
  • 4/28 - Carroll County, Northwest Illinois: We are 37% done with corn.  We have been out of the fields since Saturday night, will be at least Weds afternoon before anyone turns a wheel.  Most guys are probably 10% done.  To the east, Dekalb area south, hardly 1-3% of corn is planted.

  • 4/28 - Jasper, Northwest Indiana: Wet and late. This is the worst start in 20 yrs. Nothing yet.

  • 4/28 - Carroll County, Maryland: Corn planting in full swing just in time for the 4th of July...oh wait it is April 27th .... wouldn't know it by the thermometer. Have a safe season!.

  • 4/28 - Lebanon, Pennsylvania: My corn plots planted April 6th have initiated germination, see picture below, and is moving toward emergence through the soil right now. In Pa, we are only 1% cover crop rye to chop for forage and ryelage harvest is in full swing today.  Yields appear to be average this spring. A lot of the cover crops have been terminated making way for corn and soybean plantings. Alfalfa is moving rapidly toward reproductive stages.  With little to no reports of weevil feeding presently, things are looking pretty good however, I am confident there are some fields that should be addressed.  Finally our black cutworm traps are yielding a bump in moths captured. I caught 4 on Friday and others traps in Manheim Lancaster county were 8 in three days.  Trap counts should continue to yield high levels and then calculations for cutworm peak cutting times may be predicted.  All for now.  Safe Planting.

    -- Del Voight, Lebanon, Pennsylvania

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 4/28 - Lancaster County Nebraska, near Lincoln: Finished corn Saturday in the mist, soil temp 67, then received .65 rain over the weekend with cooler temps, soil temp now 52. Also put in 150 acres of beans last Thursday and Friday will see if these early planted beans turn out that the University of Nebraska has been promoting, calling for rain off and on for next 6-7 days. I would estimate 50-75% of corn in and 0-2% of the beans. I deal planting conditions for corn and some is poking through that was planted August 15th .

  • 4/28 - St. Clair/Madison Counties, Southwest Illinois: Lots of field activity the past 36 hours.  A bit of corn planted, but very limited to a few small well drained fields.  I would put NH3 application at 70% and corn planting at 1%.  A few fields of wheat getting sprayed, but that is mostly over.  Rain all over the radar headed our way so this is another short lived window.

  • 4/27 - South Central Iowa: We just beat the rain that came in on Saturday.  Finished corn up all together.  We have it in the ground and the pre-emerge spray is all on!  First corn was planted on April 16-17th and it is sprouted and should be poking out of the ground by mid week. Bean ground has been worked and needs to have it’s pre-emerge spray put on yet...then we should be ready to finish up planting for 2009.  We got about 3.75 inches of rain from Saturday afternoon until this morning and more rain may be coming yet.  Quite a few tractors running long hours here over the last week...everyone stay safe!

  • 4/27 - Buena Vista County, Northwest Iowa: A lot of corn has been planted in this area, I would guess were about 60-70% done but weather forecast is wet for next 10 days, we are rained out as of Saturday, over an inch so far. Did here of a few guys starting beans, I think mine are better off in the bag yet. Still have one wet farm of corn to plant.

  • 4/27 - South Australia: We’ve had abundant moisture in southern cropping areas of Australia. Seeding will be going hell for leather in about a week.

  • 4/27 - Walsh County, North Dakota: Hi I farm in the north western part of Walsh county North Dakota.  With the snow coming down on the ground tonight, and being as wet as we are to begin with, we can’t even get to the equipment without getting stuck! Unless we start getting some 80 degree days very soon we probably won’t be able to even get into the fields until May 25th.  Thank you and I hope this helps with the field summaries in my area.
  • 4/27 - Lee County, Illinois: Was just starting to get fit last Thursday. Got .07 Thursday night. Started raining again Saturday and is still raining. Forecast shows no rain for Wednesday but it is to be the only dry day for the next week. Usually like to have the corn planted by the 10th of May. The way things look we'll be lucky to start by then. A lot of fall work yet to do around here. Oh well, the folks at the Board already know there will be a bumper crop.

  • 4/27 - DeKalb County, Missouri: Went to St Joe this afternoon. Some planters going, some field work, some fields planted. We had 1/2 inch of rain yesterday. I think if not for that we might have tried something somewhere. I have no fertilizer on yet. Not too worried after last year but with some forecasts calling for 4 dry days in the next 15 it could get bad again.

  • 4/27 - Stillwater County, Montana: Most farmers he have not started fieldwork yet.  It is too wet.  It almost gets dry enough and then it snows again.  This is the best moisture that I have seen in a decade.

  • 4/27 - Rice County, Minnesota: Planters are slamming seed into the ground.  Corn is getting finished up and some people are moving right into beans.  We need some moisture, it’s pretty dry but a beautiful seed bed.
  • 4/27 - Knox County, Illinois: We were just dry enough that planting was going to start today but we got another 6/10 inch of rain yesterday evening.  That has been the pattern.  Just when it gets dry enought we get rain.  Beautiful here today but need it do dry out some and rain is expected in here Saturday and beyond.

  • 4/27 - McIntosh, North Dakota: Snow and rain today thru next week Thursday. We can’t get into the fields because fields are too wet and ground temps are still very cold. Some customers are not picking up the spring wheat seed we sold them.  If the seed is still in the bins, it should be easy to assume it is not planted and looks like they will not plant spring wheat. Maybe more corn, beans or sunflowers????? It is getting late for spring wheat planting, May will be here next week.

  • 4/24 - Seward County, Nebraska: Near ideal conditions here.  Some producers finished with corn and now onto beans.  Soil conditions very good, subsoil moisture good.  Only negative very dry for the first 4 months of the year.  Supposed to rain this weekend.

  • 4/24 - Cottonwood County, Minnesota: The planters are rolling big time here. 85 degrees today with a 40 mile wind. We could use a rain. I think every other vehicle on the highway is a fertilizer tender.

  • 4/24 - Medina County, Ohio: It’s been cool and moderately wet but it looks as though were finally going to warm up.  Weekend calling for 80’s.  Nothing’s been done yet other than Amish plowing.  May be able to get some light tillage done Sunday / Monday and start corn by mid next week.  Last week of April is normally when we can start planting here in northeast Ohio, you’re taking your chances by planting much earlier.  Once we get started we’ll hit hard till it’s done!
  • 4/24 - Wright, Humbolt counties, Iowa: Many producers are finished or finishing up planting corn. Best planting conditions we have had in years. Some beans are being planted. Hard to resist.

