Sep 17, 2014
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October Crop Comments

Oct 30, 2009

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying

  • 10/30 - Central Illinois: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: Rain, rain, go away! See a drowning field of beans in central Illinois.

  • 10/30 - East Central Nebraska: We have our beans done which is half our acres. But corn harvest, like all of you, is slow with about 25% done. It is yielding very well, but ironically the none  bt corn  made the monitor hit 300 for about 100 yards. Have had another 1 inch of rain the last three days and snow with in a few miles to the west.

  • 10/30 - Menard County, Central Illinois: I think it is time to remind everyone (or maybe you realize) that just because there is a week of dry weather in the forecast we are actually going to be harvesting for that whole week! Around here we are probably looking at 4 or 5 good drying days before we could consider getting back in the field, and we will still be making a mess.  I also expect the Sangamon River and Salt Creek to come out of there banks today and tomorrow, affecting thousands of un-harvested acres.  I would estimate that harvest progress for this area is: corn 20% complete, soybeans 40%. What a year…good luck.

  • 10/30 - Bond County, South Central Illinois: UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE.
  • 10/30 - Huntington County, Northeast Indiana: We are having RAIN for the umpteenth time this month!!  We still have 125 acres of beans to cut.  And they are really good beans.  Yielding really well.  We have shelled a very small amount of corn and it was wetter than we have dried for several years.  25-30 moisture.  We hope we have a lot of nice days in November.  Stay safe and keep smiling.

  • 10/30 - Western Walsh County, Northeast North Dakota: A couple good days came our way the first part of the week.  We were able to combine the last 600 acres of wheat on Monday and Tuesday.  It was all over 20%, but at least it's out of the fields, and holding in air bins while the grain dryer is running overtime.  Lot's of edible beans still to be harvested in ND.  We have not started on our beans yet...

  • 10/30 - Audrain County, Mo.: Lindsey Benne, Beef Today and Dairy Today Art Director: Farmers are hauling in gravel to their fields just to get in and out.

    -- Audrain County, Mo.

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  • 10/30 - Carlos, Minn.: It has been raining off and on for 3 weeks. We got a start to the beans 3 weeks ago, some of my neighbors were out on Tuesday the only day of full sun and wind that we had. The beans were between 18-28 %. I don’t have the balls to try that yet. I thought we could go on Wednesday but at 10 am it started to drizzle and it has been raining ever since to get through the gloom we have put the carpenter belt on to do some remolding have a safe harvest say a pray for dry weather.

  • 10/30 - Opole, Minn.: Rain, rain, go away, and come back next July day!!!

  • 10/30 - Lafayette County Wis.: WET, WET, WET. I guess we are all in the same boat. We are way, way behind. Corn is developing green mold. Broker says when weather straightens out there is a big crop out there. Problem is will the sun ever shine again?  Stay safe everyone…a safe harvest is a good harvest.

  • 10/30 - Nebraska Panhandle: Guess we don't have to worry about the irrigated corn blowing over before harvest, the snow is holding it up!

    -- Nebraska Panhandle

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  • 10/30 - Buena Vista County, Northwest Iowa: Raining here again, close to 10 inches now in October, Still some beans out in the fields here, I just got done, Yields decent in the 50's which is normal. Some have gave up on beans and started corn, most of it from what I've heard is anywhere from 20% to 40% moisture and yields from 120 to 220, with very low test weights.  Stalk Rot now a real concern & some guys are finding green snap they didn't know they had, those yields cut in half.  I believe this harvest, when it's over, if ever will be one, we all will want to forget!
  • 10/30 - Lebanon, Pa.: Crop harvest is stalled with rains making moistures high and field conditions so wet that compaction is a real issue.  Soybeans contest yields are ranging in the 70’s to mid 80’s with a high of 86 dry land soybeans.  Corn Contest yields are above average with most yields in the 260-290 bu/acre dry corn range. The highest yield to date is 288 bu/acre in the Manhiem, Pa. area.  Winter wheat planting is stalled and limited acres have been sown. This picture is from a 20 year no till field that averaged 270bu/acre dry corn.

    This picture is from a 20 year no till field that
    averaged 270bu/acre dry corn.

    -- Lebanon, Pa.


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  • 10/30 - Cass County, Iowa: 1.4 in. of rain so far today and it's still raining. I've only run 80 acres of beans in October. It rains or drizzles nearly every day. Yields are great with beans 50 to 62 and most corn over 200 but wet @ 23 to 25%.  It's going to be a long fall at this pace.

  • 10/29 - Hutchinson Kan.: Just after midnight Oct. 29, 2009. It is pouring down rain again. Still have beans to cut, still have wheat to plant. I am 50 years old and I have never planted wheat this late. 2010 wheat will be very pour when planted this late.

  • 10/29 - East Central Missouri: 10 to 12 inches of rain since Oct. 8th.  Two more inches expected tomorrow night.  Most of corn and beans planted last week of June and first week of July.  A lot of corn not black layered yet.  Beans frosted and were defoliated.  Don't know what the outcome will be.  Only a small amount of corn not replanted is harvested.  Most beans planted only once, but very little harvested.  I know of first crop beans planted on July 19th. They were completely green when the frost hit.  Good luck to everyone.

  • 10/29 - Dane/Columbia counties, Wis.: Big problem -- I just checked my four different varieties of Pioneer corn.  70% has mold. Not advanced yet, but we have to start harvesting to get it down below 15%. Dealer denies there is a problem. I'm just waiting for these seed companies to continue there exorbitant prices. We have to lobby our representatives to allow us to us our home grown seeds for seed.  Brazil and Argentina does not permit seed/chemical companies to restrict farmers.
  • 10/29 - Obion County, Tenn.: Lot of corn harvested this week along with a few beans.  Raining now will slow harvest the next few days. Harvested corn until 1 a.m. Thursday morning, many combines running and grain elevator was staying open.  Looks like good weather the next few days after the wet system moves out farmers are way behind but with good weather we can catch up quick.

  • 10/29 - Clark County, Ark.: If there were any doubts about how nasty it is down here this ought to answer those questions.

    -- Clark County, Ark.

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  • 10/29 - Logan County, Ohio: Beans averaged 55 bta. Corn moisture is running 18% to 26% moisture. Yields are running 140 to over 200. Weighed one side by side with DeKalb 61-19 making 259.41 at 19.5 moisture and Brodbeck 38hxr10 making 267.71 at 20.9 moisture. Both are figured at dry bushels.

