Sep 30, 2014
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July 2012 Archive for Crop Comments

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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

July Crop Comments

Jul 31, 2012

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying:  


  • 7/31 - Houston, Minn.: We get just enough rain to keep going. Not one drop over. Pastures turning a little greener from the dead tan color. Fed only hay to the cows/calves for a month. Now on pasture with hay. What will the price for calves be with $7.00 corn and $400.00/ton hay??

  • 7/31 - Fayette County, Ill.: No rain for 45 days. Beans are blooming for two weeks now, few pods. A little dyes each day. Wanting this year to end.


  • 7/31 - Mower County, Minn.: Crop looks excellent from the road. South of I-90 is in tough shape, the further north you go the better it gets. They have gotten more rain and it shows. Hoping to average 160 bpa, 10 year average is 195.


  • 7/31 - Fillmore County, Neb.: Very dry here. No rain since June 25. Irrigation can hardly keep up. Chopped silage July 29 and the corn might make 15 bu. Grass hay is half what it was last year. Will have to start feeding cows if things don’t change.


  • 7/31 - Morrison County, Minn.: Corn looks good from the road but I walked into a field and saw small ears compared to normal. Guessing 130-150 bushel max on heavier ground and 50-75 bushel/ac on light ground. Too hot and dry from June 18th until July 18th. Soybeans look okay so far and pods being set and filled. I will be trying some of Monsanto's drought tolerant corn in my test plot next spring.


  • 7/31 - Renville County, Minn.: We're 100 miles west of Minneapolis and have received only .27 inches of rain since June 19. Corn is firing rapidly the last few days and the soybeans are aborting their blossoms and have very little podding. We were look good up to the last ten days but the continuous heat and no rain are taking its toll.


  • 7/31 - Scott County, Mo.: Did get a little rain over the weekend but too little too late for the corn crop. Beans are still doing ok but are short and starting to bloom. Pigweeds seem to love this weather.


  • 7/31 - Carroll County, Iowa: West Central Iowa - corn looks awful. Don't have pics of latest 70 mph windstorm - filed claim. Looks like aliens landed - huge areas of corn flat surrounded by standing corn. Ears are not on all plants, some bad pollination, some ears look good but spotty in the field. Impossible to guess yield - sub 100 maybe - last 3 rains went North and South of us along Hwy 30. We had a chance until last week w 0.25 in and 70 mph wind - nothing since.

    7 31 12 Iowa corn

    -- Carroll County, Iowa

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  • 7/31 - Livingston County, Mich.: Beans are looking good but the corn is about half in the good spots and dead in the sandy or next to the tree lines. Told dad not to look at one farm he asked why and I said "do ya want to sleep at night"!!!!!!!


  • 7/31 - Jefferson County, Neb.: Corn is pretty much done. Early planted corn with be 50bu/ac at best. Late planted may be a little better. Soybeans are podding and may make something decent if we could catch another rain or two. Double crop milo will do fairly well also if we could catch another rain, double crop soybeans however will probably not make it, Pastures are getting bare and hay is getting scarce also.


  • 7/31 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Missed the rain again. Dryland corn that hasn't fallen down is going to be cut for silage, or baled. Dryland beans deteriorating by the day. They may need to be baled as well. Irrigated crops look good, but many wells are starting to surge-not a good sign with a hot, dry 10 day forecast. At least the crop is speeding towards maturity and water use will slacken soon. There will be a lot of harvest activity by Labor Day here. The mountains had better get a lot of snow this winter, or irrigation will be curtailed next season. What an interesting year!


  • 7/31 - Union County, Ohio: Corn around here looks short but green after total of 3 inches rain in the last couple weeks. Before that practically nothing. Pulled this ear from a neighbors corn field that was planted med April. Very small ears and kernels. Beans look good and could do very well if we get normal rains. Most corn was planted around mid may hope it does better with recent rains. If not there is going to be a lot of 100 bu corn, or less.

    7 31 12 Ohio corn

    -- Union County, Ohio

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  • 7/31 - Linn County, Iowa: Crop is drying before your eyes, what little rain has been very spotty. Light soils done heavy soils struggling. Had decent pollination but no water to fill.


  • 7/31 - Platte County, Neb.: No rain in the month of July, and only 1/2" since 5/28. Dryland corn being chopped now in our area and beans are going downhill fast. Irrigated crops hanging in there but with 95+ temps and no rain its getting harder to get enough water on the crops. Yields could vary a lot across the fields.

  • 7/31 - Worcester, Mass.: Long dry spell and temps in the 90's killed off anything that wasn't getting water. We lost our tobacco and some corn and other veggies from fields that we didn't or couldn't get water to. This past Saturday we got 2.15 inched in 30 minutes which helped but caused some flash floods.


  • 7/31 - Henry County, Ill.: Received a welcome 0.45" of rain on 7/25, bringing July total to 0.65" and total since June 1 to 1.65". Temps. were very hot at beginning of last week but moderated nicely over the weekend. Pulled some ears from some corn fields this weekend. It was a tale of the good, the fair, and the ugly. Looks like we will have some corn in the 60-70 bu. range to as high as maybe 180. It will be highly variable based on which numbers handled the hot and dry weather the best and soil types. We have some late planted corn that has just finished pollination that would still really benefit from some rains. Beans are setting pods and still look very good considering the weather.


  • 7/31 - Caldwell County, Mo.: Rain all around but where we farm and run cows. Surprised how the beans are holding on but they are stressing. We have been praying and trusting the Lord.


  • 7/31 - Caldwell County, Ky.: Dry. Many corn fields will be 0 to 40 bushels. Soybeans are stressing with no rain. Double crop soybeans are not out of wheat stubble. Pasture fields burned up. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/31 - Grant County, Wis.: Finally got some rain, but heavy winds with it.

    7 31 12 WI corn

    -- Grant County, Wis. 

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Crop Comments from Corn College: The following videos are from Farm Journal's 2012 Corn College and Soybean College events in Coldwater, Mich.

  • Retailers Trek To Corn College in Michigan: Four retailers from Monty’s Plant and Soil Products, based in Louisville, Ky., took a few minutes to talk with Farm Journal this morning about weather and crop conditions in their area.
  • Canadian Farmers Benefit from Timely Rains this Season: A group of Canadian seedsmen with DuPont Pioneer made the trip to Corn College this week to learn more about the fundamentals of growing corn. They say farmers there are just beginning to add corn to their crop rotations, which typically include some combination of canola, wheat and soybeans. So far, they say their corn crops look good across most of the country and they expect strong yields at harvest. In the following video, they each share some highlights from their respective territories. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/30 - Pike County, Mo.: Rain on 7/29. We had 7/10 inches. Beans are short/tall, dying/blooming, setting pods. Its anybodys guess what they will do. Corn done for.

  • 7/30 - Jasonville, Ind.: Corn 0 to 100 for yield. Beans are still green. Pods are flat but could improve if we get rain soon.


  • 7/30 - Meeker County, Minn.: Corn and soybeans for the most part look good. There are a few spots burnt to nothing but they are small and on very light soil. We’ve had some nice showers the last 10 days. Crops have good potential.


  • 7/30 - Hillsdale, Mich.: Where we're at, we've gotten some beneficial rain. North and south of us a few miles haven't been as lucky. We have third cutting hay that is a little over knee high.


  • 7/30 - Hancock County, Iowa: We got about 2 1/2 tenths of rain Sat. night. Not enough to do any good for the crop, but it cut the dust down for a day.


  • 7/30 - Audrain County, Mo.: Corn is shot. Mar corn maybe 40 bu, April corn 0 to 20, May corn 0000. No chance. Beans look OK but time is running out. Heat is too much on thin soils. Have had 2 in in places. no rain in others. Looks really bad. Pastures are burnt up and corn is too toxic from nitrates to graze or bale. Need silage cutters


  • 7/30 - Spokane County, Wash.: Weather is hot and dry. Has been for a month. Winter wheat looks really good, spring crops look pretty good for the most part. Lots of march rain pushed us back a couple weeks, but soil moisture has been good, but drying out now. Should start harvesting winter wheat in 10 days. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/30 - Pipestone County, Minn.: We had seven tenths on Sunday morning, a month since our last rain. Thanks to 10+ inches in May the crops still look great and with a few more rains we have the potential for above average yields. Spring wheat went 57 but with low protein, 12.2-12.8. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/30 - Polk County, Iowa: Corn husks brown and kernels dented. Anticipate combining first week of Sept. Ears vary greatly from 14X32(best) to 0. Yield estimate on 160A is 105-110. Beans taken over by spider mites. Everyone is spraying pesticides. Hope the spotty 1/2 inch rain last night washes some of the spider mite eggs off the leaves or we'll be spraying again next week.


  • 7/30 - Olmsted County, Minn.: Looks like 200 bushel corn from the road, spent a few hours looking inside the centers of these fields and calculating yields. Looking like 150-180 with favorable growing conditions. The weather was to hot and the tips are not filling. Go south of here 20 miles and looking like a lot of 100-150 bu/a. Don't sell more than you have, could get very expensive, $10.00/bu if China steps in. Remember the CBOT owns over half of this 2012 crop at low prices ($4.50-5.00).


  • 7/30 - Winnebago County, Iowa: We got .25 in last night. That’s the only measurable rain in July. The sandy fields are done in this area. The heavy ground is holding on but suffering. We still have a potential 140 bu yield in those fields with some rain. But we are not holding our breath. My guess is the corn in this area won't average 100 bpa!


  • 7/30 - Marshall County, Iowa: Corn is firing at the bottom and ears are less than nomal for this time of year.

    7 30 12 Iowa corn

    -- Marshall County, Iowa

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  • 7/30 - Dodge County, Neb.: Rain-fed corn yield estimates from two spots in a flat upland field were 107 and 146 bu/ac. In the 146 bu spot, the ears averaged 18 kernels around, 30.8 long, 25K ears/ac, and assumed 95K seeds in a bushel. Planted 111 and 114 day on May 1. Corn in the dough stage (R4).

    7 30 12 NE corn ears

    7 30 12 NE corn field

    -- Dodge County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/30 - Allen County, Kan.: Soybeans are hanging on – some of the double crop beans from wheat are extremely stressed and signs of dying off are becoming prevalent. Some soybean fields look good but pods are far and few between just like last year.  Some rain, beneficial rain would be helpful.  I even have some late planted fields where the bean seed did not even come up. The seed sprouted and split but it dried out so fast that is as far as the seed got. As for the corn – well I think we are going to have a tremendous popped popcorn crop this year – only issue is where to get enough butter to make it tasty! Hahahaha  

    Most corn crop fields are pretty much gone only a couple of fields that look good but they are suffering too. Pastures are toast.  May have to start haying soon. Only semi bright spot are the ponds are holding on for a good water supply.  Some however are having to be fenced off or the cattle removed so they don’t get stuck in the mud. Have a great week. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/30 - Lincoln County, Mo.: Dry! Dry! Dry!


  • 7/30 - Lenawee County, Mich.: The past 4 months we have averaged only 1.5 inches of rain for each month. Corn is short & is half fired up -the hills & lighter ground have no ears, the beans are going backwards. The livestock guys near us are going to start chopping corn silage next week. It's going to be a pitiful harvest. Can't wait to get it over with so we can plow it all under and plant wheat. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/27 - Blue Earth County, Minn.: Corn is tall with nice ears. I counted 1 ear with 18 kernels around and 40 kernels long. Beans are 4 feet tall with lots of blossoms.

  • 7/27 - Mercer County, Ohio: Soybeans still have hope but are being taken back by spider mites. 3 inches of rain in the last two weeks was a savior for the soybeans. Corn has lost most all yield potential as it struggled to make ears and was pollinating in 90+ degree weather. We will be shelling corn a month early.