  • 4/24 - Hancock County, Northwest Ohio: Not a wheel has turned in our area yet.  Tiles are still running strong, and it is forecasted to rain again this Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  I took my 4-wheeler out last evening, and cut major tracks in a field tiled every 40 feet.  It will be the middle of next week before anything is started around here, IF WE DON'T GET THE PREDICTED RAIN EARLY NEXT WEEK.  Hopefully we'll have the sense to stay in the barn until it dries out completely.

  • 4/23 - Otoe County, Nebraska: Planting corn, the ground is dry for the first half inch then muddy underneath.  Not perfect planting conditions at all. Monday the soil temp. was only 42...

  • 4/23 - Marshall County, Northwest Minnesota: Nothing rolling yet but getting closer.  We’re in a relatively dry pocket where flooding was minimal.  A lot of our area is still under water.  Much of last years corn ground is full of ruts and residue.  Prevented plant will be an issue for quite a few acres I’m afraid.

  • 4/23 - Iowa, Kansas, Illinois and Missouri: Crop Reports from Greg Vincent, Top Producer Editor:
    Thomas County, Kansas:
    Corn planting is behind normal. Expect to be in the field and running hard next week.

    Macoupin County, Illinois: One farmer I talked to said he expected to start on Friday this week. It’s been wet. He applied NH3 last month and said the ground was working.

    Clay and Platte Counties, Missouri: Tractors are rolling. One farmer in Platte County was planting 25 acres near his house, but said it was a little wet. He expected to be rolling heavy today.

    Warren County, Iowa: One farmer says the deep frost this year is really helping him out. The soil is working like a dream. At the end of today, he expected to be 50% finished with corn. “Can you believe that?” he asked.

  • 4/23 - Northeast Madison County, Alabama: Most of the Cotton land went to Corn in 2007-08 and went to Wheat last fall. It looks good. 30 % of the dirt is waiting for  good planting conditions for corn and We have been Wet and Cold. Half of my crop land ( In S. Ky.) is in good wheat and the balance is waiting for good planting conditions for corn (Maybe- But not at $165.00/bu seed corn and the current prices for fertilizer.) Thinking about just 'Shutting down' for a couple of years. Maybe take that Alaska Cruise with my wife of 46 years.

  • 4/23 - Northeast North Dakota: No field work done in this corner of the state, and none will be done for at least 10 days, if we do not get any rain.  Frost still coming out, many culverts still filled with ice from rain storm last November 6; lots of water still ponded in fields and road ditches.   Final cropping plans are still a wild guess for many farmers.

  • 4/22 - Houston County, Minnesota: We haven't received more than a quarter of an inch at a time since last June when it dumped 12 inches on us in one day. All or nothing principle. We are very, very, dry. The soil is cold and nothing is growing. Bought hay again yesterday for the cattle because the pastures aren't growing. We have planted our oats and hay but the corn and bean seeds are staying the bags for now. If it doesn't rain soon we won't plant. We will let the winter rye we planted in 08 grow and harvest that instead. Our 08 crop of corn and beans is in the bin and will stay there. The USDA and market analysts have been outright lying about crop numbers since last fall. At some point those chickens are coming home to roost. Hang in there and make them pay your price.
  • 4/22 - Northwest Jackson County, Minnesota:Planters are slow to start.  Soil is working up very nice.  Ground is still somewhat cold.  I would expect more corn planting by Thursday and Friday with mid-80's.  Rains for the weekend and next week.  Less than .5" of moisture for the month of April, so far!!

  • 4/22 - Washington County, Nebraska: Some corn plant last week on the river bottoms. Lots of planters running today in the hills (including ours). Will start beans before the weekend. The moisture has gone around us since the first of the year. Snow north and rain south.

  • 4/22 - Mercer County, Illinois: Wish I lived in Iowa right now the way they are able to go to the fields. Way to wet here to get started and we just had another inch over the weekend with more on the way this weekend.  Hopefully will dry out enough to start Thursday afternoon or Friday. Everyone be careful and don't get hurt getting into to big of hurry once we can go to the field.

  • 4/22 - Erath County, Texas: Corn planted and so far had some timely rains. Wheat very poor ,cutting some for hay this week just to clean the field.
  • 4/22 - West Central Missouri: Very wet and cool here, reminding me too much of last spring, when I bought 800 acres of seed corn, got about 600 acres fertilized, and planted 135 acres (on two separate days in late may and early June, both just ahead of 2-3 inch rains).  The rest of 2000 acres was planted to beans starting in late June.  I plan to plant about 1000 acres of corn this year to get rotation back on track, but it isn't looking good.  With water standing in swales, chisel valleys, and last fall's combine tracks, it will be another week before we can start if it stays dry.  This is about five weeks later than our target start date.

  • 4/22 - Logan and Menard Counties, Illinois: 3.6 inches of rain since April 1. Very wet March also. No corn for another week, no oats and alfalfa sowed, pastures growing very slowly because of cold weather,  supposed to be warmer - not.  Still feeding hay. Light rain this morning and cold. Hopefully warm up, no rain for a week and then maybe some corn. Mud everywhere rock needs to be hauled corn that is sold still needs to be hauled, county roads closed to truck traffic until this week because of road postings. Manure and mud that still needs to be hauled.  Two winters in a row, not fun at all. Early weeds starting and winter annuals growing.

  • 4/21 - Blaine County, Northwest Oklahoma: Insurance adjusters are starting to zero out wheat (.5 bu).  Damage is much worse than people realize.  Even November planted wheat is starting to turn yellow.