  • 10/29 - Jackson County, Mich.: We just finished harvesting beans on Sunday and are now running corn. Yields on our farm are great. Soybeans were above average with yields in the high 50's and low 60's. We were not impressed with the new RR2Y beans. They were beaten very badly in our area, average of 14 bushels less per acre! The corn yields are some of the best we have ever had! We have been running corn all this week thus far and it's averaging over 200 bushels per acre dry. The moisture is anywhere between 23 and 30%. The test weight is kind of low but not low enough to worry about getting docked. It has been raining pretty much everyday and that has kept the tillage equipment out of the field, but it hasn't stopped the combines yet.  However, we have gotten all of our wheat planted in the gaps between rains.

  • 10/28 - Southern Will County, Ill., about fifty miles south of Chicago: So far this week we have received 7 tenths of rain, we need at least two more days without rain before ground conditions will support equipment. The only harvesting we have done (as with almost all other farmers in our area) was last Mon, Tue, Wed ( Oct 19-21),  everyone was doing beans. When we started on Monday was about 16 + % and by late Tue and Wed we were taking some out around 13 %, our yields have been from upper 40s to low 50s. Bean harvest is about 30-40 % complete here, but does change rapidly in just a few miles, with more or less harvesting complete. We have not done any corn; you can probably drive ten miles in any direction and can only find a few corn fields where corn harvest has occurred. Those who have done corn report 29-35 + % moisture, they also say that in last 7-10 days have only lost one point,  and no one has talked about yields. We have changed over to corn now, seems like no "bean weather" in near future, so if ground conditions improve and we miss the next forecast rain event, we will try some corn on Fri (Oct 30)  and get some firsthand knowledge of what our moisture levels and yield.

  • 10/28 - Oxford, Pa.:  Farmer H. Grant Troop shows some corn in his area that has not been harvested.
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  • 10/28 - Ramsey County, Northeast North Dakota: Rain again with more rain & snow in the forecast for the next few days.  We have only harvested 3 partial days in the past month.  Pinto beans are less than 25% harvested, moisture has been over twenty on most, what is left will only be a salvage operation.  Soybeans are less than 10% harvested, and they were upper teens to over twenty moisture.  We had not planned to even try the corn until after Thanksgiving, may harvest it in the spring, did a lot last year and was pleasantly surprised buy the increase in test weight and minimal loss.

  • 10/28 - Lancaster, Pa.: We are wet and getting wetter. Harvest is at a standstill with 3 inches of rain in the past week. Corn moisture still running in the upper 20's. Quality will soon become an issue as well. It will be a challenge to get the remaining acres of small grain planted.

  • 10/28 - Texas: Though cooler weather slowed down the advance of armyworms, the pest is still eating up pastures and small grain fields in many parts of the state, report Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel.

    The line of demarcation is clearly visible in this Somervell County small grain field where the farmer stopped the advance of armyworms with a pesticide spraying. If the producer hadn’t sprayed, the pest would have quickly taken out the whole field, said Joshua Blanek, Texas AgriLife Extension Service agent for agriculture in Somervell County, southwest of Fort Worth. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Joshua Blanek)

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  • 10/28 - Gove County, Kan.: Normally I am winding up fall harvest and as of today I have not even started.  Corn and milo is not drying down enough to the level needed to deliver to the local elevators.  Field conditions are wet with water standing in many terraces and more moisture on the way.  It is definitely a challenge ahead for the fall harvest!

  • 10/28 - Richland County, Wis.: Lots of rain over 4" in last 2 weeks. Lots of corn has got mold some fields are not useable corn is all black on cob .lots off beans have water standing in them. More standing than cut in Richland County, Wis. Grant County is about the same; had fog that froze on crops this morning. Slow, slow, slow is what happening here.

  • 10/28 - Far Northern Illinois: Many fields of soybeans untouched some corn being picked but hard to find corn under 30%. Mold is present on almost every ear I looked at yesterday. Stalk quality is starting to slip quickly in some fields. There simply is not enough drying capacity to harvest this crop with any speed. Most guys have drying capacity for a half day of harvesting and two big 12 row combines can bury the local elevator at 32% corn. Feels like a real disaster is just around the corner with any type of wind or snow event. We will be talking about the fall of 2009 for many years to come.

  • 10/28 - Grinnell, Iowa: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: Tom Fry, Monsanto region agronomy lead, discusses the condition of the corn crop in his area and where SmartStax fits.

  • 10/28 - Seven Springs, N.C.: Corn harvest is nearing completion with above average yields. Were seeing some 120-220 bpa over our acres, peanut harvest is half-way through with good yields over 2 tons/acre. Cotton harvest is slowly starting with yields being anywhere between 700-1500 lbs to the acre (all dryland).Soybean Harvest is still 2 weeks away. Tobacco is over and people are cutting ditchbanks and beginning to plant wheat. Have a Safe and Blessed Harvest Season.  

  • 10/27 - Jackson County, Mich.: We got our beans done between showers; moisture was 17 high and 12.5 low yield just 50...still lots of beans in county to do yet.

  • 10/27 - Bristolville, Ohio: Harvesting Soybeans with the New Holland TR85. Case 2390 pulling a Unverferth and DMI Gravity wagons.

  • 10/27 - Central Michigan: Wet and getting wetter, soys are half done for us now were all in the same boat. This could get real bad real fast I've seen it before snow will be here before you know it. Some beans I am afraid are disc bait frosted green as grass and now are mush.  Tested corn at 30-32.
  • 10/27 - East Central Illinois: Still a lot of fields of soybeans untouched some corn being picked but still 22 to28 %  I opened up a corn field of 109day corn planted May 22nd and found lots of moldy ears. The shucks on the ear where closed and no bird damage but are moldy from top to bottom. The Diplodia seems worse on the higher ground in the field.

  • 10/27 - Roseau County, Northwest Minnesota: The corn is covered with mold. 40% moisture and the corn will be shot before we have a chance to harvest. Lots of wet beans and confection flowers have head rot are shelling out.

  • 10/27 - Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska Panhandle: Following ten years of drought farmers trying to scratch out a living in the Nebraska panhandle were in seventh heaven when showers arrived on schedule this past spring; fast forward to October and sentiments couldn’t be worse. The rains we’d spent years praying for turned vicious....pounding fields so hard sprouting beans couldn’t break the surface, and delaying corn planting by  soggy-weeks...not days. In addition to less-than-desirable planting conditions our summer was unusually cool and cloudy; harvest troubles were inevitable.  As of October 26 eight percent of the dry edible beans remain un-harvested, farmers are slowly mudding-out the sugar beets, and corn is still running mid to upper twenties moisture. With area bins equipped with fans, not dryers, we’ve no recourse but to wait and pray.