  • 7/27 - Western Plymouth County, Iowa: Had adjuster out 7/26 and pegged corn at 2 bu. an acre (240A). I missed it by 2 bu. I thought sure it would be zero. I walked half mile rows and found 20 viable ears.


  • 7/27 - Sullivan County, Mo.: Crop adjuster came out checked corn 385 acres. Yields were estimated at 1 1/2 to 13 bu./acre. We got 1 1/2 inch rain over night will help late corn and soybeans.


  • 7/27 - Montgomery County, Mo.: 0/bu acre corn. Beans are dying after this last week of 105-plus temps. It is still 100* at 10 o'clock at night! Wednesday new record at 108*. Many Missouri temp records have been broken. Tell me again how bad "54 was grandpa?? Your 0 is worse than my 0? For sale: rain gauge, never used, some dry rot.


  • 7/27 - Audrain County, Mo.: First rain in more than a month. Lots of lightening and green, yellow and red all over the radar...only got two and a half tenths...and yes, we're counting the half! At least the cows got a bath. Humidity has set in, hoping for more showers to build today/tonight.

  • 7/26 - Union County, Ky.: The corn is done. Hoping for 60 bu. average. The soybeans won't make 10 bu., unless we get rain soon. Keep the faith.

  • 7/26 - Queensland, Australia: Wheat is just starting to joint. Looks quite good, but wet weather is starting to damage us now and we just had another storm. Herbicide applications getting behind due to wet too. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/26 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Dryland corn is gone, irrigated has lost a lot of ground. What started out to be a stellar year has all but faded. Irrigation cost will exceed $200 per acre on some pivots. Let’s hope we get some moisture this winter.


  • 7/26 - Dubois County, Ind.: Large areas of fields just have no ear at all. Not enough moisture to push ear out. Still stuck in leaf nodule I am worried about next year seed corn supply with poor pollination issue


  • 7/26 - Westmoreland County, Pa.: Has been a nearly perfect growing season here. Got a little dry the last week of June, but a 3" soaker on July 4th brought things right around. Have received a total of 6" of rain in the month of July so far. My heart goes out to those affected by the drought.
    7 26 12 PA
    7 26 12 PA crops

    -- Westmoreland County, Pa.

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  • 7/26 - Brown County, Minn.: Crops are not good.


  • 7/26 - Robertson County, Texas: We had a shortage of hay last fall and winter and note that the mid-west states and now having what we had last year. There is some hay available for sale. Both square small bale and the large round rolls of coastal Bermuda. I use a hay broker and can get information as to the amount that is available.
  • 7/26 - Williams County, Ohio: Had a little rain last week 0.8 tenths to 2 inches. How can markets change so fast? Our corn did not know it rained beans our hanging on for dear life. One rain does not make grain.
  • 7/26 - Cherokee, Iowa: Corn = continued leaf rolling with 100-107 heat.

  • 7/25 - West central Indiana: Missed the recent rains. Low ground potential still 50 to 100...high ground gone. Beans still trying but each day hurts. Some of the ones north of me who got rain also got 60 mph wind! Some years you can't win.


  • 7/25 - Lawrence County, northwest Alabama: Corn crop started out great. Had a good rain on June 11 with pollination just beginning. No rain for 3 weeks and 100+ every day. Roasting ear to dent in 2 weeks. Cut 26 acres today July 24 avg yield = 86bu/ac. Never want to cut in July again.


  • 7/25 - Henry County, Ill.: Toured 17 fields today with high boy sprayer to collect ears for yields .Two major findings: soil types and hybrids. Refuge acres 0 to 40 bu. Race horse hybrids didn't take stress well either. Certain soil types have great ears, distance away – nothing. Not sure if 2000 acres non irrigated will average 80 bu./ac.


  • 7/25 - Nobles County, Minn.: Crops fading FAST here in SW Minnesota. Have to chuckle at Minnesota's Good to Excellent rating. Way, WAY over rated. Normal corn production is about 190 bu. acre. Be extremely happy half that this year. Thinking 60 - 70 bu / acre should stop it. Virtually no rain since first part of June. Every day is at least 95 degrees. We are in BIG trouble, just a month behind the rest of you.

  • 7/25 - Jackson County, Iowa: They keep backing the chance of rain back every day. Today (Wednesday) it is supposed to hit 103F. Pulled the trigger on spraying the rest of my beans for spider mites, some guys are spraying the earlier infested fields a second time. $ 18/acre down the drain if it doesn’t rain soon (still have to hope). Even Warren Buffet doesn’t have enough money to buy a rain around me for the last 3.5 weeks it seems!


  • 7/25 - Coles County, Ill.: Still missing the rains. I guess CBOT got rain so the markets are diving. Soybeans are looking worse every day and 105 degrees predicted for the tomorrow. Corn ears are drying up ,when there is one.


  • 7/25 - Litchfield, Mich.: Dryland corn was hurt bad with heat and dryness. No-till beans are a lot shorter than tilled soybeans, as of last weekend beans are podding heavy. All the irrigated crops look tremendous, and have irrigated corn yellowing already! The picture is from early Morning irrigation!
    7 25 12 irrigation

    -- Litchfield, Mich.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/25 - Fulton County, Ky.: Extreme drought. Soybeans planted after wheat has only approximately 7% stand. Some corn has no pollination, but overall average maybe 45 bu per acre. Soybeans could range from 10 to 25 bu per acre unless rain conditions change drastically in next 3 weeks. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/25 - Jasper County, Ill.: Crop condition is very poor. Corn will make zero to ten bushels. Beans will make nothing if it doesn't rain in the next ten days, not over ten bushels if it does rain. Had 1/10 inch rain in June and 1/10 inch in July. 100 degree heat is finishing crops off.


  • 7/25 - Henry County, Ill.: Rainfall last week-0, since July 1-0.2", since June 1-1.2". Daily highs from 87-100 last week, with 103 on Monday. Supposed to be 95 today, 103 tomorrow and then cooler later in the week. Corn continued to deteriorate last week. Pulled ears from three fields this weekend, one field had decent length but 2.5" gone on the end, another field good length but poor girth, another field the ears looked like a checkerboard with black being kernels and red being gaps. Without a significant rain this week we are probably talking 50-65 percent of average yields. Beans for the most part are still hanging in there, will apply fungicide and insecticide this week.


  • 7/25 - Independence, Iowa: We’ve had intense rootworm beetle pressure. Look at all of them on the hood of the tractor.
    7 25 12 rootworm bettles

    -- Independence, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 7/24 - Northeast Nebraska: Chopping corn on dryland. It is near 0. Irrigated corn is starting to fade.


  • 7/24 - Pierce County, N.D.: ND needs some rain as well. Corn and beans in the north central part of the state are going backwards. Traveled to the Red River Valley and crops look sickly there aa well. Need and inch per week to hang on to what is still there.


  • 7/24 - Anderson/Coffey counties, Kansas: Very dry!!! says it all. There will be a lot of 10-25 bu corn in our area w/ maybe a few fields a total loss. Will probably start shelling some fields next week. Soybeans still hanging on, but must have rain soon to make anything. Many earlier planted fields have beans dying in many spots & others look a little better, but many have no pods on them. They are just in a holding pattern & marking time waiting for a rain. Some little double crop soybeans are dying now. Pastures have little or no grass left & many have little water left. Fear of a fire getting started as the grass is mostly brown already. Many trees already have yellow leaves w/ many dropping their leaves already. Not even August yet!!! Does not look good.



  • 7/24 - Clements, Md.: Corn done in southern Maryland, may average 40 bushels if I am lucky. No rain in eight weeks. Soybeans full season may average 15 bu. Double crop none. 250 acre corn, 400 soybeans.

  • 7/24 - Wayne County, Neb.: The majority of non-irrigated fields do look like this. Some people are chopping already. What a disaster. Soybeans are next, getting closer to dying
    7 24 12 drought
    7 24 12 drought 2

    7 24 12 drought 3

    -- Wayne County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/24 - Lancaster County, east central Nebraska: Looks like fall around here, my trees are losing their leaves. Last 3 days just killed us, corn ears hanging down so their done. No rain since June 23rd and extreme heat. I would say corn yield 50-75 bu/acre (10 year average 150). Beans still holding on but with no rain and more heat in forecast, they could end up worse off than the corn. Hay selling for 7-11 dollars per bale


  • 7/24 - Caldwell County, Mo.: This is some of our pasture. We haul water every day. We don't want to cull any cows yet we just got our cows to what we really want they are still young and good mothers. We are baling CRP as soon as the baler guy can.
    7 24 12 MO pasture

    -- Caldwell County, Mo.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/24 - Seward, Neb.: Irrigated corn and soybeans look good but the dryland corn which has made a great effort to survive is losing ground fast. Some is already being chopped. Considering baling dryland soybeans if no rain by next week. Irrigation fuel cost will be near 75 cents per bushel and repairs and additional labor another 25 cents. Alfalfa is 240-300/ton if you can get it. Same with grass hay. Barring any late season storms we will have a good year.

  • 7/24 - Faulk County, S.D.: Corn that was 5 feet tall on the 4th of July has dried down to nothing. It's hard to watch corn with the potential of yielding 170 bpa three weeks ago wither away when corn is $8.00/bushel. We may harvest half of our corn if it starts raining. The other half will be cut and baled for hay.
    7 24 12 SD corn

    -- Faulk County, S.D.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/24 - Cass County, Ind.: Just baled eight acres of hay and got 6 small bales. Why did I do it? Hay was blooming and hoping for rain so maybe get one more good cutting.

  • 7/23 - Nuckolls County, Neb.: Irrigated corn looks great, but dryland is pretty much done unless we catch a rain in the next couple days. It might make 100 bushel to the acre. Irrigation wells don’t stop pumping and in parts of the county wells are very poor. Let’s just hope for the best and we will get what we get and move on.

  • 7/23 - DeKalb County, Ind.: WE GOT RAIN!!!! 2" at my home, first decent rain since march, hope it can help what’s left of our corn crop, time will tell, most beans responding nicely, see areas still under stress even with the rain we got, not sure it they were to far stressed, or sudden death , maybe spider mites,


  • 7/23 - Carman, Manitoba, Canada: Last week was a big week here for winter wheat harvest, yields are a little lower than hoped for in some areas but not bad in others 70-85bu. Spring wheat is about 2 weeks away maybe closer if we keep getting more of this heat. Canola yields are expected to be down cause of the heat that we had at bloom time. Corn and soys are holding on well but do need a rain soon to make yield. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/23 - Lawrence County, Tenn.: Farm that produced 187 bushels 2 years ago just harvested 5 bushels corn in 2012. Soybeans still have a chance. If it wasn’t for crop insurance, this year would break all big farmers in area.


  • 7/23 - Stoddard County, Mo.: 2" of rain on our farm in SE Missouri since the corn was planted in mid-April. .1" since the soybeans were planted in mid-June (waited for a rain to plant). Irrigated crops look avg. (1 1/2" tip-back on ears, afraid to look at length or rows), dry-land are severely stressed to nothing. About 1/3 of our crops are irrigated but adding more for next year is at the top of the list. Gave up on counting # of pivot circles, just know it is WAY more than ever before. Our dry-land crops are on heavy soils and w/ a high water table and managing to survive, but stressed. Beans still have potential if we get a couple of rains. Irrigation wells are starting to have problems from dropping water levels and neighboring homeowners turning the pumps off. Temps. in the 90's and 100's for most of the past 2 months.


