Sep 19, 2014
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February 2014 Archive for Crop Comments

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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

February Crop Comments

Feb 28, 2014

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 2/28 - White County, Tenn.: We'll plant 30% corn, 70% beans.
  • 2/28 - Harrison County, Iowa: Corn, corn, more corn and some soybeans. They are pushing out timber and farming the road ditches. Conservation has been set back 40 years terraces and waterways are ripped out and rows run up and down impossible slopes too steep for a cow to walk up. It makes me sad. I own small century farm going to all alfalfa and oats.


  • 2/27 - Appling County, Ga.: Cotton is biggest crop followed by peanuts and then comes soybeans and corn with blueberries then tobacco.
  • 2/27 - Sheridan County, Kan.: It is extremely dry here. Had a lot of cold & wind, very little snowfall. Will be planting same number of acres to corn.
  • 2/27 - Northern Indiana: Crop prices going wild, now that crop insurance is set, USDA: big crops, large carry-over, think I smell a RAT in the wood pile.
  • 2/27 - Walsh County, N.D.: It's hard to imagine, with today's -26F, plus a wind chill, that in 6 weeks we will be (should be) pulling equipment up to the shop and getting all excited about planting again. But God is good, and spring will come again. However, our excitment is cooled some when one realizes that is the last 18 months all our commodity prices have dropped by a full 33%, and our imput costs have not fallen.


  • 2/26 - Dallas County, Iowa: No offense to the tomato guy from Southwest Florida but those green things in the picture he sent in should be called something other than tomatoes. They maybe processed under "phenomenal standards" but those things are hard as rocks and have no flavor. I bet a lot of people don't have a clue what a real home grown tomato tastes like. I know they have to be harvested green but they sure as heck don't ripen into tomatoes when they get to a grocery store or on a fast food sandwich. They have no flavor, no juice, hard as a rock, and are an insult to a real tomato. Let's give them a new name. I wouldn't be proud of a product like that no matter how many I could sell!
  • 2/26 - Swift County, Minn.: 2014 acres, 50% less corn, all going to soybeans and dry beans.
  • 2/26 - Zumbrota, Minn.: After last nights snow storm we have some of the biggest drifts in the 17 years we’ve lived here. Clearing driveways, and moving drifts that cover cattle yard fences. About 10 to 12 inches of snow with 50 mph winds last night.

  • IMG 0783
    IMG 0787
    -- Southeast Minnesota

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  • 2/26 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: 8+ inches of snow here Saturday night. The county to the west had reports of 17". Another couple inches last night. The snow came pretty much without wind so the wheat is pretty well covered. Its also been pretty cold, lows below zero this morning. We have a couple of warmer days forecast for today and tomorrow, then highs in the 20's for another 10 days. Isn't global warming wonderful? Think how cold it would be without it.
  • 2/26 - Steele County, Minn.: We are looking at another cold wet spring like last year. That is the worst thing here. Bring back 2012, that was my most profitable year ever, like it hot and dry.


  • 2/24 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: Crops were 20% below normal for 2013 after record crops for2012. Will stay with 50/50 rotation this year. One more thing for the people who run AgWeb why do you post comments from a person from San Diego that only knows how to trade from the long side.
  • 2/24 - Harlan County, Neb.: Will plant 100% corn.
  • 2/24 - Parana, Brazil: Severe drought and temperatures above 104ºF fired up soybeans in most areas in Brazil during january and february. And now, for the past 15 days, Mato Grosso state is under water, and the forecast says it will continue for the next ten days. 45% of the soybeans has to be harvested there. Farmers are not selling the good beans they got first, saving it to blend with the mouldy grain they will harvest after the rain. The losses are huge all over Brazil. Some analists talking the size of the soybean crop will be 80 mi tons or less.


  • 2/21 - Steuben County, N.Y.: Have not seen my land in months. Our 150 year old church had its water main freeze up for the first time (8 feet down). One neighbor had his sump pump freeze. Now we hear that this new polar vortex will be the worst for the next 20 days since 1960. NOAA tells us to expect very slow warming this spring due to Great Lakes ice cover and predominately northwest winds. One wonders when the frost will come out, when we will dry out, and when our soil will hit 56 degrees. It looks like that might not be till June.

  • 2/21 - East central Iowa: Finally had some beautiful weather here Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of the cattle yards finally thawed out. A half inch of snow. We finally lost quite a bit of the snowpack. Processor took in over 600 trucks on Wednesday.

  • EC iowa 2 21 14a
    EC iowa 2 21 14b
    -- East central Iowa

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  • 2/21 - San Diego, Calif.: All you people in the east & midwest with all the excess snow & water--send it to California--Bone Dry out here! The massive record drought is going to send fruit & veggie prices way up this year all over U.S. (CA #1 producer), all over the U.S. Almond trees are being ripped out--buy your almonds now--price will double or triple!


  • 2/20 - Southeast Indiana: Snow is finally melting!! Know of a guy who had to fix a water main and bare ground was frozen 22" deep, will take a long time for ground to warm up this spring. But spring is just around the corner!
  • 2/20 - Berrien County, Mich.: 2/17 4ft snow drifts 2/20 thunder and lighting and rain only in michigan usda is going to use record numbers we should reporting record lows.