  • 4/21 - Champaign County, Illinois: We are getting rain and snow flurries as I write this Tuesday morning. We have been saturated for weeks, the fields are like soup! When it stops raining it will take some time for the soils to dry out and be ready to work. We are looking at early May now for any start of planting IF the rain stops and the sun shines. We started last year on April 24th and finished June 20th with beans. If this weather pattern doesn’t change soon, this spring will make last year look good.
  • 4/21 - Southwest Ontario: Last Sunday, things were just about a go for nitrogen applications on wheat, I'm one of the lucky ones my retailer says, the only one that got it on a week ago thanks to my sandy soils. However, the rains continue unabated, another 2.5 inches that past two days which should set all back at least another week. Warm weather approaching for the weekend but Monday through Wednesday next has rain in the forecast. Weather hopefully will break early May. CBOT needs to take stalk of these wet and cool mid west conditions rather than playing the strong dollar hurting exports scenario. Soon that will change. Seems a carbon copy of last year only hoping that we don't go into the frying pan from the freezer with no summer rains again! :-\

  • 4/21 - 45 miles southwest of Enid Oklahoma: I walked the fields here today. Most of the wheat we will not be able to cut low enough with a 30 ft. header!!  The white heads out number the green 10 to 1. The white ones are the biggest heads also. Some I thought would fill at the base of the head, but are dying also. We are on Highway 51 north and south and all the wheat the same here.

  • 4/21 - Poweshiek County, Iowa: Corn planting in full swing around central Iowa. We missed most of the rain the last two weeks and planting conditions are near perfect. We are right at half done as I write this. Several thinking about beans in a couple days. Be safe.

  • 4/21 - North Colorado County, Texas: Received 10 inches rain Friday and Saturday, One place 25 miles south had 19 inches.  The first 3 month's total was 3.5 inches.  Have to total back to August 08 to total that much.  Some corn 1 foot plus most 6" to 12".  Pasture's greening out maybe 2 weeks to first cutting of hay.  Was good to have the pasture drought insurance.  Let's hope everyone has a good year!
  • 4/21 - McDonough County; Western Illinois: Had 3" of rain over the weekend very little corn planted, I haven't anything dry enough before the rain now we got water running everywhere, it'll be a the first of May if we don't get anymore rain before then, just looked at the forecast and won't you know more rain this weekend. The board of trade thinks because we were late last year and had a good crop the same while repeat, but we had perfect growing conditions last year and that never happens 2 years in a row.

  • 4/21 - St. Clair County, Southwestern Illinois: It is still very wet here after the rain events of the past four days.  We are on pace to have a later start than last year which I never thought would be possible.  The weatherman is calling for warmer temperatures later in the week but it will take a week to dry things out before any wheels can be turned in this area.  I am surprised by the negative price action in corn but I have been wrong on corn for quite sometime now.  I guess all of the traders are assuming another perfect summer and no early frost.  We already have two distinct weather events setting up in the Midwest.  It is too dry way to the north and the rest of us are just too wet.  I guess that's why I farm and I am not a trader.

  • 4/21 - Floyd-Cerro Cordo County, Iowa: Got just enough rain to get the sidewalk wet Saturday. Planters have been rolling since last Wednesday. Will finish up this week and just maybe get some beans in this weekend. Ground conditions are excellent.

  • 4/21 - South Central Illinois: Here in south central Illinois, we’ve  had another inch of rain this weekend {already wet} and today we even had a little bit of hail for a very short time. Corn planting still at least a week away, but hopefully still in April!!!!
  • 4/21 - Yuma County, Colorado: It rained all weekend, Southern half of the county received between 2.5-3 inches of rain during those three days. Fields are very wet and lagoons have water in them. Most of fieldwork is done, but little corn is in the ground. Wheat looks very good, excellent sub-moisture, should be a good harvest. It has been very cold and any corn in the ground would struggle at this point. If warm weather returns this week, beets will be planted and by the weeks end corn planters should be rolling.

  • 4/21 - Mississippi County, Southeast Missouri: Lots of planting was happening here then rain stopped it all. Just about to hit it hard again and got 1.25" yesterday. Probably will hold us out for another 3 or 4 days. Corn planted 3 weeks ago tomorrow struggling to spike with all the cool wet weather! Way behind here, like to be done planting by the 15th and only have about a third planted now, guess I'll hope for the 15th of May to be done with corn planting this year! Wheat looking good here for the first time in 3 years.

  • 4/21 - Bremer County, Iowa: The planters have begun in our area too. Some of the big guys are going great guns. I expect to start this week.

  • 4/21 - Peoria County, Central Illinois: No corn planted in this area. Had 2 inches of rain in the gauge this morning. Went out Saturday afternoon to fill in deep ditches left from past rains, it was still really wet in certain areas of the field. It will take at least a week of good drying before its ready to plant and then some farmers will be mudding it in. I can’t believe the corn market hasn't went way up! Let’s stay positive and hope for the best...
  • 4/21 - Des Moines County, Southeast Iowa: A lot of earlier washout, terrace fixing, and tile work still being done last week. Some field work Thursday and Friday with some corn in the area in on Sat. Rain Saturday night and Sunday, 1.75" total.

  • 4/21 - Peoria County, Illinois: I live in northern Peoria County and have not been able to go to the field at all.  I need to fill ditches that eroded from the earlier rains.  I still have fertilizer and anhydrous to be applied.  Just starting to dry out this past Sat., but we had another 2.7 inches of rain this weekend. I feel it be a week to 10 days again before I can start. The ground is saturated...

  • 4/20 - Wichita County, Texas: Wheat appears to be a total failure in this area. Nearly every field me and my son farm is being disastered out by insurance as is most in immediate area. Only the very early sowed may be OK, but drought has most of that gone already.

  • 4/20 - South Central Iowa: Started planting corn on Thursday of last week.  We got about half done when it started raining enough to make us stop on Saturday.  Highs look to soar into the upper 70's to low 80's start Wed. of this week.  We will finish our corn this week and make a quick switch over to beans by the weekend.  Hopefully the dry weather holds up through the weekend and maybe we can put the planter in the machine shed before the start of May!  Good luck to everyone!
  • 4/20 - Northeast Indiana: Almost got the water out of low spots and here comes more rain and filled them up again. Another 36 hours of rain before it quits this time. Won’t be anything planted here till at least the first of the month with out anymore rain. I hate to complain about rain but it seems like one extreme leads to another.

  • 4/20 - East Central Illinois: It’s still raining and no planting or field work in central IL. It is 45 degrees this morning and chance of frost Monday night. Clouds and drizzle & rain all day Sunday. Water is still standing in the field from the last 5 or so rain events about ever three to four days apart. The ground is saturated deep and field tiles running full. The price of corn should be exploding with all this rain and cold weather because when it does stop raining it will take a while to dry out to plant. It will be put in late and probably in mud, which will really hurt yields. It’s hard to get excited about planting corn when the prices are below the cost of production. Auntie up people or go hungry.