  • 7/23 - Northeast Nebraska: 113 today on my east facing thermometer. No rain predicted, only heat. Picked some corn ears. Pleasantly surprised how well it's pollinated with no rain and extreme heat. Needs LOTS of rain to finish it. Prays we get some soon. Attached a picture of my ears I picked.
    7 23 12 NE corn

    -- Northeast Nebraska

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/23 - Caldwell County, Mo.: We are hurting beans will be done if we don't get some rain soon, the weak spots are really showing up in the fields, Lots of CRP being baled, we are short on water ponds are low. we are hauling 3 loads a day.


  • 7/23 - Asotin, Wash.: The winter wheat (soft white) looks to be above average. The spring wheat (hard red) also looks good. We should be harvesting in a week to 10 days. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/23 - Northern Indiana: Our crops got 3 inches of rain on the19th of July. Our corn will be from 0 to 100 bushels to the acre, with most falling in the 40 to 50 bushel area. Drought and spider mites took most of it. Fighting spider mites in the bean crop. We were on the brink of losing our beans but have some hope of making fair yields with timely rains. Definitely a tough year.


  • 7/23 - Kandiyohi County, Minn.: We had a terrific sweet pea crop. Last year nothing. The early sweet corn looks good but the cobs are small. We have sweet corn in all stages for the green giant company. Last planting was June 30. They are still harvesting a good crop of peas. Start harvesting sweet corn on July 25. Will go till Oct. 15 if we still have anything to harvest if it don’t rain soon June we got 6 inches on the 6 and 8 nothing since then.


  • 7/23 - Cass County, N.D.: Have had a half inch rain in July beans are hanging on but under extreme stress starting to pod but with each day no rain yields are looking bleak. Corn crop looked like a record thinking 180+bu/acre crop 2 weeks ago but now with no moisture each day is getting worse and wondering if I'll even get 120 bu/acre. Last year had 105 bu/acre so was looking great and beans were 15bu. because of wet conditions. Now to dry and could be looking at the same numbers if not worse.


  • 7/23 - Bulgaria: In Bulgaria we also have problems with the land. Wheat was with good yields, but maize and sunflower are not in good condition. And now to Valley won't have much benefit. Well, the prices are high. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    7 23 12 Bulgaria corn

    7 23 12 Bulgaria sunflowers

    -- Bulgaria

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/23 - Western Marion County, Ind.: I drove around Eagle Creek Airport on Indianapolis Westside 7/21/12. Their rented ground is in soybeans. Plants at best were 1 foot tall with very few leaves with lots of dead spots. I didn't see a single flower or pod. At this point the renter won't have to truck his combine down from Boone County this Fall.


  • 7/23 - Southern Van Wert County, Ohio: No rain in May, June or July.

  • 7/23 - East central Iowa: We went to Wisconsin Dells, Wednesday through Friday night. They got up to 2" of rain from what I heard Wednesday night, problem is it was too late for almost all of the corn that I seen all the way up from Dubuque, Iowa(in my opinion). I’m sure it helped the hay and some of the beans. Sounds like we missed it here again and 15 miles south got up to  an 1", in isolated spots. We were blessed earlier to get rains to keep us holding on to something, but have now missed 3 or 4 rain events since June 29. Still wouldn’t trade with corn north and east of me. Just like most of us this year, it is kind of a numbing feeling to not be able to do something to stop the bleeding! Still holding out hope, most of the fields are still green around here, except for the obvious corn field that is close to gone.


  • 7/23 - Randolph County, Ill.: Corn is done, yields are anywhere from 0 to 50 bushel per acre. If we could get a couple rains our beans could 30 to 40 bu. per acre.


  • 7/23 - Logan County, Ill.: I went out and did a yield check yesterday, The ears looked better than I thought they would. It looks like 110 to 125 bushel corn on ground that averages 175. We had some decent rain in May and a couple showers in June, but July has been brutal no rain and 100 degree heat during pollination!


  • 7/23 - Laramie, Wyo.: Dry land corn still green at 6 in morning. By 10, it’s blue and rolled, not even waist high in places. Seven inches below average rain fall. Have had one inch since March and hot ever since. Irrigated corn uneven.

  • 7/23 - Stephenson County, Ill.: McDonough County, Ill.: I felt your pain in the 1980's. Many are in the boat with you this year. You need a solution for that temporary problem. Talk to your resources (family, friends, other farmers, bankers, pastor etc.) Things work out no matter how bad they currently seem/are. Willie Nelson's Farm Aid still maintains a helpline 1-800-FARM-Aid (1-800-327-6243). Joy does return.


  • 7/23 - Queensland, Australia: It’s great to get an up to date insight into how it is on farms in the U.S. Wish we had the same in Australia. We have 45,000 acres of dry-land wheat in and at present its mid tillering and it's all looking quite good, BUT we are the opposite to the Midwest in the U.S. We are going to get too wet. We have rain forecast for the next three days and again next week. We planted mid-May and have had 4-5 inches on it which is big rain for this time of the year for us. We can grow our crop on that alone with full sub soil. If the season holds out we are hoping for 40-50 bushels/AC. I hope for growers’ sake in the Midwest they get rain soon, but for our price sake, hope it will hold off a little longer.

    Prices in Australia are only now getting to a level where we are viable again. Our Dollar being worth more than yours has been terrible for us, good for buying John Deere machinery but that's all. So futures in the current climate have to be where they are for us to start making money. We will spend the next couple of weeks nervously watching weather in the Midwest and your futures wondering how much to hedge. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/23 - Lycoming County, Pa.: July 20- A beautiful rain and still raining over 2 inches, a real soaker. Pulled ears of pollinated corn, looking great, 50% pollinated and balance should be in the coming week. Crops were stressed somewhat but outlook looks real good. Local prices are over 9.00 delivered. 30-day outlook is for good growing. River bottom doing the best.


  • 7/23 - Hennepin County, Minn.: We have been hanging on with enough rain the keep everything moving forward. Anyone that did not buy crop insurance in this part of the country, it would indicate sufficient personal wealth that no banker required it. Assume the same scenario for Illinois?


  • 7/23 - Tazewell County, Ill.: Dry and no rain in forecast. Some Corn total loss, beans still may make it. Picture of a Granddaughter of friends of ours.
    7 23 12 IL

    -- Tazewell County, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/23 - Huntington County, Ind.: We have finally received some rain. We have had some farms receive as much as 5 inches in 2 different rains in the last week. Other farms of ours have received only .4". For our corn crop, it will help us hold on to what we have. I would estimate that we have a couple fields that may yield as high as 130, other fields might be 75-100, and a couple will be lucky to break 30. And that is assuming continued rain. The 10-day forecast has 8 days in the 90's, so we will need a lot more rain to make this crop. Our beans may have more hope, but the bottom nodes have produced almost no pods. They are still blooming, so we still have a chance of something, but who knows what at this point.


  • 7/23 - Union County, Pa.: We finally had 2.5" of slow steady rain last night, which will save the day for the corn and beans. The corn is damaged some , especially over the thin spots. Our later planted corn is not yet in tassel and all the rest is just now pollinating. Thanks to no -till the corn made it through the dry and heat spell better than expected I would expect 135-145 with regular showers from here out.


  • 7/23 - Buchanan County, Iowa: The forecast don't sound good.
    7 23 12 Iowa corn

    -- Buchanan County, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

Crop Comments from Corn College: The following video and audio reports are from Farm Journal's 2012 Corn College near Heyworth, Ill.

  • Corn College Hosts International Guest: A farmer from the United Kingdom gives a weather update for his area and what he’s learning at Farm Journal Corn College.
  • Farmer Expecting 60% of Average Yields: What was initially a fantastic-looking crop is now falling apart fast, says Illinois farmer Steve Pitstick. "Our crop was off to a fantastic crop. We were really excited about it until the 4th of July. Things are just falling apart really fast. I think I’m at around 60% of an average yield right now."
  • Iowa Grower Hopes for 200-bu. Yields: Doug Recker and his son Charlie travelled from Dyersville, Iowa, to attend Corn College this week. You can catch Recker’s corn update here as well as a special message from Charlie to someone he left behind at home.
  • Drought Conditions Stress Corn Crop, Hogs: Christopher Walk, from Neoga, Ill., attended Corn College near Heyworth, Ill., this week to learn about how to maximize corn yields. He says he learned a lot that he can take back to his own farm, which will be especially helpful this year, amid the current challenging weather conditions."Our crops are looking poor, and we’ve had little rain. Without rain, you can’t have corn."


  • Father-Daughter Pair Share Corn College Experience: Sara and Dave Fischer of London, Ohio, give an update on their crop conditions and why they attended this year's Corn College.


  • Not All of Indiana Corn a Disaster: A farmer from Williamsport, Ind., has been blessed with occasional rains that might save the day for the crops. 
  • Drought Conditions Continue to Deteriorate Crops: Illinois farmer David Albin shares some of his recent observations on the drought and what still needs to be done this crop season.
  • Fertilizer Dealer Says the Drought Brings Many Hazards: Danny Moore is attending his first Corn College this week and gives Pam Fretwell an update on crops with in his area.

  • 7/20 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: Scattered showers around the area last couple days. Total rainfall about a tenth. Dryland corn starting to tassel. Also curling. Millet finally all came up after the July 4th rains. Temps 100-106 for next week. The real question is are we going to have moisture to get the fall planted wheat out of the ground? (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/20 - Menard County, Ill.: Our corner of the County (NE) is all but burned up. Anticipate corn yields from 5 to 70 bpa. March planted may be slightly higher. Too early to say on the beans. Thank goodness for crop insurance! To the post from McDonough Co. You made a business decision, chose not to take the insurance and assumed the risk. Don't go asking for a bailout. I don't think that will go over very well with the majority of the public. Low interest loans should help you through. Just a thought...


  • 7/20 - Fayette County, Ill.: 3/10th in June none in July. Beans are dying now, leaves on trees starting to fall, looks like early fall. 100+ temperatures next week. Doesn’t look good for the small farmer.


  • 7/20 - Cass County, Iowa: Just today, the corn and beans began to turn brown. Corn just finished up pollination and beans are 15 inches tall, just canopied over 30 inch rows. This farm got 6 inches of rain in June and 3 in May. But, if forecast holds as advertised, 95-103 degrees and dry for next 10 days, this farm (and most of Iowa) will be 'roasted' ears and 'burnt' beans.


  • 7/20 - Seneca County, N.Y.: 2 tenths in the last 3 weeks after an inch in June. 102 with sun and 30 mph wind today. I think we are done.
    7 20 12 NY corn

    -- Seneca County, N.Y.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/20 - Huntington County, Ind.: We have finally received some rain. We have had some farms receive as much as 5 inches in 2 different rains in the last week. Other farms of ours have received only .4". For our corn crop, it will help us hold on to what we have. I would estimate that we have a couple fields that may yield as high as 130, other fields might be 75-100, and a couple will be lucky to break 30. And that is assuming continued rain. The 10-day forecast has 8 days in the 90's, so we will need a lot more rain to make this crop. Our beans may have more hope, but the bottom nodes have produced almost no pods. They are still blooming, so we still have a chance of something, but who knows what at this point.

  • 7/19 - Northwest Sauk County, Wis.: Well we were blessed last evening with 2 inches of rain. Before that we received .25 on the 14th of July and before the 14th it was the 20th of June when we received 1 inch at that time. Crops are hanging in there cause of the heavy clay ridge ground. Thank goodness for good subsoil moisture. Corn is pollinating now and the beans are looking better with the rain.