    In the past few weeks we’ve seen record snowfall, and rain measuring in inches...not the tenths our area is known for; the latest weather forecast says we have a 90% chance of 5 to 15 inches of snow accompanied by 55mph winds later this week. It looks as if this might be the year of ‘The Harvest’....the one retired farmers talk about they’re old and grey.

    ”I remember 2009; you never saw anything like it......”

  • 10/27 - Northwest Minnesota, along Canadian Border: We had a hard killing frost Sept 27th and now the corn has ear rot on 75 - 90% of the cobs. Federal Crop is releasing thousands of acres and corn choppers are going. There won't be many fields combined in NW MN. The moisture is 45%. Lots of beans left. Moisture is stuck at 18 - 20%.

  • 10/27 - Greenfield, Ill.:  More rain in Greenfield, Ill., says farmer Ross Prough.
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  • 10/27 - Ohio: Most of the beans are off a little bit of corn but is ever wet 25 to 35 percent moisture we dried some over the weekend and the test weight is 58 to 59 yields is better than we ever expected. No rain most of the summer 125 to 140 on ground that usually grows 175 to 200l plus but we will take it hoping tonight before the rain to get another 10,000 shelled.
  • 10/27 - Dane/Columbia County, Wis.: Drizzle all day again. Neighbors are talking about mold forming on the tips of corn ears. Steam is really rolling out of neighbors dryer as he is trying to get started harvesting corn. 2/3 of my beans still in the field. Forecast - sunny tomorrow, cloudy on Wednesday, rain and snow mix after that.

  • 10/27 - Southwest Ohio: The only green field of wheat I can find in southwest Ohio!

    -- Southwest Ohio

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  • 10/27 - Miner County, S.D.: Just a few beans out with yields in fifties but moisture 18 to 19.  Corn is thirty five or more.  Have not turned a wheel on our farms.  Brookings County bean yields in forty mainly with 30 to 50 % done. Very little corn.  My farm beans were fifty one and 12% but lots of ground to cover, a most interesting year.

  • 10/27 - Southwest Minnesota: We had 2.20 inches of rain from the 21 to the 22 and with it we had wet snow that gave us .35 inches of moisture. Maybe a quarter of the beans are out and I'm talking about a big area that is still standing in the field. Only spotty corn to test for moisture and it is 25 to 38% and most is in the 30 to 38% range. We have had 3.75 in. rain in the month of October. Fields were staying good for harvest but now have water standing in some low spots. Most all beans have been taken out with moisture in the 14 to 20% range. A lot of beans have been binned and air on them but we have not had any sunny days with low humidity. Elevators are drying beans. Yields have been in the 48 to 60 bu. range when harvested. A lot of money is due around the first of Nov. and we have not much crop harvested to fill contracts for new crop sales. We need everyone to be praying to God for help and to get us through this difficult time. He always makes it work out!!!!

  • 10/26 - Bond County, South Central Illinois: Is this really possible. We have had the wettest couple of months in history. Most corn is still 30% and they are calling for 2-3 more inches of rain this week. We are losing crop as we speak. Lodging in the corn is starting to take place. Any suggestions? I am ready to punt!!!!

  • 10/26 - North Central Illinois: We tried about an acre of soybeans @ 17% so it's back to corn. The corn was running anywhere from 200-260 dry and the wet yield is even too wild to mention! This field was mainly running around 30-34% but the next field we went into was 38% so it was decided that we should stop for just a little bit. It has been raining so much that we really can't do much anyway. (Video courtesy of Delhotal Farms).

  • 10/26 - Fillmore County, southeast Minnesota: Got our beans harvested late Tuesday night, running about 53bpa+ before shrink.  Just looked at a cob of corn and noticed now we have moldy corn, it wasn't entirely covered in mold but as if this year hasn't been difficult enough now we get this thrown at us.

  • 10/26 - Central South Dakota: We have not turned a wheel. Corn 30-35% Sunflowers 24% as of yesterday. Flowers are starting to mold in the field and test wt. is light around 25 lbs after air drying. Rain all next week. A lot of talk that this harvest will finish up this spring. Corn does not dry after the first of Nov.  here. Not good.

  • 10/26 - Central Illinois: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: We're a soggy mess in Central Illinois. Rain gauges captured anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 inches. A lot of crop came out of the field this week, but we still have a long way to go. This bean field sits southwest of Decatur. I should have said that we got that rain Thursday night and Friday morning.

    -- Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor

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  • 10/26 - Floyd County, Iowa: We had 4 inches of rain Oct.20 thru Oct.24.  Most are 60% to 70% done with beans, of which most were harvested too wet.  Corn will vary from 21% to 38% in one pass across the field, rather unusual for 100 day corn planted before April 24th.  Yields good, reports of dried corn test weight 48 to 53 lbs.  Corn harvesting is practically non existent.

  • 10/26 - Cedar County, Neb.: Sunshine is getting to be an abnormal object in the sky. We received 2" of rain Tuesday thru Friday and raining this mourning. Harvest is slow, we have two soybean fields out over the scale 69bu.irrigated and 50 on dryland well above average. Corn harvest looks to be great but very wet irr.250 dryland 200. Praying for sun and warm weather. Be careful; safety first!!!!

  • 10/26 - East Central North Dakota: Total stand still in East Central North Dakota. Too wet to dig beets, too wet to combine soys, 1/2 or more of the dry beans left and too wet. Sunflower moisture went from 17 two weeks ago to 27 yesterday. And weather man says snow for Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of next week...Man are we in trouble...

  • 10/26 - Benson County, Northeast North Dakota: Same old weather.  Wet, wet, wet.  Benson and Wells counties are 2 of the largest producers of Pinto Beans in the US.  There might be 25% harvested.  With rain and snow in the forecast for the next 10 days it is not looking good for any type of bean harvest.  There are a lot of soybeans standing also but we have very little effect on total world production.  Hopefully we can get the corn and sunflowers off.  Preventive Plant is the only option right now for next year.  Water standing all over.

  • 10/26 - North Central, Campbell County, S.D.: Were able to attempt to combine beans only once this fall and that was a week ago.  Rain, sprinkles and heavy cloud cover everyday.  With forecast for upcoming week it looks like combines will be sitting til at least Friday.  Frustrated like the rest of you as it looks like we are sitting on some real good yields.  We did notice a touch of mold in some the corn that got hit by the early frost. Has anyone else noticed mold in their corn fields in the Dakotas?  Everyone be safe once this harvest gets underway and good luck!.