  • 2/19 - Freeborn County, Minn.: Just waiting for the next blast to hit. sound's like 9-12 inches. moved snow back and ready for it. can't even get equipment out to start spring prep.
  • 2/19 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Train after train it's going somewhere. Ground piles have left the horizon Small amount of farmers grain going to town to take care of taxes. Where are all the so called marketers that said we would have $3.50 corn. I have finally come to the conclusion that demand is outpacing supply globally. All we hear is how 2014 crop is going to be huge. And now some of the truth comes out about this grain rally. China hasn't cancelled all the grain. Brazils weather has turned hot and dry Even their own people are telling us it's not good. And here in the good ol USA. We got the eastern corn belt with increadable snow and out here we got drought. Looks like a real big crop comming on. If you wanna believe all the B S from the marketing groups come out here and we will sell you some ocean front property. And oh yea have a nice day.
  • 2/19 - Putnam County, Ohio: Best crop we've had in a long time.
  • 2/19 - Berrien County, Mich.: Just wondering if any FARMERS had any luck with the USDA or NASS on locating any of the governments fictitious 821 MILLION bushels of old crop corn we supposedly had on hand somewhere in the USA on September 1st of 2013???? Look around guys if the 2013 corn crop was the largest crop produced on record don't you think there would be ground piles everywhere you went???? There were more ground piles from the 2012 crop left at this time a year ago than there is now.... Interesting that the USDA lowered the new carryout to 1.481 billion on the February 10th report when at the end of December of 2013 they were talking of a 2.00 to a 2.20 billion bushel carryout... They still have a long ways to go to get to reality. This carryover will be less than 800 million if they would tell the truth from last year. Readers please post back if anyone had any luck in finding all that old corn on September 1st.. TRADERS. PROCESSORS.ENDUSERS and ELEVATORS. get all the corn you can get now before the pipeline gets dry again this summer....
  • 2/19 - Greene County, Ohio: Sunny and 45 snow. Melting and rain on the way preparing for high water.
  • 2/19 - Stearns County, Minn.: Over 3 feet of snow in the fields. Guys are getting stuck in the snow trying to haul manure. Spring can't come soon enuff.


  • 2/18 - Dallas County, Iowa: We are very fortunate to be farming in central Iowa. Cash rent seems to be very solid in that 350 to 450 range. Since that is common we must be doing very well. My only dilemma exactly do those guys pay that and make it work? Red ink isn't my favorite color. I hestitate to proclaim a drought here, but it is dry. 27 total inches of rain in 2013. Several times we had rains in excess of 3" that came so fast, all you could do is wave as the water rushed away, not down into the ground. I guess that still counts in the 27" total. Normal here is about 32" annually. Hey, it's all good though, we can sell new crop corn for about $4.25,give or take a quarter. I don't mean to sound pessimistic about 2014. I was going for flat-out negative! Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle throughout the entire ride and have fun kids!
  • 2/18 - Southwest Florida: Tomato harvest in full swing. 4,000 25 lb boxes/hr . Food safety standards are phenomenal. Wish consumers could see steps taken at this plant to guarantee quality product.

  • 2 16 14 tomato harvest
    -- Southwest Florida

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  • 2/18 - Kandiyohi County, Minn.: I enjoy the comments from the grain market analysts talking about how farmers like to plant corn. That may be true, with corn at $5.00+/bushel. With corn at $4.00/bushel, not so much. Especially with our costs spiraling out of control.


  • 2/14 - Lancaster County, Neb.: Yesterday sure felt good with temps in the 50's. Been a long, cold and very, very, very dry winter. We will need above average spring rains to recharge sub-soil levels and not the kind that send 3-5 inches in 2-3 hours like we have gotten the last couple of years. The area will maintain its 50/50 corn bean rotation for the main part works well for us in our dry land no-till operations. Trucking grain, shop projects and going to meetings have been the main focus of late.
  • 2/14 - Jefferson County, Ill.: The snow is still on the ground from the last snow storm we had about a week ago. It was 40 degrees here for the first time since November. It suppose to stay in the upper 30's for the next week but they are talking snow again today (Friday 14th). The snow can quit anytime now!
  • 2/14 - Mabton, Wash.: The Yakima Valley region of central Washington (Benton, Franklin, Klickitat and Yakima counties) – with 91 dairies and over 110,000 cows – is # 9 in the nation in milk production. Wa St being # 10 in total production. 8 inches of snow over the weekend of Feb 8th & 9th. A welcome site with temps in the 40s to low 50s exspected later in the week. Snow in the higher elevations will ease irrigation water shortage.