  • 7/19 - McDonough County, Ill.: June 15 1", still optimistic. July 1, 0" concerned. July 7 0", seven days of 100's worried. July 15 0" cooler temps in low 90's, maybe some hope to end the deterioration. July 19, 0" gone back to 100's last three days, not even a sprinkle over night, raining K.C. to Chicago this A.M. just to our south, upper 90's for now unto eternity, total despair. No fed crop Insurance, having some really bad thoughts! Help?


  • 7/19 - Wyandot County, Ohio: 1.1 in. of rain last night. Much needed rain. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone. Overall ratings not bad for our area.(150c+50b)


  • 7/19 - Howard County, Iowa: No rain in over a month, all around us received rain yesterday. Twenty miles east over 2 inches. My corn is getting shorter by the day, no second cutting hay crop either.


  • 7/19 - Grundy County, Mo: Most of the corn here is done, will be a 0 yield or close to it. Lots of silage beginning to be cut. It is a mad dash to get CRP to bale up for the cows as most are feeding hay now. Beans still hanging in there, but will be reduced yield.

  • 7/19 - Juneau County, Wis.: We had .5in. on Sat. 1st rain in July, can't remember last rain in June, Early corn tasseling in 95 to 100 degree heat probably won't pollinate. Any corn on sand pretty much done. Beans finally flowering after Saturday rain but they are still short.


  • 7/19 - Benton, Iowa: Had one inch of rain this month, we are a good ten inches behind for the year. Corn on light ground is dead to many nitrates to chop, a total loss. Don't know how anything is hanging in there with the heat (+100) beans very short corn might make 100 Bu. if we get regular rains SOON!


  • 7/19 - Coles County, Ill.: Pop up showers seem to pop up in the same spots over and over again but not here. Soybeans are hurting bad now on light soils and dying. dark ground beans are rolling up and looking pale. Blooms are drying up and only one or two pods starting to grow.


  • 7/19 - Fayette County, Pa.: Finally caught the thunderstorm we've been looking for. We got 1.5". That is a half of inch more than we had the entire month of June. I hope others who really need it are getting it too.....


  • 7/19 - Montcalm County, Mich.: Received a little over an inch of rain this morning. Before this rain we were barely hanging on so this is a definite life saver for non-irrigated crops. Feel we can spray beans final time now that we have gotten a little moisture. First time we have shut off irrigation on corn in over 6 weeks, it won't be off for long by the looks of the 5 day forecast.

  • 7/18 - Bedford County, Pa.: Isolated thunderstorms have dropped from .5-3 inches of much much needed rain some faired better than others but as a whole it has bought us another week. Early beans looking good and starting to flower corn is poor to average depending on which side of the county your located. Yields are suffering but at least it looks like there will be a crop 3rd cut alfalfa yield was about half of other two but 4th cut took off running with recent thunder showers.

  • 7/18 - Benton County, Wash.: Our wheat crop is coming along great. We are underway with harvest and things look great. I'm sorry to hear about the drought this year. NOt a fun year for a lot of farmers. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    5 18 12 wheat
    7 18 Wash

    -- Benton County, Wash.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/18 Tippah County, Miss.: Good scattered rains first 15 days of july.  Most everyone has recieved some amounts vary from place to place.  Corn on lighter soil hurt from last 3 weeks of june with no rain and 100 plus temps but overall going to be decent with recent rainfall.  Soybeans have exploded this past week,  they hung on well during heat and with the rain have a lot of potienal.  we are truly thankful for the rain we have recieved.  My prayers are with the farms and families suffering from the drought.   Just trust in the Lord, He will provide.

  • 7/18 Waupaca, Wis.: On the sand crops will be zero bushels. On heavier ground north of town the crops do not appear to have stress as it has rained off and on. On a side note, any farmer with crop insurance document in writing like in a e-mail you are making a claim, if a agent forgets to file your claim you have no proof you filed one, speaking from experience. It's sad a farmer has to protect yourself like that but a persons word these day;s is nothing..good luck everyone.

  • 7/18 - Reno County, Kan.: I called the ins. co. today and asked for an adjuster so i can work up my milo and hopefully be able to plant wheat this fall if we get any rain. Im sure they will zero it out. Beans are still green but 100 degrees and no rain as far as the weather men can see into the future. One weather guru today said maybe around July 26th or 27th. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/18 - Adams County, Neb.: What can i say, its hot, its dry, crop production has been lost.

  • 7/18 - Waushaura County, Wis.: Started planting Corn April 27 Got Rained out on April 29 With 200 Acres Planted. As I reported back in may here I replanted it due to nine Inches of Rain the first week of may. All land was patterened tiled. Dad said won't probably ever have that happen again now he is saying we never had it this dry. July First had hopes of 160 bu corn now maybe 100 bu and if no rain soon maybe nothing. 102 The last two days Soybeans are failing fast now.

  • 7/18 - Kent County, Del.: Dry land corn is done. Like most farmers looking forard to next year! I don,t Think i will farm another year with out irrigation!!!

  • 7/18 - Buchanan County, Iowa: We received 1.4 " of rain on July 13-14. Helped a lot but still 5-6" behind in rainfall. Pollination looks good.

  • 7/17 - Gage County, Ne. and Marshall County, Kan.: We were lucky to get 4.5" to 7" of rain during the 3rd. week of June but none since then. Areas just East and Southeast of here received up to 3" from July 4 to 12.  Our corn planted April 10 to 25th. just finished pollenating good, but leaves are now rolling and starting to fire on bottom.  With forecasts of 100 plus temps and no rain our corn will deteriorate fast and may still yield only 50.  Milo planted early June looks good but leaves rolling and just starting to head. Beans planted May 5 to 25;  about 2/3 did not come up till after rains in 3rd. week of June. I replanted some June 26 and planted some after wheat June 20.  All looking good and the small ones can last another 3 to 4 weeks and hopefully it will rain by then. Last week  We went to Kansas City through Eastern 100 miles of Northern Kansas On Hwy. 36 to St. Joe then down to K. C.. Crops still looked pretty good all the way, but it was much drier from St. Joe to K. C..  It rained both July 12 and 13 in K. C..  I have 75% to 80% crop insurance so I will make money unless China stops buying our debt.  Waterway hay is only about 1/2 of normal. Good Luck. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/17 - Kent County, Mich.: Our corn crop is most likely beyond recovery, and soybeans need rain soon. No rain since June 17 and no rain forecasted with temps in the 90's.


  • 7/17 - Wilkes County, N.C.: corn in this area looks good if you put the fertilizer to it.the lord has blessed this area with rain the whole season.Got close to 5in. last week.early corn is starting to dent.


  • 7/17 - Dekalb County, Mo.: We lived pretty well on the 1.1 in we had July 8. Things are back to hurting again today. Corn rolls pretty early. I had late planted corn and it is just now tasseling. Haven’t seen any silks yet. Some corn around here is in very bad shape however a lot looks good from the road. Beans are small. Planted 5-6 weeks ago and still doesn’t have the 15" rows closed yet although they are getting close. Sprayed over the weekend. Waste of $20/a? Friend from Brown Co, KS showed me a picture of his corn. By the yield estimators it should make 150 bpa but the kernels are VERY small. May get smaller yet. He said 5 miles away from that farm there was only cob. South of here, the silage cutters are already going. Best adjusted yield so far was 20 bpa. That corn looked pretty good from the road. Livestock well lost a lot of pressure 1 day last week. It has recovered mostly. Trying to keep 1700 hd of big hogs alive.


  • 7/17 - Clayton County, Iowa: If finally rained here over night and this morning- we got 4.8 inches of much needed rain. In Iowa they say "it always rains 5 minutes before it is too late," and that appears to be the case again here.  The shallow to rock areas suffered crop losses less than 5% of most fields.  We look to be on track for 200 bushel corn again.  Prayers are answered.


  • 7/17 - Mercer County, Mo.: In the middle of my hay field ...lost an inch and 1/8th socket in the crack.

 !cid  0702121457

  • 7/17 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Good news first; had rain in the Sandhills where most of my cows are. Bought some time to get closer to harvest and corn stalks! Bad news; only 1" of rain in June, with only a trace so far in July. Pastures here are toast. I have irrigated grass and it's too hot for it to grow even with irrigation! Dryland corn tasseled,...hopefully that will lessen the chance of hi nitrates so we can clip it for hay. Irrigated crops look good so far, will know shortly how well it pollinated. What a year! Pray for relief

  • 7/17 - East central Iowa: FOR SALE: rain guage and yield moniter. also will trade some $5.50-6.25 corn contracts for new higher ones!

  • 7/17 - Henry County, Ill.: Rainfall last week-0.1", since July 1-0.2", since June 1-1.2", since May 7-2.95". Cooler daily highs in the 86-92 degree range last week helped slow down crop deterioration. 96 degrees yesterday (7/15), 95-99 forecast through 7/18. Early planted corn done pollinating and appears to have pollinated well. Later planted corn (May 20) tasseling this week. Soybeans are blooming and hanging in there. If we don't get rain this week I think we can start looking at corn yields in the 100-120 range.

  • 7/17 - St. Joe County, Ind.: Dry Dry Dry!! Haven't had more than.3" in one rain since May. The 3 rains we received in June amounted to a whopping .5" This picture is of a field of corn planted April 27th. You can measure the height by the pole shed on the left. This field will be lucky to go more than 20 bu/acre. Who knew our best crops were going to come from areas we couldn't even plant last year due to excessive moisture. Crop insurance will help ease the pain some, but it will be miserable in the combine this fall!

  • 7/17 - Caldwell County, Mo.: So dry in northwest MO that frogs are renting swimming pools on the Serious side ponds are getting low, and wells are running dry, we can only haul water 3 hrs a day from the public water dispenser. we are going to chop the corn on our owned farm about 1/3 of our crop..Beans are going to start hurting this week.

  • 7/16 - Boone County, Mo.: Corn done 85%, will be 40 bu./acre, and the beans are starting to burn from bottom up. This week will hurt beans, at least 75% yield reduction off the 42 bu. average. I’m starting to wonder if we need a combine!


  • 7/16 - Northeast Nebraska: Dryland corn is done...was 98° with 25 mph south wind today. All week will be upper 90s with wind. Beans are going fast, we’re thinking by end of this week they will be dead also. I’ve never seen this dry in my 45 years of farming. Irrigation wells are pumping less water, lots of stock wells going dry. We went from 60 lb. of pressure to 20 lb. Power company cutting back on irrigation electricity. We only get to run 12 to 14 hours a day. Soon irrigated corn will be short on water also...I guess keeping people cool is more important than food...

  • 7/16 - Miami County, Ind.: In the last week, corn has deteriorated drastically. Some corn still looks good while other corn looks just terrible. Beans holding their own.


  • 7/16 - Boone County, Ind.: Just got 1" of rain as of 10:00. Now our hopes of 100 bu. corn is in sight, was at around 50 bu. Beans hope to be 20s maybe and that we can cut them and not slide over them. Crop insurance is gonna be the income this year.


  • 7/16 - Barron County, Wis.: This area is blessed with adequate moisture for the heavier soils for the time being. The sandier soil types are showing severe stress unless a stray shower has kept them going. Corn is 25%-35% tasselling and beans are in full flower. Black and variegated cutworms have been especially damaging to stands of both corn and soybeans. Heat is pushing the growing season ahead of normal. At this stage, I expect to see normal yields when you average it all out.