  • 10/26 - Southwest Ohio: We ran til 2 a.m. last night before it started raining. My rain gauges are almost full. Farmers really hit it hard when it is decent and we have had to buy such large machinery so when it is, we can really knock out the acres.  But do it right, do it once is my motto. We are doing good. We are about half done with 500 ac of wheat planted.  I saw one good field of wheat in my region.

    -- Southwest Ohio

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  • 10/26 - Pondera County, north central Montana: For everyone who is struggling with the harvest and getting depressed over it, check your crop insurance policy. If you have CRC instead of APH, you may be smiling all of the way to the bank. I had signed up for it, but apparently didn’t know how it worked. Was half miffed when my agent turned in a loss on my wheat farm. I had a 45 bushel overall average when my guarantee was only 30 to 36 depending on the unit. Because of the drop in wheat prices the adjuster multiplied those yields by 1.6 resulting in guarantees of 45 to 58 bushels per acre and at a price per bushel of $5.48. In my case, it only paid the premium, but that was very welcome. Hope this information may help some of you, and the very best of luck to all.

  • 10/26 - Lancaster County Nebraska, Near Lincoln: I was one of the lucky ones finished beans Tuesday before the 2 plus inches of rain that fell the last 3 days. I would guess 60% of beans are out and maybe 10% of the corn. Yield on beans, 700 acres at 58.2 bu/acre about 3 bushel above average. Corn still running 17 to 21% same as 3 weeks ago, yields good 25 to 30 bus above average of 150bu/acre.  Stalk quality an issue in this area. I don't like the weather pattern, hopefully November will bring a change but days are getting shorter and colder.

  • 10/26 - Western Dawson, Cozad, Lexington, Neb.: These were sent to me by a friend. Thought I would pass it along.


    -- Western Dawson, Cozad, Lexington, Neb.

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  • 10/23 - Haskell County, Southwest Kansas: Typically we have an open, dry harvest, but this year is different.  Off and on rain is keeping harvest slowed.  Wheat off to a great start.  Feed yards have been full of high moisture corn for weeks.  Letting the dry corn dry down but it's been slow.  A lot of hail this year with some consultants claiming that only 15% of the corn they check has had no hail whatsoever.  Everything else had hail damage to some degree, from minimal to totaled out.  Many of the irrigated circles are reporting 245 bpa on up.  Some documented fields (I'm a crop adjuster and these are across the scale numbers) have been in the 298 to 303 area across the entire field.  It will get dry here and the corn will come off.  The bigger concern is the Milo crop.  It's ready, fields are wet, and the end of October is here which may mean a lot of it might be lost.  Every elevator is planning on dumping corn and Milo on the ground and the piles have already started.

  • 10/23 - Mississippi: A very wet September and October left most of the state’s soil saturated, as many places have had gotten rain in almost statistically impossible quantities.

    Non-stop rains since harvest began have cost Mississippi producers an estimated $371 million. These cotton plants stand wasting in a rain-saturated field on Mississippi State University’s R.R. Foil Plant Science Research Facility. (Photo by MSU Ag Communications/Scott Corey) 

    Excessive fall rains have saturated 91% of the state’s soil, leaving many crops stranded and wasting in fields too wet for harvest equipment to enter. Water stands between most rows of this soybean field in western Lowndes County. (Photo by MSU Ag Communications/Scott Corey) 

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  • 10/23 - East Berlin, Penn.: I finished harvesting my corn at 18% and soybeans at 14% moisture. I planted early with the expectation to harvest early, but the weather just didn't cooperate. I got a 150 bushel corn average and 50 bushel soybean. Most of the area corn and soybeans are still standing. It is difficult to get anything done with rain every few days.

  • 10/23 - Dodge County, Wis.: It's the 22nd of October and we have had 2 days suitable for bean harvest so far with 1 1/2 of those days grain moisture at 16%, and the forecast for the next week looks like no progress will be made either.  Thinking of switching to harvesting corn at 26-30% moisture, yippy. If it keeps going like this and Christmas will be spent in the combine cab!

  • 10/23 - Wright County, Iowa: Still some beans can be found in the area. Sunday and Monday harvested a lot of Soybean fields in the area. 14 to 17 % Moisture. We did corn on Monday and Tuesday Found some dry corn 21% ( I never thought I would call 100 day corn at 21% dry corn on Oct 20th) Good yield. But now rain. We were annoyingly wet before, now we are seriously wet. Ethanol Plant and feed mill has enough corn for 7-10 days. With weather forecast it may be hard to get moving by then. Keep your feet dry!!
  • 10/23 - Jackson County, Minn.: Rain, rain, rain!!! Have done 1 hopper of beans ad are way too wet!! Combine doesn’t want to cut them let alone shell them out. Some farmers are done and some have tried to do something. This is getting frustrating but nothing you can do about. Pray for sunshine and wind to dry this crop out.

  • 10/23 - Woodbury County, Northwest Iowa: We were able to work two short afternoons last week and one this week.  Soybean moisture has been ranging from 13 to 16 if we wait to start between 2-4 pm.  Yields are average.  We have put most of the soybeans in drying bins however the weather doesn't allow for drying.  This is only the second time that we've ever attempted to dry soybeans.  We were fortunate to get some beans off in early October so have about 1/3 of our soybean acres done but this is the exception in this area.  Some haven't started yet.  The weather forecast calls for a couple days of dry weather this weekend before more rain early next week.  We will be harvesting beans well into November.  Some high moisture corn has been combined for cattle feeding.  Moisture has been in the upper 20s to lower 30s.  The old timers say they've never seen fall weather like this.  The longer the crop stays in the field the less chance we have of getting it all.

  • 10/23 - Bremer, Fayette counties, Iowa: We are in the same boat as the rest of you. It has rained nearly an inch today. Beans are slow going, somewhere around 50% done or so. Yields are respectable.Corn yields are also showing good numbers, however 30% moisture and low test weight, should make the final numbers drop a bit. Some tillage going on, while waiting for dryers, or conditions to improve for harvesting. This is one of those years, when a guy would like to have two combines, one for soy, one for corn.

  • 10/22 - Madison County, Neb.: Here it’s almost Halloween and were there’s 50% of soybeans in the field. Farmers are reporting excellent yields elevators were open til 9 pm earlier in the week to keep up with the pace of traffic coming in. Corn in the area off to extremely slow start with most moisture in the mid to high 20's. Hearing excellent yields but to wet to do much! Snowing now with predictions of 2 inches of snow on top of the 1 to 2 inch rain received yesterday and overnight. Looks like Thanksgiving might be in the cab. But things could always be worse, it will all get done one way or another.
  • 10/22 - Northeast South Dakota: We have two problems here in NE South Dakota. One the ground is to wet to drive on and two the beans are too wet. We are wet wet wet and it rains or snows everyday so drying has just not happened almost the whole month of October. Most of us would take bean wet if we could drive a combine across the the standing water.