  • 4/20 - Northeast Kansas: It is April 20th and we have not been able to plant any corn yet. This will be the latest start to corn planting since 1975 for us. Last year was the next latest as we finally got in the field on April 16th. Our yields last year were about 10 bu. below our 10 year average. Now, we have to hope for a cooler and wetter than normal middle of July and that does not happen very often in Kansas. Our goal is to start planting corn by the 1st of April and be done by the 25th. We are a good 3 weeks behind due to a couple heavy snows and cold, wet, conditions this month. We have hopes of getting into some fields this week. After the late, wet, spring we had last year, I would never have believed we would have an even worse one this year.

  • 4/20 - Lafayette County, Southwest Wisconsin: Since the 0.2 inches of rain fell on April 13, everyday last week was suitable for field work. Much of the uplands (rolling hillsides) have been worked and planted to small grains and corn while the bottoms near the Pecatonica River are know just becoming suitable to get in  and get  r done.In my weekly travels around the Midwest I am in awe of the beautiful productive countryside the Lord has given us. I just wish some of  you out there  would learn  how to plant  no-till, on the contour, strip crop, or at least learn the benefits of a grass waterway  This is 3rd grade knowledge here.  We are supposed to take care of our land and give it to the next generation better than it was given to us. Yet I know that some of you don’t seem to care. Think about it. Have a safe spring.
  • 4/20 - Mercer County, Ohio: I would say it will be a week before planting if we don't get any more rain. We finally had some warmer weather this weekend. Need a good week of this weather to dry the ground out for planting. The weather men calling for rain the next three days this week. If that hits us it will be two week set back at least.

  • 4/20 - Clay County, Iowa: Some corn has gone in, mostly on the sandy soils. Checked a couple of fields yesterday, still a little too wet under that bean residue to suit me. Spoke with a tiler yesterday afternoon, he's still running into a fair amount of frost in last year's bean fields.

  • 4/20 -   Waupaca County, Wisconsin: We haven't had a drop of rain here for the whole month so far. The weather stations say we are already 2 inches behind. Looks to be another Insurance Loss year shaping up. Seems to be Central Wisconsin is on a weather pattern that rain bypasses this area. This will be the third year in a row if that happens.

    Has anyone heard anything about that SURE program? Every expert I have spoken with has different answers. Our FSA director has heard that the first payout for that program would be 2012 for 2008 year? I put a call into my congressman Steve Kagen, who so happens to sit on the agricultural committee, however, his office has not a clue!! Strange how these programs are designed to help the farmer, but the farmer is suppose to jump thru hoops but nobody knows exactly what hoops the farmer is suppose to jump thru!! So when 2012 does get here the FSA will say sorry, you don't qualify because you failed to jump that hoop when you were suppose to be hurdling that hoop that we didn't make clear.

    Sometimes I think in order to be qualified as an expert these experts should have to farm, I mean farm, not paper farm.

  • 4/20 - Meade County, Kansas: Dryland wheat farmer and custom harvester. Finally some rain – first good moisture since Oct. It will help the wheat but its thin and very short. Why are we not hearing anything in the markets about the wheat in TX and OK.  Everyone I talk to says there will be no wheat to harvest from central OK south into TX. Our first two stops on our harvest run are gone from drought and freeze.
  • 4/20 - Tippecanoe County, Indiana: I don't know where the corn planting is supposedly going on but unless they are flying it on there is nothing in Iowa , Illinois or Indiana even dry enough  to walk on let alone plant. More bad information from the boys trying to steal your crops!!

  • 4/20 - Buchanan County, Iowa: Corn Planters started here Wednesday, April 15.

  • 4/17 -  Western Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska Panhandle: Cold and wet: muddy fields have delayed field work by weeks, not days. A trace of snow remains in my vegetable garden from the Palm Sunday blizzard, and yesterday a winter storm spread another thick blanket of snow across parts of Wyoming and Colorado.Been keeping an eye on the sunspot count.....typical solar minimum is 485 days’s unblemished sun bring the count to 605.  Anyone for global cooling?

  • 4/17 - West Central Minnesota: Field conditions are drying and cold with frost still coming out in many areas. Warm rain would help take the frost out. Some wheat being seeded in the area. I know of 2 corn fields planted but 1 of those had huge areas of the field left due to wet spots and the rest of the field was also, a little wet. It's an ideal environment for white grubs too. The advantages to planting super early is, of course:
    1. bragging rights at the coffee shop,
    2. they'll have time to replant it later and
    3. in the Fall they can travel further in the field with the combine before needing to stop to unload. ;~) 

    Git 'r done! Have a safe season, Folks.

  • 4/17 - Charles Mix County, South Central South Dakota: We are a solid 2 weeks late, maybe more. We have cold soil temps, wet and miserable. No field work done in area at all!

  • 4/17 - Sully County, South Dakota: Wheat seeding has started in our area the last couple days. Conditions are wet and planting around water holes. Its hit-and-miss fields. We are 2 weeks late on starting. It will be one of them years we put the small grain drills away and hookup the corn planters. The winds blowing will help dry things out. We need more warmth and wind. But it’s South Dakota, we always have wind. Its raining today so stopped all field work and suppose to rain for the next 3 days. Looks like no wheels will turn till first part of next week.

  • 4/16 - Franklin County, Iowa: Worked 300 acres today; will plant it tomorrow. Ideal conditions to plant. Wish it was warmer but I'd rather plant in perfect ground conditions even though soil temp is a little cold. Seen a few planters rolling.
  • 4/16 - Monroe County, New York: We are at normal rainfall for April. Wind is blowing every day for the last week. We’ll be planting processing peas tomorrow, which is about a week earlier for us this year. On the cool side with temps at 55-60.

  • 4/16 - Yakima County, Washington: Soil temp 53. Had snow and hail yesterday but will be in the 70s by Saturday. Asparagus cutting is starting. Corn planting has started and will be in full swing Monday. Canals are filling up and the trees are blooming. Spring in the northwest is a little late but that’s not a bad thing.

  • 4/15 - Fulton/Miami Counties, North Central Indiana: We are really saturated!  If we get a 1/10" we have water standing in any chisel valley or low spot in the field.  Tile ditches are running full and don't seem to be slowing down.  We are at least 7 to 10 days away from any kind of field work and that would be with some sun, warmer temps and a 10-15 MPH wind blowing most of the time.  I'm sure we'll get the corn and beans planted it just might not be in April.