  • 7/16 - Catawba, N.C.: Most growers are planning on 50 to 70 bu./acre for corn. If you planted early with a good fertilizer program, it pollinated great before the heat. If not, you're out of luck. The beans are very short if they came up at all. Most are being replanted with little hope. Got some rain but not enough. We are on good dryland and feel very fortunate. I think 150 to 175 bu./acre will be close for us.
    7 15 12 NC corn
    7 15 12 NC corn 1

    -- Catawba, N.C.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/16 - Northern Illinois, 30 miles from Iowa and 10 miles from Wisconsin: First rain in two months, 1/10". Probably saved what corn is out there, which is marginal. Crop looked questionable as we were tasselling when the heat came. (Previously one of our best looking corn crops ever.) On a bigger, more personal note, we lost a grandchild (to stillbirth) during this terrible time and that makes the production problems seem less dramatic. Take care of your families, wives, children, parents, grandchildren during this time of stress. I know it is our livelihood, but more important are the people in your circle of loved ones. We need to support each other, not yell or cuss or blame God for what has happened. We don't know his plan for us and simply have to accept the weather as God's plan.


  • 7/16 - Lincoln County, S.D.: Corn is waving the white flag.
    7 15 12 SD corn

    -- Lincoln County, S.D.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/16 - McDonough County, Ill.: Guaranteed best seller: "How to Catch a Popup Rain Cloud during a Drought!" or rather, "How to Keep Your Sanity When You Don't and the Joneses Down the Road are Bailing Out the Basement by the Bucket!" Rain all around, over there yesterday, down there last night, up there this morning, the air is full of it, a mist has dampened all, but if that is all there is, the end is all that has yet to come! All we needed was just one more "just-in-timer," but alas. I believe you can subtract 30% to maybe 50% from average yield around here for those who did not catch the latest showers. Total as of April 1: 5.2", last 1.1" June 15, had a good chance for very good yield but hope for break-even is all but a flicker now!


  • 7/16 - Northern Hendricks County, Ind.: Corn and soybeans deteriorating fast. No rain to amount to anything since 1st of May. With temperatures of 100° plus at times, don't see how corn could pollenate, period. Soybeans starting to really show stress on the high ground. Spider mites are also a problem. We keep getting promises of rain, but so dry it is gone before it reaches here. Still praying for rain. The Lord has seen us through hard times before.

  • 7/16 - Eastern Hendricks County, Ind.: I was out between 100 North and 200 North around the Ronald Reagan Parkway July 13. Everything planted in corn in that area. Corn is tasselled at 3 to 5 ft. Even though the stalks and leaves are somewhat green, I did not see the first sign of silk or any ears setting on. Only 1/10" of rain since June 1.


  • 7/16 - Boone County, Neb.: 0.75" of rain in June and 10 drops of rain so far in July. Corn, dryland and pivot corners all but toast. Been a long summer and it's only half over. Beans are hanging on but no rain forecasted in next 10 days and 95° plus. It's going to really hurt the dryland beans now too. Irrigated looking good, but not sure how much it was stressed with the heat.


  • 7/16 - Logan County, Ill.: On Sunday, July 8, we received 2" rain on our farm west of Beason. Two days later, you could hardly tell it rained. Yields will be in 100-140 bu. range. The rain probably just helped the yield from dropping further.


  • 7/16 - Southern Minnesota: Please contact your congressman/representative and local FSA officials and encourage them to OPEN CRP for haying and grazing. This needs to be done sooner than later. The livestock industry needs the feed! Thanks.

  • 7/13 - LaPorte, Ind.: 70% of corn is finished! Losing more with each day! Hoped for beans to save the day, but losing hope with each day of no rain. Absolutely the worse crops ever in our area. Spider mites appear to be healthy though, seems hard to kill them.


  • 7/13 - Mercer County, Ill.: We are very lucky in Mercer and Rock Island county. Corn planted late March and early April looks incredible. Over 7 inches of rain in June locally. I looked at a field planted March 29th and if don't get another rain it will make 225bu. One more rain in the next couple weeks should push it over 250bu. Some of the best crops in years.
    7 13 12 IL corn

    -- Mercer County, Ill

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 7/12 - Pondera County, Mont.: Winter wheat turning fast. Should be an average to slightly above average crop. No rain in a long time so it has surely lost some of it's potential. Hot and dry the last month. Dryland Spring Wheat burning up. Irrigated crop looks average with the pumps running steady. Hay crop is 20% to 40% below average. Harvest will be at least 2 weeks ahead of last year and we won't be hurting for bin space. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/12 - Richland County, Wis.: Corn no longer needs a rain, but a good hail storm might help the bottom line. Beans are holding on, but the writing is on the wall. Should be a banner year for the crop adjusters!!!


  • 7/12 - Charles Mix, S.D.: Corn is 50% done, the stuff planted in no till wheat stubble is hanging on, tasseling is in progress no rain in the forecast, things are looking abysmal, beans are hanging on, but need a rain soon. Folks are already chopping silage, every strand of straw and grass in the county are being baled up. Cow operations are feeling crunch already. Wheat was better than expected, late frost and lack of moisture, surprisingly 50-80 BPA with excellent protein and test weight. Signing off to do a rain dance! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/12 - Lincoln County, Mo.: Contracted small amount of grain before drought hit, when prices were lower. Man did I screw up? Will have to run combine through fields just to try to fill contracts.


  • 7/12 - Western Wallace County, Kan.: Corn planted 4/24, milo 5/12 and sunflower on 5/19. All no-till. Less than 3" since 4/1 after a drought last year of 40% of normal. Corn is done, milo hanging on and SF less than 1/2 normal height.
    7 12 12 KS corn
    7 12 12 KS milo
    7 12 12 KS sunflowers

    -- Western Wallace County, Kan.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/12 - Coles County, east central Illinois: Drove my ATV out into corn planted on April 11th. On July 7th the corn was about the same height as my ATV. They keep saying where in a moderate drought???
    7 12 12 IL corn

    -- Coles County, east central Illinois

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/12 - Southern Michigan: We would be ecstatic with a 20% yield drop. The choppers are going to start next week trying to salvage some plant material. We have no irrigation and without rain within a week there will be no corn harvest. I doubt the USDA will ever tell how bad things are for fear of panicking the general public in an election year.


  • 7/12 - Ransom County, N.D.: Today was a tough day on the crops. Hot, dry and windy. I was farming during 1976, 1983 and 1988 and this compares with those droughts. I’d like to see the market advisors try farming in these conditions, when you don’t have a clue what kind of crop you’re going to get bushel wise. I wish I didn’t have a bushel sold right now.  I hope someone gets some rain. Soon.

  • 7/12 - Warren County, Iowa: Since July 6, the corn has taken a toll on stress. Bean leaves are turned over at 8 am


  • 7/12 - Evansville, Ind.: We have had less than 2 inches of rain, plus good fertility with excellent cow manure.
    7 12 12 IN corn ears

    -- Evansville, Ind.

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  • 7/12 - Dawson County, Neb.: Irrigated holding on, pivots look good, pivot corners done. Alfalfa 1/2 crop this year maybe. Pasture very short and brown. Harvest will be early, Stay Safe :-)
  • 7/12 - Texas: Texas grain sorghum plantings are up by about 750,000 acres over last year due to several factors, said a Texas AgriLife Extension Service expert. USDA’s planted acreage report released June 29 projected planted acreage at 2.3 million acres, according to Dr. Calvin Trostle, AgriLife Extension agronomist, Lubbock. "There’s a couple of things that pulled the acreage back up," Trostle said. "Grain sorghum prices, which are tied to corn, remain strong. Also, the drought of 2011 reminded some people that corn has more risk involved than sorghum." Corn is a riskier crop than sorghum during a drought for a couple of reasons, he said. One, sorghum is more drought tolerant, and more likely to produce a crop when there is limited rainfall or irrigation capacity.
    7 12 12 Texas sorghum

    By the end of June, sorghum near Kerens in Central Texas was already changing color. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Robert Burns)

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 7/11 - Dallas County, Iowa: Checked the farms Tuesday, beans flowering, 20-24" tall and 30" rows ready to close up. Corn 5-6' tall, Uneven tasseling June 20-30 in the 95-100 degree temps. Pollination uneven with distorted ears. 14-16 uneven and distorted rows. Appear to have less than 30 viable kernels per row. Less than .6 rain in 3 light shower in the last 6 weeks with 90-95 temps. Forecasts call for only slim chances of spotty rains for the next 10 days. Any corn on sandy soils is gray, shriveled and didn't produce an ear, even though it tried to tassel. It appears we will be below the insurance threshold on corn for sure.

  • 7/11 - Rice County, Minn.: We were looking good, now we are hoping for moisture and fears are that the dryness is now making a home in MN as well. Early planted corn tasseled in the extreme heat of late June early July. Corn is fired on the hills and light soil pockets. Most of our rain that came in mid-June was all at once (five plus) and went down the creeks and rivers with the topsoil. Baled hay for a neighbor today. He cut it yesterday. USDA is caught with its pants down. They either intentionally or unintentionally eroded about the yields and acreage last year and were counting on an early and abundant harvest to cover the gap. Our local FSA didn't have the Board sign off on prevented plant last year until the end of October 2011. We were the garden area of our state and had over 6000 acres alone that didn't get planted! Highly doubt this made the final stats. Tell me who has crop left sitting in their bins? What carryout? This disaster will change our nation (hopefully for the better) and affect the world. Maybe the US will finally realize what it's true National Treasure is: Agriculture.


  • 7/11 - Hawkins County, Tenn.: I have 250 acres corn, all river-bottom land. Crops look excellent right now.


  • 7/11 - Jersey County, Ill.: March planted corn will do about 100 bu. and anything after April 20 will be like 10 bu.?? Knee-high and tasseled rolled up like a cigarette.


  • 7/11 - Caldwell County, Mo.: I called the insurance and asked for an adjuster to come and look at are corn, Beans are still holding on I don't know how much longer they can hold on, we missed the rain, 40 miles to the east they got 6.2 inches. Town called Brookfield.


  • 7/11 - Northeast Iowa: Mowed hay with batwing mower today. Corn is 4' tall and trying to tassel. Not good.


  • 7/11 - Southern Tazewell County, Ill.: Pollination was good and has pollinated at least 35-40 kernels deep with 16 and a few 18 rows around. Last rain was June 16 and corn looks ok, but is 18-24 inches shorter than usual. It is just starting to fire at the bottom and will be losing yield each day. With a good rain immediately we might have 150 bushels now, but no rain is in sight. If the forecast is correct, we look to have half a crop.


  • 7/11 - Williams County, Ohio: Wheat was better than expected. Beans are still in a holding pattern and very short for this time of year but could improve with timely rains (which are not in the forecast). Corn is burning up and can only see a complete disaster on yield. Pollination is far less than half of average. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/11 - Audrain County, Mo.: No measurable rain since April 27th. We have 7500 acres of corn and may not harvest a single acre of it.

  • 7/11 - Bedford County, Pa.: Widely scattered thunder showers are buying time. Early planted corn looks like showroom material, but walking fields shows a much different picture. Pollination at 50-60% at best. There’s still hope for later planted corn, and early planted beans looking well. Double crop beans not so good, we should of left them in the bag. Total forage production for year running about 75% of average. Corn crop will lower that to 50% or less I’m sure


  • 7/11 - Johnson County, Ind.: After talking to several RMA adjustors and producers chopping silage the consensus corn yield is in the 15-40 bushel range and dropping daily. Some corn is almost too dry to chop.  Pollination is very poor due to high temps and lack of moisture on the silks, ear size if there is one is in the 4-6" range or smaller.  Livestock producers are scrambling to get enough forage to survive.


  • 7/11 - Houston, Minn.: Drove south into N.E. Iowa yesterday and could have sworn I was in a old western with the brown pastures and the cattle huddled under the one lone green tree in the pasture. Never seen anything like it. Corn curled and turning grey, beans in a holding pattern at about 6-8 inches, and an oat field that was only about a foot tall and headed out. I thought we were dry!