  • 10/22 - St. Clair County, Southwestern Illinois: Our mess in this area is about to get messier.  We had one of the latest starts on record due to the abundance of moisture this spring.  Almost all of the soybeans in this area were planted the last week of June and the first week of July.  So far, we have had one of the ten coolest July's on record, we are on pace for the second coolest October on record, and with all of the rain predicted for the next ten days we will have the wettest October on record.  Corn yields are running 170-240 bpa dry.  Beans are running from 35-52 bpa which is about fifteen percent below average.  Double crops did not make it along with some of the first crop beans due to frost.  Can you say, "Late planting, white mold, frost, below normal temperatures, and aphids?"  You are getting the picture.  The fields are already wet and we are rutting some of them up daily.  Bean moisture is running anywhere around 12-17% on the same cut.  Corn is still in the mid twenties for most.  It is taking more time to dry corn this year at 25% than ever before.  Nobody seems to know why unless it is because of the big kernels.  I would put harvest at 5-10% complete with some folks electing for more drying time since they do not have grain dryers.  How soon will we be done?  Heck of a good question.  Maybe Christmas, hopefully sooner.  Mother Nature has sure put a charge in this grain rally and is starting to thin the hairlines for most farmers as the worrying is growing.

  • 10/22 - Brown County, Northeast Kansas: Yields are exceptionally good, 180 plus on corn, 50 to 75 on beans. 30% corn out, most of it dried. 60% beans cut, running 13 plus moisture.

  • 10/22 - Dane, Wis.: Tuesday was overcast and humid, nothing moved, Four tenths rain over night, More rain predicted for Thursday, Friday, and snow showers on Saturday. Nothing moving for the foreseeable future.

  • 10/22 - Faribault County, South Central Minnesota: Every one went hard on beans Monday and Tuesday, but you just can't get everything done in two days.  Heavy Rain today. A lot of beans have been combined at 15-17% moisture. The elevators generally wouldn't accept them over 15%.  We put our wetter ones in a bin with full air, don't know if we'll have trouble with them or not.  Did a 150 acres of corn last week 26-27% moisture. Yielded 204 by volume measured by dryer dumps, but hauled it to town and it only weighed enough to yield 186. That’s about a 9% loss. This was a 96 day corn planted April 17, test weight was 50 to 51 pounds.With the weather pattern we have now Harvest will probably last until Dec this year.
  • 10/22 - Renville County, Hector, Minn.: This is the slowest harvest since 1968.  Conditions are terrible.  The ground is as wet as it can get. We have some soybeans harvested and small amount of corn.  The corn is very wet 30% plus.

  • 10/22 - Mills County, Iowa: Corn completed 188 bu. dry. Working on beans as weather allows.

  • 10/22 - Douglas County, Ill.: After several days of warmer weather, what started out as 17% moisture on Sunday in the bean field is now down below 12%. Lots of combine lights in the fields last night. We didn’t finish up until 9:30. Wet weather is predicted for Thursday for us. Yields are ranging anywhere from 42 to the high 60’s.

  • 10/21 - West Central Minnesota: Very little rain all summer and now it won't stop. We have a few soybeans left to combine. Some have very few soybeans out. Yields have been just short of average. We tried some corn and it is 30% moisture.

  • 10/21 - Southwest Iowa: Wouldn't you know it...more rain.  We got a start on beans about mid afternoon on Sunday.  After some initial break downs we finally got rolling on Monday.  They started off a bit wet at 15% and by the time we shut down last night they were 13%.  We pulled out some test strips of Asgrow beans.  RR2 beans were 56 bpa, the regular old faithful RR's were 54, and a test section (regular RR Asgrow) that is believed to have Headline on it went 64.  I am not real confident that my spray guy knows where they put the Headline on (of course I couldn't be there the day they did it) but we took the test strip where they were "pretty sure" it went on.  All things considered these type of yields will give us our best bean crop we have had.  So I guess we will wait for this mud maker to get on through and see if we can start back up around Sunday again.

  • 10/21 - Texas: Heavy rain, as much as 10 inches in some areas, raised soil moisture levels and generally improved the agricultural outlook through most of the state, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel.

    Overnight, feral hogs can destroy a few acres of a crop, such as this sorghum field, or even hundreds of acres, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo)

    A visit from a large herd of feral hogs can make a field look as if it’s been bombed, such as this field in Titus County. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Kenny Rollins)

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 10/21 - Stearns County, Minn.: Took 50 acres of soybeans out on Monday and they are yielding over 50 bushel per acre and I did not spray for aphids.  My neighbor took 30 acres out and his yielded about 42 bushel per acre and he did spray.  Needless to say, I don't think he will be planting Producer's soybeans next year.  He was absolutely mad!

  • 10/21 - Brown County, Minn.: We combined beans on Monday and Tuesday, trying to get something/anything done before the next rain. It was our first time in the fields in 17 days.  The beans were too wet (16-17% moisture) and the ground was too muddy, but we slopped in 100 acres...

  • 10/21 - Crawford County, Ill.: Beans: Mid 50 bu., Moisture 13%; Corn: 150 bu., Moisture 22-30%. Fields are firming up. Slow going though.

  • 10/21 - Winnebago County, Iowa: Everyone was beaning hard yesterday with many lights still on at 1 AM.  Some beans are under 13% but most are 14-16%.  Yields are good for the most part in the low to upper 50’s.  Soy harvest at 60% complete this morning for the area.  Wet fields have guys leaving pretty good ruts where they need tile.  Corn harvest is less than 5%.  Corn that has been taken is anywhere from 25%-35%.  2 week forecast looks less than ideal.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  

  • 10/20 - Clay County, Wakonda,  South East South Dakota: Fields have water in rows.  Beans wet and grain elevators will not take them.  Some corn was close to starting to black layer but plants were and still are green went frost/freeze hit over a week ago.  That corn will not dry nor keep easily.  If winds come will be a mess.  Beans are going down – just too wet.  Will not be able to load trucks in the fields.  Can not run combine bean heads close to ground thus will be leaving lot of crop in the field – ground/leaves just will not dry before the next rain event.