  • 2/10 - Butler County, Iowa: The biggest concern in 2014 is the drought again. We got dry again in 2013 towards the end of the growing season. We farm 1,000 acres. It will be roughly 50/50 corn-soybeans, when we have been heavy corn for many years.
  • 2/10 - Berrien County, Mich.: I think corn could go to $6.00 and grain still wouldn't start flowing, because if you borrowed to put the crop in and didn't have corn sold right, it takes 1.5 times as much corn as it did last year. Might be some surprises come spring.
  • 2/10 - East central Iowa: Trying to find a bright side to this cold and snowy winter. Well, here is the only thing I have found so far (see picture). We will have over 30 days of the below zero weather here so far this winter. Some people say, "Just think, it gets this cold in Alaska every winter." And my response to that is, "This isn't Alaska, this is Iowa!" People are running out of places to push snow. There will be a lot of fences to fix along the county roads. Cattle yards are becoming very snow packed along the bunks and in front of gates. Starting to hear of some issues with water lines freezing. Definitely can't wait till spring this year! As always, we will make it through.
  • EC Iowa 021014

    -- East central Iowa

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  • 2/10 - Ward County, N.D.: Winter wheat looks very poor. I haven't seen any fields yet that are going to make it in this area. I just booked soybean seed to replant the winter wheat acres that have failed. No snow and high winds and abnormally cold temps coupled with poor planting conditions took this wheat crop for 2014 out. No samples I have brought indoors and warmed up have been alive.
  • winter wheat ND 021014
    -- Ward County, N.D.

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  • 2/6 - Oliver County, N.D.: It has been a long cold winter. We have had lots of sub-zero temps. with not much snow fall. I am starting to wonder how this is affecting the winter wheat crop, not just in our area but nationwide. It has been bitter cold clear to Texas some days. Any thoughts??? (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 2/6 - San Diego, Calif.: This huge dip in the jet stream east of the Rockies that has brought record cold & snow to the eastern U.S. is going to flip. A warm, dry late spring & summer in the Midwest & Eastern U.S. By late summer, I expect record prices in grains. Don't sell, boys & girls.


  • 2/4 - Ottawa County, Kan.: Our crops are wheat, soybeans & milo. It is snowing pretty heavy right now. Forecasting 8 to10 inches. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 2/4 - Piatt County, Ill.: A gallon of propane worth more than a bushel of corn. A year ago, did anyone imagine that could be possible? This is why most people get more cautious with age. The unbelievable occasionally does happen.


  • 2/3 - Central Indiana: Unloading corn out of grain bags has been a real challenge this winter. Despite the blue sky we have today it doesn't really explain the 40 plus inches of snow we have received here since the first of the year. We are just taking the weather here in stride and we when old man winter lets us be outside for a day then we clean up another bag of corn.

  • 2 3 14 central IN

    -- Central Indiana


    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 2/3 - Yakima County, Wash.: First report for Ag Web weather and crop update. Mabton Washington has been very dry this winter with reservoir levels at 60% or below and well below normal snow pack. Some are starting to worry but February and March have a history of bringing lots of snow to the Cascades. This has been the first week with sunshine in a month with cloud cover and an inversion over the valley the past three weeks. Expecting a dip down in the single digits this week with small amounts of snow falling over the Columbia Basin and Yakima Valley area. The triticale is well behind last year and will struggle to catch up in the spring. No reports of noticeable fruit tree damage as of yet. Wine grapes should be ok with a normal spring. Possible damage to the winter wheat crop with no snow cover any where. Farmers are starting to consider the possibility of a short water year when planning crop mixes for the 2014 season. Way to go Seahawks.

  • f 48 4 5857973 MtAdamsMar11Custom

    --Yakima County, Wash.


    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 2/3 - West central Minnesota: I’m starting to wonder about the price of nitrogen fertilizer and how it will be affect by the current LP price shock which will no doubtedly lead to a price shock in Natural Gas from which Anhydrous Ammonia and LP gas is made is made. We farmers seem to be getting flack for using LP gas to dry our corn crop and thus helping cause the shortage but very little is mentioned about the 1. Cochin Pipeline being down temporarily in Oct. and 2. we have record LP gas production and yet we had record LP gas exports in Oct. as well. As part of the "Cochin Reversal" when the Cochin Pipeline (in June 2014?) is no longer used to transport LP gas and instead used for transporting light sweet crude from Texas to Canada to blend with heavy oil from tar sand production I believe our energy woes will continue for the foreseeable future. And this will no doubtedly affect crop fertilizer production and our ability to affordably dry crops.


  • 2/3 - Brown County, Minn.: Why can't the farmer get prepaid for our products we produce? Every supplier wants to be prepaid.
  • 2/3 - Berrien County, Mich.: The feds say $8.00 corn wasn't working and $4.25 corn will keep most in business bottom line is that when we break even there's no income tax revenue. Just add another trillion. Ready for spring with all the snow looks like it mite be a wet one.
  • 2/3 - Dallas County, Iowa: Cold and high winds are one thing, but I'm really concerned about the subsoil moisture here in central Iowa. The frost seems to be going deeper than ever as buried water pipes that never had issues before are freezing and breaking. Also many 1 inch cracks in the ground. What does this portend for the coming year?
  • 2/3 - Appanoose County, Iowa: The Viptera trait is just a reason to cancel contracts with the U.S. They are using the same corn from other sources with the same traits and not said a word about it. It's just a way to cancel and buy cheaper later. I don't think It's fair to fault a company for bringing the best traits forward to improve yields for all producers.




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