  • 7/11 - Tyler and Lincoln counties, Minnesota: 230 acre field, very good growth and color, just starting to pollinate.  This area in good shape about 20 miles from South Dakota line. Little .1 inch rains every few days carrying crops.  Have good subsoil moisture from May rains.
    7 11 12 MN corn

    -- Tyler and Lincoln counties, Minnesota

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 7/10 - Lyon County, Iowa: Boy, did things change around here. After a wet May the rains shut off. Total of 8 tenths in June and none so far In July.


  • 7/10 - Cass County, Mich.: The fields are dry and in need of rain like everywhere else. Fields being watered are running 24/7 and will be expensive at years end. Feels like the summer of 1988, all dry land corn will be considered a loss and the beans are not far behind the corn, but can hold up a little better at times, WE STILL NEED RAIN.


  • 7/10 - Lincoln County, S.D.: Corn on corn or old alfalfa ground will be zero to 5 bushel. Corn-on-soybean ground maybe 50-80 BPA if it rains soon (at least it tasseled). Soybeans look ok, may still yield above crop insurance if it can rain. We lifted the KP out of the way and put in the grass chutes to start cutting corn silage!


  • 7/10 - Wayne County, Ill.: I am a small farmer, but my crops in Wayne County, Ill., are the worst I have had sine 1952-53. Corn will be lucky to make 10 bu. and beans are going downhill. It’s been over 100 degrees for 11 straight days. Bad crop.


  • 7/10 - Sanilac County, Mich.: Wheat harvest better than half done. Yields are good considering how dry we have been. This spring we are running less than 50% of normal rainfall totals. Tiled field averages are yielding 90 to 130. Non-tiled fields are 60 to 80. Here is video I took during a combine yield monitor calibration for a Sandusky, Mich. farmer. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/10 - DeKalb County, Ind.: Finally got my internet back up and running after the storms last week, lots of people lost power for a few days, lots of wind damage but no rain out of it in my area. We had a high of 110 degrees Thursday and hot winds. I looked at some corn today and its 3 to 5 feet tall, part tasseling and almost no ears forming. Most corn is probably ruined here. I drove into northern Ohio and just as bad, beans, same story: poor stands, short, some trying to blossom.


  • 7/10 - Nobles County, Minn.: Our crops may look good from the road but are falling apart fast. No real rain to speak of since May. Last Thurs some in our county were lucky enough to catch a rain but very spotty. I got nothing. The USDA Good to Excellent is severely over rated in Minnesota. We will be the next state to have our conditions plummet. Don't depend on Minnesota saving the day with their corn crop. It will be short here also.

  • 7/10 - Paulding, Ohio: THE CORN IN OUR AREA IS HEADED FOR YIELDS OF 50-80 BPA GOD WILLING. Soybeans are struggling yields are a tossup, The crops started out good, but like the past 7 years the rains fail to materialize during critical growth periods. Rains for the months of May and June total 5inches the extreme heat is a killer.


  • 7/10 - Marlette, Mich.: Wheat harvest has been very good considering how dry it has been. Flat, low-lying ground that is tiled overall is yielding the best! On our rolling ground, the tops of the hills have been yielding 40’s (Sand) to 90’s (Clay) with the valleys 100 plus!  (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
    7 10 12 MI wheat harvest 2
    7 10 12 MI wheat
    7 10 12 MI wheat harvest

    -- Marlette, Mich.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/10 - Miami County, Ind.: I was still a bit optimistic a week ago. The heat has eased and the corn is now rolling even with somewhat cooler temps. Also, some firing starting to show in some fields. Spider mites are now being seen in a few bean fields. Ten day forecast doesn’t look good either. How soon before this becomes the top story in the national news?


  • 7/10 - St. Francois County, Mo.: It has been very dry here since this time last year with very little snow or moisture during the winter. Everything was planted early and highs the last two weeks over 100 with little rain and dry to begin with, the corn is pretty much done. Gonna chop a lot for silage the rest will be less than 50 bu/acre if we are lucky. Beans may yield more than corn I'd we get some rain soon.


  • 7/10 - Adams County, Neb.: Irrigated corn a bin buster. Dryland corn a bust. Irrigated beans look great


  • 7/10 - Tama County, Iowa: In '88 crop was maybe 20% below normal. Probably won't have to harvest this one. No rain.


  • 7/10 - Dodge County, Wis.: Worst corn that I have ever seen, 88 was excellent compared to this year. Wondering if I will even need combine this year.


  • 7/10 - Boone County, Iowa: Our crops are under stress. This year compares to 1977.

  • 7/10 - Harvey County, Kan.: Corn is almost burnt up!


  • 7/10 - McLean County, Ill.: Corn was planted before April 10 and it pollinated the week of July 1st. It’s very hot. The corn planted after April 11th only has a small number of silks. Stalks are shrinking and fired. Soybeans are slowed in growth due to lack of moisture.


  • 7/10 - Pembina, N.D.: My crops are looking fairly good. Wheat is fully headed, soybeans are flowering. Dry beans are flowering and tendriling. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/10 - Catawba, N.C.: My corn crop is located on bottom lands. They are DRY. Hope for this rain in the next few days or it’s gonna get worse.


  • 7/10 - Renville County, Minn.: Crops look good so far. We could use rain. We had 11.4 inches rain in May and 5.25 inches in June.


  • 7/10 - East central Iowa: My heart goes out for those of you who know you are finished. I honestly can't put an estimate to what we may get. We had .8"-1.5" 6-29-12 here, but have had 95-100F temps up until Sunday and no rain in sight. Light spots are probably done and the rest looks ok early in the morning, rolling by 10 am.  I still have hope, but we will have to see how the corn will pollinate and if we can get any rain to stop the bleeding.
    7 10 12 Iowa corn
    7 10 12 Iowa coen height
    7 10 12 Iowa beans

    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/10 - Stanton County, Neb.: Dryland corn is done! Some people in denial need to walk in field. Later corn tasseled and pollinating with no silks! No rain in seven days or low humidity 90 degrees and warmer by weekend. Yield range for corn on our farms...0 to 0 bpa. Soybeans...if it rains which is a big if may have some hope, not holding my breath!!


  • 7/10 - Washington County, Ill.: This is my 50th year of grain farming, so I think that I can say that I've seen it all. This is worse than 1988-Much worse for corn. Beans could still be fair if it starts to rain soon. Sat.-Sun. rains totaled only 1/4 inch.

  • 7/10 - Montgomery County, Ill.: This is worse than 1983 and 1988. Corn yield will be 30 to 40% of last year's yield. The jury is still out on the beans. $10 corn is likely, because there will be so little of it relative to demand. Very sad...


  • 7/10 - Evansville, Ind.: This is the earliest we every started chopping.
    7 10 12 IN

    -- Evansville, Ind.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 7/9 - Boone County, Mo.: No rain in May and only 1 inch since June 16. Even the beans are going away. Corn is DONE and no amount of rain will help, no rain in the next week forecast this crop is getting smaller and smaller with no sign of recovery!!!!!!!


  • 7/9 - Henry County, Ill.: Weekly highs between 96 and 104 took a toll on crops here last week. Most corn in the area is pollinating now. On our farm, about half is pollinating now and the rest will tassel in about 7-10 days. This corn was planted around May 21-24. I really have no idea how much of the crop has been lost to this point; only thing certain now is that we are losing yield every day. Beans still hanging in there. Cold front moved through on Sat. evening, some very isolated T-storms popped up, our farm received .1", very isolated areas received .30"-.75".

  • 7/9 - Coles County, east central Illinois: Still no rain, corn is gone. 0 to 60 bu yield if lucky. Beans are on their last leg and are dying on light areas and spotty beans that finally sprouted after lying in dirt waiting on a rain are dying from the drought. No rain in forecast till next weekend.


  • 7/9 - New Castle, Del.: Corn looks fair to good but failing fast. Twisted by noon, under punishing heat for the past 3 weeks. Little rain in sight and subsoil depleted - disaster in sight.


  • 7/9 - Pickaway County, Ohio: Corn is in bad shape. Soybeans in bad shape. Less than 1/2 inch rainfall since may 10th. Crop insurance is the only hope at this time.


  • 7/9 - Cass County, N.D.: Here in the Red River Valley crops, especially corn on the heavy Fargo clay soils, are being destroyed by the dryness. There are a few areas though that got a lucky rain and the corn there still looks pretty good. On my farm about 30 miles n/w of Fargo I have some corn I don’t expect to yield anything in the drier areas of the field and maybe 75 B. in the good spots. We were hoping for a 175 bushel average 3 weeks ago but I have now dropped that to 120B. Maybe less if it doesn’t rain pretty soon. The soybeans are 10" tall and blossoming. Tell me if and when it’s going to rain and I will give you a yield estimate.


  • 7/9 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: Our crop was needing a rain this past week. We were blessed with an inch and more on the morning of July 4 and another inch on July 6. The hard red spring wheat crop is all treated with fungicide and filling nicely. With the rain and temps in the 80's, all our crops are growing quickly. The country seems to be nearly half bright yellow with all the blooming canola. We are praying that we can get this crop to the bin without a big disaster of some kind taking it away from us. Harvest will be here by the end of July, beginning with field peas and barley. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/9 - Cuming County, Neb.: Dryland farmer here. I do NOT know how things are holding on. Corn is/has tasseled, ears shot and pollinating going on in this DRY heat! Starting to see corn rolled up more and more. Noticed some fields starting to fire at the bottom now. Beans are very short. All irrigators are running 24/7. IF sweet corn is any indication of what we will get -- it's not a bad ear size. Of course it finished earlier, but also experienced the heat when going through that making stages. Some grasshoppers are starting to be seen. Only positive of dryness is NO mosquitoes!! Continue to pray for rain and hope all of you get something to harvest.


  • 7/9 - Ripley County, Mo.: Our crop is poor. It’s dry as hell.


  • 7/9 - Henry County, Ohio: This drought is worse than 88. It had started to rain again by this time in July 88. Local weatherman on TV said great week of weather coming lower humidity and temps and no chance of rain. Talk about not having a clue and walking around with a bull’s eye target

  • 7/9 - Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama: Corn crop in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama is in a serious irreversible downward spiral. The drought has taken its toll.


  • 7/9 - Kossuth County, Iowa: Hybrids on good ground are not showing stress like 1988. They are green all the way down. I don’t see how they can maintain this after silking and ear fill with no rain for next 2 weeks. Last year when it quit raining on July 15 we had a lot of cannibalism of plants. They fell over 6 inches above ground. It will be much worse this year unless 2 inch rains come end of July.


  • 7/9 - Crittenden County, Ky.: This creek bottom was in the CRP from about 1986 to 2010. It was so wet I never got it planted last year; if it doesn't rain soon and often I won't need to harvest this year. This is our best field. Most corn in western KY that I have seen is beyond help.
    7 9 12 KY corn

    -- Crittenden County, Ky.

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  • 7/9 - Beadle County, S.D.: The crop looks nice but we need rain soon -- like in a week. Corn has started tasseling.


  • 7/9 - Williams County, Ohio: Still very dry and corn starting to die. Beans still have chance at 15-20 bu if it rains soon. We thought we planted corn but looks like tobacco.


  • 7/9 - Vernon, Wis.: We are in need of rain. We have deep soils and no-till everything, that last hot week started to take a toll. picture is on the 4th of July with rain we can have a good crop.
    7 9 12 WI corn

    -- Vernon, Wis.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/9 - Madison County, Ohio: Soybeans are still looking rather healthy, even with the lack of moisture. We are seeing them just starting to flower. Corn is in tassel, and is very dry. The leaves are curled and have a brownish hue, with almost no response from the evening dew.