  • 10/19 - Southeast Iowa: A lot of harvesting will happen today. Still a little wet but the forecast looks wetter. Need another week of this past weekend’s sunshine and 65 degree temps.
  • 10/19 - Southeast Livingston County, Ill.: I knew I had White Mold in one field pretty bad. Boy did I not realize how bad. The field tipped 70 bushels to the acre in 2007. Started this afternoon doing the same field and some places are only making 30 bushels to the acre and what I did has averaged only 38 bushels to the acre. Ouch! I don't expect the whole 110 acres to average over 40 bushels. Just getting started in soybeans and no corn done yet. Long fall ahead.

  • 10/19 - Columbia County, Wis.: Combines have been parked almost all week. Sunny and breezy today, but Beans are still 16% to 20% moisture. Thunderstorms predicted for Tuesday. That means tomorrow may be it for several more days. Most of the corn silage has been made. Probably 15% of beans have been harvested. Just enough corn shelled to tide Dairy and Beef farmers over. Yields are on the light to average side. We all kind of snicker when a neighbor brags about his yields. If it snows, the beans are in big trouble. The seed companies I talked to are still trying to push there exorbitant prices on us. Going to do a lot of shopping this year. Don’t get hurt trying to push the harvest.

  • 10/19 - Grenville County, Eastern Ontario, Canada: Soybean harvest has been very slow due to cold wet weather. Lately the weather has been better and harvest is slowly progressing. Growers with IP and non-GMO soys have been looking forward to days like this. Local elevators won't accept IP soys higher than 16% moisture and if they are higher than that you can lose your premium which can be $1.60 Can?bu-$2.00 Can?bu. The forecast is good for the next 3-4 days so we hope to get our beans off so we can get the premium. The crop looks average but I am cautiously optimistic. Across Ontario I would guess that soy harvest is only 10-20% complete and we should be 60-70% complete at this time of year. My custom operator is coming tomorrow so I am hoping for the best.

  • 10/19 - Woodbury County, Northwest Iowa: Just moved combine to another farm (3:00 PM) and the ground is so wet the mud was sticking to everything. There won't be anything done this weekend here in this area. Rain forecast for Monday night through Wednesday morning and again Friday. Temperature today was suppose to be in the low fifties and at three o'clock the temperature was 44 degrees and cloudy. Very few beans done in this area and a couple of farmers have did a very small amount of corn.....very wet corn!.

  • 10/19 - Houston County, Minn.: We are wondering what kind of profit there is left after drying 28-30% corn? Our neighbor has been combining corn on the rare sunny days we have. It takes him well over 10 acres to fill a semi so the yield is really low. He dropped some on the road and the kernels were thin and wet. He will have cornflakes when they are dried down. Is there money to burn out there? The beans look good but no body is harvesting yet. Long range forecast says cool and wet. What a weird weather year.
  • 10/19 - East Central Nebraska: Most of the beans are done, our Syngenta beans averaged 70 on one farm and 74 on the other. Reports on RR2 beans are 5 to 21 bushels less than anything else. Corn just getting going. Early reports dryland 150 to 210 bu. Irrigated 190 to 280 bu. We have been blessed in this part of the world.

  • 10/19 - Hale County, Texas:  70% done with cotton and 85% done with corn in Hale County, TX.

  • 10/19 - Hutchinson, Kan.: Lots of wheat yet to be planted. Lots of shattered soybeans on the ground. Freeze got a lot of green milo and all the double crop beans.

  • 10/19 - Buchanan County, Iowa: Finally did some beans and corn this week, which means we are behind normal years. Had 1/2 inch rain the past couple of days. Fri. Oct 16 the sun is out so will go back to corn when it dries out.

  • 10/16 - Polo, Ill.:  “Our driers are getting a pretty good workout,” says Illinois farmer Dustin Spears. “The corn is really wet.”

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  • 10/16 - Blue Earth County, Minn.: When we quit beans on Sunday, beans were 12.5-12.8% at 40-60bu/ac, and it was snowing. Still have 200ac left. Dried off enough to try some corn Wednesday, took 50ac out. Yield monitor showed 180-200bu/ac, 25-30% moisture, 50-52 test weight. More rain last night & today. Sounds like Saturday & Sunday will be nice, before the next rain system comes in.

    -- Blue Earth County, Minn.

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  • 10/16 - Southeast Hanson County, S.D.: Combined 64 acres beans first day then 2.5 inches of rain. Several fields are still too green and we had a killing frost 3 days ago which may have damaged some beans. Corn is mature but too wet to dry or bin. More rain forecasted for Tuesday. Fields are too wet which will bog down combines. Beans make 50 B acre, Corn don't know yet as have not been in corn fields yet.

  • 10/16 - Stutsman County, Central Southeast North Dakota: Nobody is getting anything done here! We have had rain earlier and now we have 6 to 8 inches of snow on the ground (Oct. 15). We never finished chopping corn yet, about 3 days to go. Not very many Soybeans have been harvested yet either. Never ever had to chop corn in the snow before.

  • 10/16 - Schuyler County, West Central Illinois: Rain and more rain in west central Illinois in Schuyler County. I had some early group beans to harvest in two afternoons which were the best looking soybeans I ever harvested. Hope the rest of the crop is as good with yields in the 60's. Corn planted the 25th of April tested on October 13th 25.4 moisture and had not changed for over two weeks. SAFE HARVEST TO ALL!

  • 10/16 - Ellendale, N.D.: 5 to 6” of snow in Enderlin. Some power outages, some vehicles in the ditch, some buried soybeans.

    -- Ellendale, N.D.

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  • 10/15 - North Central Illinois: We finally started doing corn. I think it will be a while before we can do soybeans. (Video courtesy of Delhotal Farms)


  • 10/15 - Bartholomew County, Columbus, Ind.: Bean yields are very disappointing. My good low black ground where I usually yield the best crops are my worst yielding. The hilly ground where the excess water ran off is my best. Average around 45 bu. weighed over scales. Another breakeven year, hopefully.   Another 1/2 inch of rain on an already too wet ground. With temps in the 40's it's going to take forever to dry enough to get back in the fields. May God bless you all in a very frustrating and trying harvest 09!!!

  • 10/15 - Coles County, East Central Illinois: Still raining. My last field of Trisler 3675 beans planted June 9th only made 42 bu./acre. There was a lot of blank pods on the top half of the plants. they looked as good as my group 3-4 beans (58-64bu/a) until I started cutting them and started noticing the light colored curled up pods that where empty of beans. Wet weather until July 12th then very little rain until Sept. must have hit the fuller season beans during pod fill.
  • 10/15 - Southern Iowa: Just keeps on raining and raining.  We have not been able to even put a wheel of the combine in the fields yet.  Some guys with mud hogs are out making ruts...but the rest of us just watch and shake our heads.  I suppose folks are going to get jumpy and start burying combines here soon.  Maybe we will cruise the country side with our chains and 4x4 tractors looking for a little extra work until we can get started!  Ha!  We are getting worried about the beans popping...hand shelled some 113 day corn and it tested 17.5%...but we can't get to it so I guess why test it?!