  • 4/15 - Roosevelt County, Northeast Montana: Started seeding Durum in the sand last night, trying to use the moisture from the long winter we had.  Soil temperature still very cold.  Nice to see the grass green up this last week, first we have seen in two years.

  • 4/15 - South Central Nebraska: We will begin planting Thursday, weather for the next 10 days looks beautiful. We should finish corn by late April. It looks like were heading for another huge corn crop.
  • 4/15 - Peoria County, Central Illinois: Nothing done in this area, when we do get going it will take a lot of time to fill ditches as the erosion from all the rains is terrible! More rain coming this weekend just as the soil starts to get dried up a little. Let’s stay positive and hope it dries up soon!!!

  • 4/15 - Jones County, Iowa: I am still trying to determine where to stop with the alfalfa, and leave the remaining corn stocks for beans.
  • 4/15 - 90 miles Northwest of Oklahoma City, dead center in Northwest Oklahoma: White heads are pushing up everywhere. Even wheat that was planted late and looks healthy has a white head that was killed when it was a half inch long against the joint.  People have not opened the plant to look, they prefer to drive by and say "It still looks good to me."
  • 4/15 - Faribault County, Southern Minnesota: Some N and dry fertilizer being applied.  Soil temp in high 40's. Reports of frost in some soil depths. Some reports of corn being planted, very spotty at this time. Soil in good condition.  

  • 4/15 - Nelson County, North Dakota: Nearly the entire state is flooding as a result of saturated ground before last fall's freeze up and a heavy snow pack from last winter.  Warmer weather is moving that snow into the rivers and pushing the rivers out of their banks from one end of the state to another.

    Most years a start at the end of April would be expected for some areas of the state with general field work most places by the second week of May.  It's likely that the start will be pushed back by several weeks due to the current flood situation - assuming normal spring rainfalls.

  • 4/15 - Macoupin County, Illinois: Wet, WET and getting wetter.
  • 4/15 - Andrew County, Missouri: Soils are cold and saturated.  I'd say it will take a week of warmer, dry weather to start planting but rain is in the forecast.

  • 4/15 - Mercer County, Pennsylvania: We are ready to start grazing ryegrass fields. Still 2 to 3 three weeks from normal corn and bean planting, some ground plowed early March. Manure spreaders are moving again this week.

  • 4/14 - Southern Custer County, Nebraska: Wheat is looking good in our area...just waiting for some warm temps.  Most guys in this area are starting to wind down on spring calving.  We are about 85% done.  Very little field work is done in our area.  Normal start to planting in this area is around April 25.  If the weather straightens out that will get done.  It will definitely be a mad rush to get the crops planted.  Very little fall work is done around here traditionally, so the lack of that is not an issue.  I am planning on planting about 1/3 soybeans and 2/3 corn.  I think the corn/soy mix is not going to change much from normal this year.

  • 4/14 - Northeast Nebraska: Planted some early maturity sweet corn today on a sandy site for picking late June. Soil temp 46 degrees. Temps looking favorable on the two week forecast, rain predicted later in the week. We look to be about a week away from serious corn planting in this area.

  • 4/14 - Northwest Oklahoma,  Panhandle of Oklahoma: We finally had our first good moisture since...last October?  About an inch of rain.   It has been too long.  Calling for winds the next 2-3 days.  It won’t last long.   A lot of the wheat has had major drought and insect damage before the freeze issue.  Most I would say has had wind damage all winter a lot of land stripped to stop it from blowing.   It is too early to tell about the freeze problems in our area, but the leaf burn is evident.  We are a higher elevation.   The “Joint” was still pretty low so only time will tell.  Insect, wind and drought has been the main issue up till now.  It isn’t looking like a wheat year If it is you can do nothing wrong and if it isn’t, well, you can do nothing right! Irrigation fields will have a tough time breaking even.
  • 4/14 - St. Clair County, Southwestern Illinois: Wet, wetter, and even wetter.  We had two beautiful weeks of weather at the beginning of March and an early start was in the "cards."  It's now the middle of April and it rains just about every other day with below normal temperatures.  You can't even walk across the lawn unless you are wearing boots after the rains of the past four days.  Guess what, more rain expected this week along with the same cool temperatures.  I feel like I am reliving 2008 all over again minus the high commodity prices.  I would be shocked if any corn gets planted before May 1 around here.  IS IT APRIL OR LATE OCTOBER?  I keep looking at the calendar and wondering.
  • 4/14 - Nez Perce County, Idaho: Finished planting small grains today and hope to have legumes planted by the end of this week.  There is average moisture for the first time in many years and warmer weather is on the horizon which should get the Spring crops up and out of the ground in a hurry.  It looks like snow is falling in some of the upper elevations here as I write this.  Fall small grains look very good with lots of water in the profile to help them get through any warm periods that always seem to come along in late April and early May. 

  • 4/14 - Southwest of Enid, Oklahoma 45 miles: Well wheat heads popping out real fast after this nice 1-inch rain and they are as white as the background of this post!!! (WHITE).  I think here lower tillers cannot help much because crop was too far along.  Freeze done us in I think????  Whets it like south and southwest, or anywhere in HRW country?!?!?!  Will by some calls I think maybe, 20 contracts or so. Got to make some money somehow!!!!!  Will call and price them and let u know how much they are. Might tell the hidden truth?  I think they are still trying to by out the 2008 crop as cheap as they can!!!  GOOD LUCK ALL.

  • 4/14 - Noble and Kay Counties, North Central Oklahoma: Lots of corn planted last week just ahead of the 1&1/2 inch rain yesterday.  Wheat is heading, all we see are white heads from the freeze earlier.  Hope the crop adjusters will zero it out now, all we will have is the sucker heads that will come up later.  Not sure of the small, late planted wheat yet.
  • 4/14 - Northeast Indiana: More rain today, water was still standing in low ground before this. More rain in the forecast next 10 days. Nothing done in this area. Looks like late planting. Some are talking about switching to all beans. One more rain and I think their will be a lot of switching.

  • 4/14 - Central Indiana: Delayed planting, cut backs on fertilizer, leaves only a few hot dry spots to create a short crop.