  • 7/9 - Evansville, Ind.: Planted corn on March 26th. No significant rain since 1st week of May. It has never been this dry this early. Pollen shed occurred prior to silk emergence due to excessive heat and dryness. As you can see in the pictures, some ears only have four or five kernels on them. Corn looks good from the road but some areas did not pollenate. If you are dry and hot, you should walk in your fields to verify what your yield will be and change your marketing plan accordingly. There is a good chance that later planted corn will have the same pollination issues in southwest Indiana!!!
    7 9 12 IN ears of corn

    -- Evansville, Ind.

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  • 7/9 - Sedan, N.M.: We are dry, but hanging in there. Those with good profiles are ok. Temperatures are dropping, which helps with alleviating stress on the corn. We could sure use some rain this week. No pests so far.


  • 7/9 - Wilson County, Kan.: We are located in southeast Kansas and we have soybeans that are almost waist high. Our corn has some nice big ears. Two weeks ago we had a 3 inch rain but since we have been 100+ temps. It is fixing to rain as I type this though. I hope we get it because we have a lot of Sudan grass that needs a rain to finish up. It will also make the corn crop for us and will put our early soybeans and double crop soybeans 6 inches above the stubble. We have been pretty lucky


  • 7/9 - Marshall County, Iowa: Light soils are gone. The corn has been trying to tassel for 10 days. Everything has almost stopped growing. We have water hemp in the beans that nothing will kill. Our broker says they might take two or three bushels off the national corn yield. I think I need a new broker.


  • 7/9 - Mercer County, northwest Illinois: Just checked temp. 102.9 degrees actual temp. We have been fortunate to catch some rains in Mercer County. Got a pretty general 2.5 to 3 inches in central and western parts of the county on June 29th and 30th. Crop looks pretty good, with most corn pollinating. This seems to be the main concern with temps 98 to 103 for the past 6 days. Populations of Jap Beetles are growing, with some silk clipping taking place, presenting another obstacle for pollination. Only 10 miles east the rain was missed and crop is struggling. Will probably see a lot of planes in the air this week, as fungicide and insecticide applications should shift into high gear. Many growers are holding off for a few days waiting on forecasted lower temps to extend residual on insecticide. Beans here are holding their own for now.


  • 7/9 - Fairfield County, Ohio: Corn planted April 8 thru 15 is tasseling. Very dry. 1/2 inch ran since may. Corn 3 ft tall on hills having trouble with silk emergence. Might have a chance in the bottom of fields. Corm planted in May looks the worst at 2 ft tall and holding. No 2nd cutting hay without rain. Wheat yields were good. Harvested 10 days earlier than normal. Soybeans at all stages of height depended on moisture levels.


  • 7/9 - Johnson County, Ind.: In my opinion this is much worse than in 1988. Drought started 2 months earlier Our location has only had 2-3 tenths of rain since mid-May. 50-60% of our corn is done with q probable 0 yield. Another week may finish the rest. Soybeans have been holding and looking decent(in bloom for couple weeks)but showed major areas of dying this weekend. Bleak outlook.


  • 7/9 - Jasper County, Ind.: Need rain bad. We still have respectable looking crop of about 85% of top end potential with rain, without 50-60% best case-have 7 days to get another 2 inches to get the 85%.


  • 7/9 - Oxford County, Ontario: Crops are in great shape. Things are getting dry fast! First tassels coming out with some solid ears. Picture of a random plant with three ears on it. Planted April 17. If we get some rain in the next week or two we will have above average yields no problem.
    7 9 12 Ontario tassel

    -- Oxford County, Ontario

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  • 7/9 - St. Joseph, Mich.: Dryland corn planted early is a total loss with later planted (mid-May) holding on with a 70% yield potential. We need rain this week to save anything even soys but none is in the forecast.


  • 7/9 - Beaufort County, N.C.: Corn looking good!
    7 9 12 NC corn

    -- Beaufort County, N.C.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/9 - Chickasaw County, Iowa: 2012 - Uneveness in crop progress, this last week has changed things dramatically, corn crop is showing bigger & bigger areas of rolling leaves, some corn plants barely are having time overnight to relax. Lawns, which were lush two weeks ago are plain brown. Black ground with good structure still look fine. The final results would be hard to compare. Early drought May-June-July may do more damage than 1988 where the drought came on later in summer after pollination. We had 75 bu corn in 1988 vs 130-140 normal yields.


  • 7/9 - Wright County, Minn.: Except for the 5-10% that drowned out we're looking at a bin buster for corn. Beans too early to tell.


  • 7/9 - O'Brien County, Iowa: Have received 4 tenths since June 1st. Lighter soils showing up heavier soils still hanging on don't know how much longer without rain. Most corn just starting to tassel.


  • 7/9 - Greenwood County, Kan.: Silage chopper is coming today. 600 acres of corn and will probably only harvest maybe 100 for grain. Should probably chop it all. Soybeans are still looking good but do look bad in the afternoon heat. It has been over 100 every day for past two weeks. We are praying for rain & relief from heat!
  • 7/9 - South Prairie and West Monroe counties, Arkansas: Irrigation has most soybeans still hanging on. Heat is taking toll on everything. Rain in near forecast could be the make or break for the rest of season. Poor job of aerial application of rice herbicide left some grass problems.


  • 7/9 - Cass County, Mich.: In 1988 it was drier early in the season corn was stunted and did not tassel until we received ran on third week in July yielded 80 bpa. 2012 year will be worse than 88. Corn is tasseling and fired. All soils are hurting. If we get a rain this weekend, better soils might come back to life, if not I think the corn crop on non-irrigated is done. Soybeans in light spots are starting to die. Don't know how much more they can take. A higher power is in charge of this folks, Prayyyyyyyyyyy.

  • 7/9 - Carroll County, Iowa: Corn is pollinating in 100 degree weather and burning up on light ground. Extended forecast not showing any rain chances. Seven-something dollar corn doesn’t mean much if you don’t have any. Beans still have a chance for now.


  • 7/9 - Coles County, east central Illinois: Still no rain. I am keeping water tanks in two trucks full to put out possible fires with yards, roadsides and pastures and woodland all dead and brown. This is worse than 1983 and 1988.

  • 7/6 - Orange County, Vt.: Central and northern Vermont - corn at or above average. Western (Addison County) had wet spring - corn is behind schedule, grass harvest is also behind. Hot and dry, but with adequate moisture in most of growing areas.


  • 7/6 - Fayette, Ill.: Corn is done. What’s left wildlife will eat. Beans are hanging on. Cows eating hay. Thinking about next year.

  • 7/6 - Lancaster County, Neb.: Corn pretty much all tasselled. Here in east Nebraska, I have heard we are the garden spot. Well, a nice garden needs a little rain sometime. We still look good but could use a real good soaker soon. Temps around 100 and no rain in sight. Irrigation running full steam but we are all dryland, so Mother Nature will have to provide. Our estimated yield could still be anywhere from 75 to 180.


  • 7/6 - Summer County, Tenn.: Hot and dry. Corn crop was already in bad shape before last week, but the triple-digit temperatures really have finished it off for good. Everything is burnt up.


  • 7/6 - Robertson County, Tenn.: Corn is burnt up, a lot doesn't have an ear. Double-crop beans are half up. Have not had any rain since the middle of May. By the way, the frost got the wheat too. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/6 - Atchison County, Mo.: Our corn and beans looked excellent up to a week ago. Rain two weeks ago carried us through initial week of 100+ temps. Hot winds starting to tell on pollination in corn. Beans should still do well if we can get rain.


  • 7/6 - Meade, Kan.: We have been real dry since May 1, no measurable rain since then. Wheat harvest has not been good. Corn is trying to hold on, too much heat and wind last week. The corn is better than last year, not any has been silaged yet. The native pastures didn't recover any this spring. We need a lot of moisture over several months to get replenished. A shot of rain over the weekend maybe! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/6 - East central Iowa: Our hay was cut July 4 and I was able to bale it on July 5…talk about dry! Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.


  • 7/6 - Central Lafayette County, Wis.: This Sunday will be four weeks without a rain. That rain was 0.5" to 1" in our area. Before that it was two weeks and we had 1.2". Corn is tasselling, and overall we were amazed it was hanging in there, but the last four days have really taken a toll. You can see white spots where soil is lighter and bottom leaves are turning brown. Last drought was in 1988, and we figured 70 bu. was always a given, but if no rain comes in a week or two, that might be hard to achieve. Sold some corn for $6.50 fall delivery, an amazing price, yet wonder if this keeps up, what price will corn be if we get 40 bu. or less? Beans are blooming and hanging in there. For those who got recent rains, feel very lucky.


  • 7/6 - Crawford County, Ill.: We have a whole lot of 0's here. Most corn cooked weeks ago. This corn was planted May 12. No rain since planting.
    7 6 12 IL drought corn
    7 6 12 IL drought corn 2

    -- Crawford County, Ill.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 7/6 - Logan County, N.D.: Need rain bad, in a hurry. Corn looks good except on sandy soil afternoon it’s turning the leaves. Soybeans are just standing still, some look good, some look like crap. Looks to me like wheat won't fill all the way, probably will have small shriveled kernels. Corn really grew in last two weeks and some soybeans did also. Corn is anywhere from 3'-5', soybeans are from 2"-10", 70% chance of rain tonight, we'll see. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/6 - Arkansas: Corn crops look good last watering, rice crop looks good, some grass showing up, nothing to hurt yields. Most of rice is heading, some early planted should drain in two weeks. Bean crop is there, but if no rain in a week or two, it's going to go down fast. Lot of reservoirs are at low level, can hang on about one more week, then it's going to get ugly. Best price for beans I've ever seen and too scared to book any.


  • 7/6 - Sioux County, Iowa: Corn is 6 to 8 ft. tall and tasselling and quickly turning into onion tops from lack of rain. Beans are about a foot tall and begging for rain. No rain in sight, so we are praying a whole bunch!


  • 7/6 - Greeley County, Neb.: Dryland crops are gone. Was hoping for some rain so they would make silage. But haven't gotten any. We have only had 0.41" since June 1 and 2.25" since May 1. Pastures are gone and have had to start feeding cows. The first two cuttings of hay were less than 20% of normal and it doesn't look like there will be a third. Trying to decide if I should sell the cows or spend $40,000 on hay.


  • 7/6 - Lenawee County, Mich.: Hot...dry...bad. Corn is rolling most of the day, beans hanging in but need a good rain. Our wheat was below average, cannot plant in November and any good come of it. Heard of some good wheat down the road about two miles, average 100 bu. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/6 - LaGrange County, Ind.: Corn is totally done. I have no doubt that the corn head will not even come out of the barn this fall. Soybeans are 6"-8" tall and flowering, but with only a few flowers. If they made 20 bpa at this point, I would be surprised.

  • 7/5 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: Corn about to tassel and definitely needs a drink. It is amazing how fast corn can use up soil moisture. We had 3" of rain a few weeks ago, and it is all but gone. Corn went from knee-high to tasselling in 12 days. Corn was curling in yesterday’s 100° temps on the higher ground. Soybeans blooming, but out of water, except in the low ground. It's do or die the next few days. I am guessing we lost some yield off the top.
  • 7/5 - Lincoln County, S.D., and Sioux County, Iowa: National drought maps do not show this area in a drought status?? In May 2012 we had excellent rain. Other than May 2012, from July 1, 2011, through July 5, 2012, we have had no rain. None. Corn is tasselling out of necessity, beans are very short, and the cracks in the fields are wide. Small towns are water rationing. Like others, heat of 95°F plus takes its toll daily. The reason we have standing plants is the rain of May.