  • 10/15 - Faribault County, Minn.: The weather here just plain stinks. Rain and snow every day this week so far, with more on the way. Sunday and Monday are supposed to be sunny, and the next system moves in Monday night. Those that tried corn say it is very wet and light. It is looking less likely we will get everything done before winter sets in.

  • 10/15 - Northeast Arkansas: Corn harvest 75 percent complete yields 180-220...soybeans harvest 10 percent complete yields 45-80…cotton harvest barely started yields no reports...rain has got all crops running 30 days late on harvest...hope for some sun soon.

  • 10/15 - Lincoln County, Wash.: Finally got some rain here. Over 1/2 '' in last 24 hours.  Was a blessing since soil moisture was dismal and dust storms too frequent with some of the fields blowing so bad the topsoil drifted making some roads impassable.

  • 10/15 - Bell County, Texas: We are battling army worms in Bell County.  We have sprayed for two outbreaks in the last month.
  • 10/14 - Coles County, East Central Illinois: Raining again. Cut beans between rains with moisture in the 14.5 to 15.5 % range. Yields have been disappointing on the RR2 beans. My Trisler RR1 3463 out yielded them by 6 bu. so far and my Pioneer Y beans out yielded them by 4 bu. My Pioneer 93m61 RR1 beans had White mold. Picked some April planted corn with moisture still in the mid 20s and some in the upper 20s.

  • 10/15 - Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska Panhandle: Most dry edible beans are safely combined and either sold or stored, but sugar beet harvest ground to a halt after thirteen inches of wet snow fell October 10-11. Corn harvest looks a long time coming with fields and roads awash in mud and snowy slush. This looks to be the kind of year farmers eat their Thanksgiving turkey with one hand, and steer the combine with the other.

  • 10/15 - Stearns County, Minn.: More rain and snow again.  Bumper yields out there and NO decent harvesting weather in the future forecasts.  This blows.  Soybeans are going 50 bushel per acre but corn is still 25-30% moisture and don't dry down at all with crappy weather like this.  Time to keep drinking I guess.

  • 10/15 - Western Walsh County, Northeast North Dakota: We have not been able to harvest anything for 2 weeks. Rain, snow, cold cloudy days, more snow flurries, and temps into the teens have made for a miserable October for getting much done. There is still some wheat left to combine and very few edible beans have come off in this area.  Down in the Red River valley, a lot of the edible beans are done, but they have corn and sugar beets to worry about yet.  No flax, sunflowers, or soybeans have been harvested around here yet.  We are chisel plowing some grain stubble and have several hundred acres of fert. put on, but even those operations are hampered by wet straw, some muddy conditions, and some frozen ground early mornings. Our September weather was truly a gift from Above, as temps in the 80's allowed the late planted crops to make maturity.  Now the challenge is finishing harvest.

  • 10/15 - Texas: Following rains, armyworms marched in and devoured improved pastures and wheat throughout the state. But the worst may be over -- or not -- according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel.

    Cooler weather has slowed the march of armyworms to pastures, but warm weather could bring another flush, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service experts.

    (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo
    by Robert Burns)

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  • 10/14 - Between Assumption and Pana, Ill.: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: Illinois farmer Ron Sloan reports from the field about his soybean harvest this year.


  • 10/14 - Sedgwick County (west of Wichita), South Central Kansas: We are now concerned about getting our wheat planted. Looks like only 15% has been planted in Sedgwick and Sumner counties.  It has been very wet for the last week and there was significant rain yesterday. We don't have any irrigation, all dry land cropping.  Dry land corn was picked a couple of weeks ago and was disappointing at only 75 bu/ac.  It looked much better all summer.  Looks like a large milo crop in our area!  My early planted fields were good even with a weed problem (due to manure) and later plantings look better. Those neighbors that planted milo late (which is not unusual in our area), the crop will not reach maturity prior to a likely freeze.  Double crop milo is also behind.
  • 10/14 - Coles County, East Central Illinois: Raining again. Cut beans between rains with moisture in the 14.5 to 15.5 % range. Yields have been disappointing on the RR2 beans. My Trisler RR1 3463 out yielded them by 6 bu. so far and my Pioneer Y beans out yielded them by 4 bu. My Pioneer 93m61 RR1 beans had White mold. Picked some April planted corn with moisture still in the mid 20s and some in the upper 20s.

  • 10/14 - Poweshiek County, Iowa: Had our first ever 70 bu. whole farm soybeans today. Pioneer 93M11. They weren't very tall but they did great. Lots of beans in the high 50's and low 60's around here. We are about a third done with beans and quarter done with corn. Lighter test weights with moisture from 20 to 28%. Everything averaging around 200 so far. BE SAFE!!

  • 10/14 - North Central Texas: Over 2 feet of rain the last month.  Most cotton will never be harvested.

  • 10/14 - Redwood County, Minn.: The last 2 weeks received about 5.5 inches of rain, about 2 inches of snow included in this amount. The soybean harvest has ground to a halt, with about 50% harvested. the yields have been from 35-55 bushels per acre. Harvest loss is increasing with the wet soils. The corn harvest is a non event with moisture running from 27%-34%. The growing season has ended with 5 nights in the low to mid 20's.

  • 10/13 - Ross County, Ohio: We have had over 7 inches of rain in the last four weeks and now we are having a hard time getting the beans in. We are seeing excellent yields in our bean crop around 65 bushels. Corn looked great until these last rains but now we are seeing some ears that did not break over are sprouting down at the base of the ear need some dry air to stop this. Have a safe harvest.

  • 10/13 - Lancaster County, Neb.: I would say 40-50% of beans taken out with yields 50-60bu/acre. Very little corn taken out but is going down do to dry conditions this summer, although we had very dry July in this area are corn yields will be above average. Yields are varying 100 bu/acre depending on soil type within the same field. We had 2" of snow on the ground Saturday morning (10th) irrigated corn west of us is still very wet from 25 to 35% moisture ours is 16 to 20% in this area.