  • 4/13 - North Central Oklahoma: Looks like there is some serious damage to heading wheat from the freeze.  Lots of grey looking heads emerging.  Rainfall will help some, but 20 degrees at full boot may have been too much.  Nice rain though.

  • 4/13 - Northwest Iowa: There has been allot of NH3 going on and manure, lots of these fields are going to be compacted the way it looks, the nurse tanks and manure tanks are leaving tracks and bringing mud out on the roads.  The Fertilizer prices still have not come down any around here. We are going back to 50-50 rotation because of high fertilizer  cost & corn prices being to low. Wet forecast for the next two weeks makes it look like not much corn going be planted until May unless your mudding it in.  Plant in the mud & your crop will be a Dud.

  • 4/13 - Northeast Oklahoma: The corn I planted March 20, before all the rain, is still not up.  It has had 5 in of snow and numerous hard freezes on it so far. I have 600 acres planted, about half done. We have been drying out fields as fast as possible and planting them. We have received over 2 inches this weekend with more forecast later in the week. My planting window should be closing real soon but none of my corn has emerged. I've planted beans on anhydrous ground the last two years in a row because I couldn't get all the corn planted and it's looking like we might have to again.
  • 4/13 - East Central Illinois: We didn't get rid of the standing water and got another 7 tenths, so it will late if we even get to plant at all in April.  Rain in the forecast for the next couple days and for the end at the week. Temps are too cold anyway.

  • 4/13 - Codington County, South Dakota: Planted 100 acres of spring wheat yesterday and didn't go around anything.  The rest of the fields are to wet yet but maybe Monday we can go again.  Went golfing in the afternoon!!!

  • 4/13 - Dodge County, Southeast Minnesota: A large farmer planted 300 acres of corn yesterday in cool soil temp but growing conditions were beautiful. Spring time anhydrous is going full bore. We are very dry.
  • 4/13 - Cache County, Utah: Still too wet in northern Utah, winter wheat is starting to green up, at least what didn’t winter kill.  Probably lost 30% due to spotty snow mold from strange winter with lots of snow and freezing rain storms building layers of ice.  Guess I’ll roll the dice and hope it’s a good enough stand to make a crop.  Best of luck to everyone...
  • 4/13 - North Dakota: The soil is still to cool and damp to start farming. These pictures were in the 4/8 Grand Forks Herald. The flood crest is expected next week and the water won't completely recede for two to three weeks.  After that the Red River Valley can think about farming.!

    -- Photos from the 4/8 Grand Forks Herald

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 4/13 - Edgar County Illinois, East Central Illinois: Wet and getting wetter about the time it starts drying we get another 1/2 inch to an inch. Fair amount of NH3 left to go on now, nothing a week of dry won't cure. Stubble and stalks that were unworked are greening up nicely in 2 weeks they will be a mat of color which will seal in the moisture very nicely. New tools are showing up on farms in the last couple of weeks.  All in all when the dry weather comes the 3rd week of April things should start to happen overnight. Looks like another average start for the year.

  • 4/13 - Northeast Stearns County, Minnesota: May plant some oats on some dryland sandy ground on Monday.  The frost just came out 2 days ago but the dry weather is helping dry the fields.
  • 4/13 - Steele County, Southern Minnesota: Compared to other posts we are very dry. Small grains are going in excellent seedbeds. Anhydrous is being applied, coffee shop talk of corn planting starting next week. Very few farm drainage tiles are running.

  • 4/13 - Manitowoc, Wisconsin (East Central): Drier than average conditions. Temperatures below average. Very little precipitation in forecast for next ten days. We will start planting peas this weekend.  Need to finish some fall tillage as we finished carrot harvest at freeze up. Will start removing straw from ten acres of strawberries on Monday.  Crop mix for year 300 acres vegetables (140 process and 160 fresh), 140 wheat,  220 corn, and 40 beans.  Normally 100 beans, 100 wheat, and 200 corn.

  • 4/9 - South Central Iowa: We have been wet.  Soil temps are slow to warm up...of course that isn't holding off the early spring weeds already!  A few guys have been out trying to do something...anything...but they have shut it down after digging up muck.  There is a system passing just off to our south that could bring a few showers tonight.  If we get less than .25 inch of rain we might be doing something come this weekend.  Everyone is getting the itch and the sight of the weeds growing but nothing else just makes it worse.  We are planning on 60/40 beans to corn right now...we are having some serious thoughts about changing that depending on how late everyone gets started.  Good luck to everyone this Spring...we hear our friends in Western Iowa are already in the field!
  • 4/9 - Winnebago County, Iowa: It has been very cold and damp here. Freezes every night.  If we get some warm dry weather planting will start the last days of April.
  • 4/9 - Wisconsin: Not even done with maple syrup.  Patience boys.

  • 4/9 - Southeast Iowa: Planting is nill in southeast Iowa – cold and wet soil. Just a few oats may have been mudded in. I hope it is warmer and drier next week.

  • 4/9 - Miami/Fulton Counties, North Central Indiana: We have had one day that we could haul manure or spread fertilizer the last weekend in March. Snow on the ground on Monday AM April 6. We have water still standing in many places. We needed the recharge, but it can slow down for awhile now.
  • 4/9 - South Central, North Dakota: Still a lot of snow here and still very cold.  No way will we be in the field by end of April.  Some farmers talking about starting with corn planting and then going to small grains after the corn is planted.  Hope the winter wheat is making it?

  • 4/9 - Daniels County, Montana: We still have snow on the ground and freezing temps every night. It will be 10 to 15 days till we are in the field.

  • 4/8 - Brown County, Northeast Kansas: It is very cold, very wet. Planters mostly ready, just need warm, dry spell.
  • 4/8 - Lee County, Illinois: I have heard of some cash rents in this area of $200 to $475 per acre. Must have sharper pencils than I have.

  • 4/8 - Putnam County, Illinois: We are very wet and cold and have had snow two weeks in a row the first one 6" and the second 3". The March rains have given us good subsoil moisture. We have a lot of field work to do and still about 1/3 of our anhydrous to apply. It is good to have the equipment available to get the job done in years like this. 27 years ago we started with an 706 and 12' disk and 4 row wide planter. Many say they long for the old days as for me I like these days. We will plant 60/40 corn/bean rotation again this year. My main custom customers are planting either all corn or a 60/40 also. We pray all will have a blessed Easter weekend and a safe planting season.