  • 7/5 - Evansville, Ind.: We finally got some rain, 1¾". 

  • 7/4 - Southwest Nebraska: Dry is an understatement around's just plain miserable. We have only had 5" since Jan. 1, nothing over 60 hundreds in one shot. It's been anywhere from 95°-114° every day for the past three weeks, with dry south winds. Most of the dryland corn is burned up and not tall enough to make silage. Irrigation wells are struggling to keep up, some guys are abandoning irrigated fields to save others. Even the milo doesn't look like it's gonna make it. Surprisingly the dryland beans are still optimistic about a rain, they are holding on but not growing. The cow situation is dire. The pastures never greened up this year and our hay crops are only a third to nothing of normal. Massive culling will expand soon. The wheat crop was fair if it was on fallow ground, otherwise it was a federal crop claim. This is the first year in a long time that we are not harvesting wheat during the Fourth of July, the only problem is all the festivities are canceled because of the high fire danger. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/4 - Montgomery County, Mo.: Corn is cooked/zero. Seven straight days of 104+. More to come. Leaves falling like autumn. Beans starting to die out in clay spots and around tree lines. Wide spread in east central Missouri will be 0.


  • 7/4 - East central Iowa: We just got done cutting about 30 acres of third-crop hay. We did receive 1½" of rain in my immediate area. Video courtesy of scotthinch’s YouTube channel.


  • 7/4 - Ward County, N.D.: Hot, above-normal temps taking their toll on crops. Next two weeks, no sign of rain and temps in 90s. Wheat acres way down. Many farmers switched to more profitable crops. Winter wheat has no leaves left and not filled, drought heat stress took its toll. Very few wheat fields around. More sunflowers, and flax because of wet/late planting. Hard red spring wheat looks bad, shallow rooted, because of wet late planting now combined with drought stress took the crop out, heat pushing crop to develop. Sunflowers look great. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/4 - Chisago, Minn.: Third-crop hay looks good and ready to cut. Barley needs about one week and looks good. Corn is starting to tassel, about 7 ft.
    7 5 12 MN corn

    -- Chisago, Minn.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 7/4 - Van Wert, northwest Ohio: What "widespread rains"? Yes, we had high winds on Friday -– power is still not restored –- rain was 0.02".


  • 7/4 - Texas: Though cool by comparison to some parts of the country, much of Texas was frying going into the July 4 holiday, according to reports from Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel. While parts of the Midwest and Eastern U.S. were hotter, the triple-digit temperatures throughout the state complicated chances of recovery from last year’s drought. According to the National Weather Service, many areas received only traces of rain — 0.25" or less during the last week of June. There were some heavier rains along the Coastal Bend and South Texas areas. But except for a few isolated incidences of 2" to 3", accumulations were generally 1" or less.
    7 5 12 Texas cotton

    In late June, west of Corsicana, cotton was blooming. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Robert Burns)

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/4 - Southwest Minnesota: Happy Fourth of July. We are dry here, corn is rolling up on our heavy soils and starting to turn white on the lighter soils. There is corn pollinating in the area and it is very short. Soybeans seem to be holding their own. Hay crop is running about 2/3 of normal. Pastures are about shot, most people supplementing the cattle with extra feed. Insect (grasshopper) populations are on the rise. We are also dealing with grass fire dangers. Today's forecast: 99° and winds 15 mph to 30 mph.
  • 7/4 - Winnebago County, Wis.: Had rain last night, too bad the hail and high winds came with it. In some fields, the corn is flat. We should be thankful high grain prices will make up for yield loss.


  • 7/4 - Carman, Manitoba, Canada: Corn in our area looks very good this season, about 4' tall, this is ahead of most years, we like to see corn minimum of knee-high by July 1, could use a little rain soon. Soybeans doing well so far, just finished the last spraying. Spring wheat looks like it's lining up for an end of July harvest, looks very strong. Some canola blooms are aborting because of the high temps day after day. Rains have been spotty lately and in our area we could soon use a general rain, but have had good spring rains here. Happy July 4th. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/4 - Perquimans County, N.C.: Northeastern North Carolina has been blessed with one of the better spring and early summer with timely rains. Corn pollination is complete with ears growing, tip fill is good so far. Full season beans are blooming and wheat beans are mostly planted with good stands, except where too much water caused them to rot and are being replanted. Temps are in the mid 90s. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/4 - Central Georgia: Very hot here, 99° to 100". Corn is starting to yellow on the bottom. Yield potential looks outstanding, fingers crossed for 220 averages. Should be harvesting in three weeks.


  • 7/4 - Johnson County, Neb. (southeast corner): Overall, everything is looking pretty good. 5" of rain the last two weeks of June. Corn is tasselled and beans 2.5 ft. tall on the best ground. The heat is taking its toll today and will continue to do so, according to the forecast. Hopefully, the forecast is wrong.


  • 7/4 - Washington, Ohio: We had the best corn ever in 41 years and we finish planting April 21, but in the last month our corn totally went the other way. I was hoping to break the 200 bu. average, now we will be lucky if we hit 140 bu. It's bad.

  • 7/3 - Lucas County, Iowa: Our south-central Iowa farm’s corn is very spotty. Some tasselling and 5 ft. tall. Some 3 ft. tall and lower leaves browning. Same with beans, some 12" tall and some only 4". 0.10" rainfall in last 10 days isn't helping. Rain events very spotty at best. Statewide heat advisory for next six days.

  • 7/3 - Jasper, Mo.: Things are all being cooked. Most of the early corn is filling, but only half of the ear -- the other is blank. Soybeans are still holding on right now, but no moisture to put in a few late crop beans after wheat and oats. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's


  • 7/3 - Shelby County, Ill.: Crops looking bad. 100° plus for several days. Corn on lighter ground starting to give up, beans 12" tall, lot of blooms but standing still. Look pretty good in morning, but afternoon very bad.


  • 7/3 - Northeast Iowa: I know not all of Iowa looks like this, but a lot of the corn in our neighborhood does. Picture taken on July 1. Forecast through July 7 for 95° every day, no rain chances. This corn may yield zero if the forecast doesn't change.
    7 3 12 Iowa Corn

    -- Northeast Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/3 - Audubon County, Iowa: We just had a 4" rain, the first rain since June 11. Corn is tasselling now. Temps are 92 to 100, since June 26. Crops look good, but we will see.

  • 7/3 - Southwest Wisconsin: Very dry. Corn starting to tassel. Better rain soon, or yields will be threatened. Probably is already.


  • 7/3 - Saginaw County, Mich.: First tassel, on our mid-Michigan corn planted April 13. Very, very dry here locally, even though we don't show up on the national drought maps. The corn in the foreground of this photo gets a little irrigation water, the rest of the field looks much worse. In the nearly eight weeks since May 8, we have gotten about 1½" of rain. With pollination, the next 1½ weeks will be the tell for our area's earlier planted corn, and the forecast looks bad. If we get a change in the weather, the later planted corn may do much better.
    7 3 12 MI corn tassel

    -- Saginaw County, Mich.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/3 - Bedford County, Pa.: Weekend storms brought hail damage to some places, short shower to 2.5" of rain 10 miles away. Midweek thunderstorms in forecast, but the days are running short for adequate moisture. Think we will mow our third cut alfalfa to coax Mother Nature for some rain. It has worked the last two cuttings, so we will see.
  • 7/3 - Henry County, Ill.: Received 0.3" of rain on Friday evening to bring final June total to exactly 1.0." Have received 2.75" since May 7. A slim total, but probably more than most east of the Mississippi. Forecast is for 95°-100° for next six days and no rain. Saw first tassels in the area on June 28, which is pretty early for northwest Illinois. Lots of tassels out this weekend, we have good subsoil moisture built up over past four years but question is how will heat affect pollination? Conventional tillage beans looking pretty good, no-till looking bad. Second cutting hay crop was good.


  • 7/3 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: Finished wheat harvest Saturday. Yields were nothing to talk about. However, the quality was very good. Scattered rain last evening. Looked like up to ½" in places. First time in memory the combine was parked after harvest on July 1. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/2 - Livingston County, Ill.: Thunder and lightning looked like strobe lights flashing, weather maps say we got an inch rain but rain gauges only 3 tenths. Inch tassels are popping out with heat. Not much rain in sight, it is looking bleak for 2012 corn crop.

  • 7/2 - Franklin County, Ind.: Corn is tasselling at 3 to 4 ft. To the farmer in Dodge, Neb.: It is dry and hot here. Good question that maybe an expert can explain: Why are the soybeans looking better in worked ground over no-till ground? We’ve been strictly no-till for 20 years.


  • 7/2 - Northern Allen County, Ind.: With no significant rain since April, corn is tasselling at 3 ft. tall. The forecast in the 100° range with no rain for the next week spells disaster.


  • 7/2 - Jackson County, east central Iowa: We received between 0.5"-1.5" of rain on Friday morning. We are very thankful. Some early corn is starting to tassel. Corn was starting to roll on Sunday already. Temps are supposed to be in the 90s all week.
    7 2 12 Iowa weather

    -- Jackson County, east central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/2 - Crittenden County, Ky.: Pastures and hayfields are totally gone, early hay wasn't much and we only had about 25% of the needs for next winter. We have sold nearly all the calves that were big enough and we are feeding all the cows now. We will have to start selling cows or buying hay soon. The corn is almost big enough to tassel but looks worse than I have ever seen, don't see how it could possibly make anything. Soybeans are small but I expect them to die without rain soon. Weather forecast is for 98 to 100+ degrees through next weekend. I used the old tractor to put a bale of hay out yesterday and it rained but stopped when I was soaked. The sun never stopped shining. It is hot, sunny and windy today. It is the worst drought I have ever seen.

  • 7/2 - St. Joseph County, Ind.: Crops here are getting desperate for moisture. Two tenths inch of rain in June. Corn on poor subsoil ground is already beyond recovery. Corn trying to tassel and shoot ears, some tassels are dropping completely down. If no rain next week, we will be in terrible shape. Now worried if we will have enough corn to feed swine operation. Soybeans are in holding pattern and may hold on longer waiting for rain.


  • 7/2 - Caldwell County, Mo.: This week hurt the corn in area, no rain and six-plus days of 100° heat and wind and no dews. Beans are holding on, blooming now.


  • 7/2 - Bedford County, Pa.: Forecast calls for high temps this week, but much needed rain is falling. Corn and beans will greatly appreciate the rain. Crops holding their own, but this rain is a true blessing.
  • 7/2 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa: 2012 has been a very dry season for us, and our corn looks bad in places. Video courtesy of  


  • 7/2 - Lafayette County, Wis.: Put oats in on March 14, corn in on April 14, and soybeans the first week of May. Our last substantial rain was May 26. One-tenth inch is all we have got in June. First cutting of alfalfa was done by May 15 and second cutting by June 15. There will be no more haying unless we get rain. Corn and soybeans are hanging on...but just barely.
  • 7/2 - Evansville, Ind.: We planted this corn on March 24 and we’ve only had 1¾" of rain on it.
    7 2 12 IN corn ears

    -- Evansville, Ind.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/2 - Stoddard County, Mo.: If anyone would like to take a crop tour from Des Moines to Memphis this afternoon, I hope your air works good, it's 107° in ol' St. Louis right now. Dryland crops are cooking -- that is, the ones not already cooked. We have been pumping water on irrigated crops here since end of April. Have never seen it like this and hope never to again, it's becoming very serious and sad. Nearly every town around has cancelled July 4th fireworks and placed burn bans in effect.


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