  • 4/7 - Northern Indiana: Very wet here. It has snowed 2 days in a row. Rain is predicted at least every 3rd day with no real warmth in sight. Looks like a 50/50 rotation in our area; we have been heavy corn from what I have seen....but economics talks. Happy plantings?
  • 4/7 - Benson County, Northeast North Dakota: We are hauling grain April 6, 2009! 32 above for the HIGH today!

    -- South Central North Dakota

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 4/7 - Lancaster County, Nebraska: We are the county just west of Cass (see comments below) This morning temp 19.4 degrees and soil temp yesterday according to University site 39 degrees I hope those guys in Cass county are planting a cold tolerant Hybrid.  Mix will be the same around here between corn and soybeans all NH3 put on with a very dry March but still very good subsoil conditions due to last fall rains. Is dry on top and blowing dust a problem have had a lot of days with very strong winds. No significant warm up in the future so don't know when we will start planting corn, have only had 1 day that spraying would have been ideal. Usually we see a few guys planting by the 10th not this year. A little wheat in the area looks ok but very short on growth. Grass is barely greening up in the yard.

  • 4/7 - St. Clair County, Southwestern Illinois: Cool and wet remains the trend here just outside of St. Louis.  Our high temperature today was forty degrees with snow showers off and on all day.  Our normal planting date is around the 15th of April for corn, but I will believe the earliest a planter will roll around here is sometime after the 25th.  The only work I've done around here was blade work and tiling.  A few guys were able to put down NH3 early in March when it appeared we were going to have a very early spring.  (Mother Nature decided otherwise on the early spring.)  The next seven days has us around sixty degrees with rain predicted on four of those days.  Many of us have quite a bit of work to do because very little fertilizer was spread for obvious reasons.  If we get a break in the weather, we could see fieldwork starting late next week.  It seems like a repeat of last year.  A late start, cool temperatures, and rain just about every other day.  No global warming around here!!!.


  • 4/7 - Buena Vista County, Iowa: Field work started last Thursday with anhydrous going and some corn stalk ripping. I started ripping on Thursday and under a lot of stalks where the water pushed them or a broken round bale there was still some frozen ground. Finished 2nd field of oats on Friday with 1st field put in on March 21, be interesting to see if there is any difference. I about guarantee you when it gets nice again there will be planters going.
  • 4/7 - Lauderdale County, Tennessee: No spraying—too windy. No planting--- too cold. No field work—too wet.

  • 4/6 - Decatur, Illinois: Field report from Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor -- The tractors are halted in central Illinois due to a late-season snow storm. (Send in your photos and videos. E-mail them to

    -- Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor

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  • 4/6 - Pottawatomie County, Kansas: I am a land owner that wants to know all about land rents, if the owner should consider asking for different rent every year and how would I approach the renter, etc.  The property is in Pottawatomie County of Kansas.
  • 4/6 - South Central North Dakota: Last year at this time we had all sunflower stalks harrowed down and NH3 applied, as you can see from the picture it will be a while probably close to May before field work goes well, 20-40 inches of snow in these stalks, today’s high temp 34 degrees.

    -- South Central North Dakota

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 4/6 - Sedgwick County, Wichita area, South Central Kansas: Late planted wheat in our area looks okay.  The rain and warm temps in March allowed some much needed growth.  Snow and ice moisture received last week was welcome but really put a burn on the wheat.  Temps are predicted to be in the low 20’s tonight.  Hope there is no significant damage.  Area is gearing up for corn planting and I expect to complete my corn planting this week.
  • 4/6 - Woodbury County, Northwest Iowa: Still no anhydrous ammonia started in this area yet....local co-op wasn't even open this past Saturday. Now with snow and below normal temperatures forecast for the remainder of the week doubt little if any field work will be done. Last year at this time there were a few farmers with a lot of corn acres beginning to plant their corn. Very little fertilizer was applied last fall in this area which is going to also delay planting after the fertilizer has been applied to this year’s crops.

  • 4/6 - Southwest Ontario: Still real wet—wheat looks excellent –corn planting at least a month away---corn will be the money maker as yields have been high the last few years and crop ins. Coverage and revenue protection can give good profits ... soys been disappointing last number of years...too many just planting beans, beans, beans and odd wheat crop.
  • 4/6 - South Franklin County, Eastern Washington State: We have had adequate winter moisture. March was the second wettest month in thirty-seven years of records. Early seeded winter wheat looks good. Need some much needed warm weather. Crop is about two weeks behind average growth.
  • 4/6 - North Central Texas: Temperature 85.  Grain sorghum is 2 leaf. Wheat anywhere from boot to milk stage. Dry weather (4 months) after sowing took its toll on wheat. Very thin and short. Will be surprised if I average 20 bu.  Last year averaged 68 bu. To short and thin to even bale. Getting a good bit of rust and Septoria from the recent rains. Not worth fungicide, wish that I had not applied any of that $300/ton fertilizer. Deep moisture still lacking.  Bermuda grass is struggling to grow.  Even a lot of the trees did not survive the drought and are making fence repair an everyday task.  At least we have missed the hail, so far.
  • 4/6 - North/Central Texas: Wheat prospects in north central Texas are 15-20 bu. on the good fields. The poor fields are so thin and short that they will not pick-up in the baler. Too dry for too long. Enough moisture now for Rust/Septoria to be a problem. Not worth fungicide. Was not worth $300/ton fertilizer. Keeping  the job at Wal-Mart, if I can.

  • 4/6 - East Central Illinois: Cold and wet here in Coles County. 1/2 inch a few days ago followed by a inch a day ago and more on the way they say. Looks like possibly 10 days or more if it warms up and no rain before any field work by me.


  • 4/6 - South Central North Dakota: Field work will be very late, May 1 with substantial prevent plant. I took this picture about 7:15 this evening. This is a field.

    -- South Central North Dakota

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 4/6 - Cass County, Nebraska: Traveled south of Omaha yesterday and saw two planters running near Plattsmouth. Temperature was 37 at that time.
  • 4/6 - McPherson County, Kansas: Light snow yesterday, today in the 60's, more rain expected this weekend, then after a few warm days we'll be planting some corn, NOTILL in soybean ground.  Dryland 105 day RR, with just the minimum of fertilizer inputs, mainly N 80 units, then hopefully get by with only a couple RR sprays this season. 50-50 splits to conform to our rotation on our no till ground, need plenty of corn to graze cattle on later in fall. 

  • 4/3 - North Central Iowa: No sign of fieldwork here. Some places I'm sure still have frost. Winter storm watch for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will improve after Easter. We need several nice days to apply NH3 before we start planting. Normally get a few days in the first half of April, looks like we won't be that lucky this year.

  • 4/3 - Central Stearns County, Minnesota: With 9 inches of snow on the ground and only a high of 41 degrees, who is thinking of planting? Luke warm thought here.
  • 4/3 - Buchanan County, Iowa: It will be 3rd week of April or late with the way the weather is right now. It could change pretty fast if we were to have 4-6 days of 60 degrees and a little wind.

  • 4/2 - Southeast Montana: Not going to be in the field anytime soon, two snow storms in the last two weeks, have a good 12" of snow in the field, going to be at least 3 weeks with nice weather before we think of turning a wheel. Might start to get too late for field peas. Lots of guys talking bout planting corn, think I’ll stick with wheat and safflower.

  • 4/2 - St. Clair/Madison Counties, Southwest Illinois: Conditions for the most part are wet and more rain in the forecast at least two more times in the next 5 days so realistically any field work is still a week away or more.  Some areas have lots of NH3 on, while others have none.  Just depends if you were dry enough to sneak some on during the few dry days we had. Wheat looks good, the few fields that are around. I think planting intentions are still holding in the normal range.  Most in the immediate area run 50-60% corn, I would expect that to hold unless we really get delayed.
  • 4/2 - Kossuth County, Iowa: My Gosh! I have lost both my corn and soybean crop twice already this season and it is only the 1st of April. Too bad that inch of snow that we have on the ground this morning is not a joke too!
  • 4/2 - Piatt County, Central Illinois: Cool and wet.  Given the forecast, I doubt if we see any field work for at least two weeks.  Staying with the 50/50 rotation for this year, mainly because I signed the 2009 corn fertilizer contract last summer and had to apply it or start paying storage charges too.  Not signing any more contracts with the suppliers.  Will take it as it comes.  Cropping choices for 2010 will be more flexible.  The following is a cash rent idea / concept for the Kansas land owner.   We also cash rent some land in another county.  Half the cash rent is due in the spring, the other half is due after harvest.   For the spring check, we are charging $25 less per acre than what we could charge.  The fall rent check is not set yet, and will be based on the price of corn and soybeans at the elevator at harvest (not the Chicago Board of Trade price).   If the prices are above a threshold, then the rent will be bumped up.  If the prices are below our threshold then the cash rent will remain at the lower level.  Although not in our agreement, I would be willing to lower the cash rent even more if yields tanked this fall for some reason.  For all landlords out there who may read this.  Your tenant has compassion, understanding, patience, and love for your land.  If you do not already do so, then a good suggestion would be to treat your tenant the same way.  And for all the tenants out there, remember to treat yourself and family the same way too.  Focus on all the good that is in your life, and the things you wish were different, will not seem so big.  Take care of yourselves.  Have a safe year.

  • 4/2 - Chickasaw County, Northeast Iowa: Safe from frost??  My crops should be OK if we have a normal frost date . . . . . corn & beans are looking great considering the later planting, but . . . . . last corn planted May 15th didn't start to tassle until the last week of July into the first week of Aug.  Add 60 days to safe from frost = Oct. 1   I know there was more corn that went in the ground after I was done. . . . . . . . .

    The weather is light rain, maybe more to come.  This is still March, time to let the warm rain get the frost out, and green things up.  Despite the snow blizzards & tornadoes, this may end up being a 'normal' spring.  It would be nice to see a dry early spring.  I have a good feeling about the crop potential this year. 

    The ag sector will succeed this year, but we will have to watch our P's & Q's.  This country's economy is going thru a cleansing, just like the ag economy did in the 1980s. Too much greed.  Many times when it is darkest,  . . . . .just before the light.  Put a smile on.  We will make it thru this.  We live in the best country in the world.

  • 3/31 - Northeast Arkansas: Most farmers in this area are on crop rent. 1/4 rent is common in cotton and rice, 1/3 on soybeans and wheat. Corn which is new to our area goes somewhere in between.

  • 4/1 - Buena Vista County, Northwest Iowa: Going back to 50-50 rotation instead of 70% corn due to high fertilizer prices & low corn prices. Not putting on p & k this year.    Normal planting date varies a little around here but some would of started April 15th area if conditions were good. BUT looks to be a late spring still wet & frost in ground still, long range weather forecast is not good for awhile the way it looks.   Need $ 5.00 corn to consider going more corn.
  • 4/1 - North Central Oklahoma: Was going to sell the rest of my 08 wheat this morning because we had 7 tenths of rain.  Thought price would fall.  As I looked at the wheat fields as i was feeding today, noticed the rye heading in the good bottom ground only 10 inches off the ground. Then saw wheat trying to head or starting. WOW it is only the end of March. Think drought forced it to mature early and causing a short crop in height and yield. Our heavy grazed wheat may not reach 10 inches in height.  Id say now 50% of average yield can be expected.  Further west is worse I hear. Like the panhandle in Oklahoma and Texas and western Kansas, they say is gone. That should deplete some wheat stocks. Mr. Anderson may have to revise his potential for average crops for all that I mentioned. Good luck all.
  • 4/1 - Pottawatomie County, Kansas: I am a land owner that wants to know all about land rents, if the owner should ask for a different rent every year and how I would approach the renter, etc.

  • 4/1 - Grand Forks, N.D.: Another Picture from the Grand Forks Herald of a grain truck on the interstate highway in today's 4/1 Herald. A semi-truck and trailer drive north on Interstate 29 north of Grand Forks, N.D., through floodwater and ice slabs as the flooding Red River moves north.

    -- Herald photo by Eric Hylden.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 4/1 - Moore County Texas/Panhandle: Been very mild this winter then March came in like a lamb now going out like a lion! Blizzard over past weekend more snow in forecast! Dryland wheat hanging on for dear life with last falls rains but now pretty cold (got into teen’s) lately. We have been irrigating wheat all winter, spraying weeds/insects, looks pretty good but real hard to raise bumper crop on well water! Probably a little less seed milo around because of bumper crop last year. More corn going to silage and forages with all the dairies around. New day in the Panhandle. 

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