  • 10/13 - Southwest Ontario: Bean harvest complete, 14% moisture and on again off again cloudy drizzly day, dust still justa flew, yields from 45-82 bu on the monitor, looks like upper 50's to low 60's yield, terrific considering 5 droughts in the last 8 years. Soy harvest just beginning for most, but not in earnest as of yet. Quality of the crop is superlative. No corn harvested as of yet and very limited SRW planted due to wet and cool weather, however I intent to complete my own as of today. Stay safe and be patient, the crop always seems to get off in some way or fashion. ;-)

  • 10/13 - Southern Ohio: Early beans coming in good but there are lot of late ones that will pull the average down.  Heavy rains are bringing on the mud. Corn is still near 30 percent. It is going to be a long fall!!

  • 10/13 - Wright County, Iowa: Finished cutting beans 10/11 @ 10 PM. Woke up to 1" of snow 10/12. Yields were from 41to 60 w/ moisture from 10.5 to 13.5. Lots of beans left in the area. Picked some corn end of last week. It was 102 day Dekalb planted 4/16. Moisture was 20 to 23. 173 bpa @ 15%, 51# test wt. Hope the other varieties weigh better. I'll be glad when this harvest is over! Be safe out there and count your blessings.

  • 10/13 - Buena Vista County, Northwest Iowa: Harvest at stand still after this snow, more moisture forecasted for most of week, beans yields in the 50's so far, about normal, corn has not been near as good as earlier thought to be by ear counts, still very wet 25% or more with 50 # test weights, I think the speculators are in for a big surprise by the time harvest ever gets on the way or done.

    -- Buena Vista County, Northwest Iowa

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  • 10/13 - Northern Indiana: We have not been able to even get into a field to harvest and weather has only let us plant 20 acres of wheat, the corn is running 28% and bean stems are still green. I think they should rethink the harvest out looks, can't see it being a bumper any thing...with a chance of early snow.

  • 10/13 - Douglas/Ottertail counties, Minn.: Glad that had all wheat and hay this crop season as have snow & wet mud now with very little beans harvested here in Douglas/Ottertail counties. At least have had lots of time to do up the livestock chores and such. Not sure if will have enough feed for beef cows if winter is here to stay & no more fall grazing.

  • 10/13 - Cass County, Neb.: Had 3 inches of snow on Saturday the 10th.  Moisture today and cool.  Have been cutting soybeans the last two weeks about every other day.  Yields have been very good here with whole field averages anywhere from 51 bu/ac to 65 bu/acre.  Tried some RR2's this year and after cutting them was very disappointed with them.  RR2's were getting beat by 9 to 12 bushel pretty steady across the field.  Had the planter split half and half.  One half NC+ 3500 RR2's and the other half Pioneer 93M43.   Pioneer beans beat RR2's by 11 bushel.  That is a huge difference when you figure that one out.  Other than that beans have been doing well.  Haven't done any corn but the corn being done is yielding very well with reports of 180 - 220 bu/acre coming in.  That is very, very good corn for western cass county NE.  Everyone have a safe harvest.

  • 10/13 - Southeast Nebraska: After a fast flurry of activity until drying facilities were filled for corn and quite a few soybeans harvested but now rain and cloudy so quite a few rigs are idle.Yields vary but ours are not as good as last year by about 10% due to late planting and cool summer.  Most corn moisture until last rain in upper teens and 20s and beans harvested on a few dry days and dry then are running at 15% and above.

  • 10/7 - Mason, Ohio: Joe Steiner, of Mason, Ohio, says sunshine paved the way for soybean harvest at his farm this week.

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  • 10/13 - Odebolt, Iowa: Carol Raasch, of Odebolt, Iowa, says corn and soybean harvest is finally happening after lots of rain and drying time.

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.

  • 10/13 - Brown County, S.D.: Haven't turned a wheel yet for harvest. Approaching 13 in. of rain for Sept. and early Oct. and now it is snowing. Gonna be an interesting harvest if we even are able to get in the field.  Good times are gonna be had by all here.

  • 10/13 - North Central Iowa: Combined beans last night until started snowing. Yesterday was first day of beans for almost two weeks.  Most have only started with less than 20% of the beans harvested here. Some fields yielded OK but the bad fields with lots of SDS and mold are really pulling our average down.  Corn is wet, and I've heard light weight 29% and 50-51#, some stalk rot. Virtually no corn harvested here

  • 10/12 - Piatt County, Ill.: Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor: Combines have stalled due to rain delay, but harvest progress has been seen.

  • 10/9 - Southeast North Carolina: Harvesting Virginia-type peanuts in southeast North Carolina.!

    -- Southeast North Carolina

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  • 10/12 - Hamilton County, Neb.: Finished bean harvest Oct 9. 80 percent of the beans are out in our county with good yields 60 to low 70's. One inch of snow Saturday night and harvest looks stopped till end of this week. Most people waiting for the corn to dry down. This will be a very slow corn harvest! Count your blessings this fall and be careful. We will all get through!

  • 10/12 - Blue Earth County, Minn.: We have about 180 ac left of beans. Running 40-60 bu/ac. Moisture was 12.5-13.0. We quit tonight at 10:50 p.m. Snow was flying. They are talking 3-5 inches, I hope we don't get that much. They are talking more rain for Wednesday-Friday. We've had about 8" in the last 2 weeks (not including the snow). We have not started on corn. From what we've heard moisture has been 25-30 percent.

  • 10/12 - Knox County, Ill.: Started corn harvest today.  Mid May planted 102 day hybrid testing 22%.  VERY little activity in the area.  Lots of corn 30% and up.  So far yield is just less than last year.  Lots of beans looking ready, but need a few days of sun.  Have a safe harvest!

  • 10/12 - Dakota County, Minn.: Bean harvest stalled at 10% done before 3-4" rains last week and little drying since. Snow coming tomorrow. Yields are good at 45-60, for some guys double last years drought beans. Corn will be late, wet, and near record yields if we can get it harvested.

  • 10/12 - Lauderdale County, West Tennessee: The clouds and rain and drizzle will not let up.  60 % done with corn.  10% done with beans.  Watching test weight, yields go down everyday.  The rain that was a blessing a couple of  months ago is now a curse.

  • 10/12 - Will County, Ill.: Just a few fields of beans have been harvested here in Will County, IL, 45 miles south of Chicago. Rainy and cloudy everyday. Only 10 growing degree days this month so far, compared to an average of 74.5. A couple of our corn fields have the milk line at only halfway down the kernel while our early planted early varieties are black layered. No corn has been harvested yet besides silage. Not a favorable 10 day forecast either.

  • 10/12 - Lac Qui Parle County, Minn.: Woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow. We have only combined about 60 acres of beans 2 weeks ago. We have had 6 inches of rain in 2 weeks and now snow. Looks like it could be a very interesting harvest.

  • 10/12 - Putnam County, Ill.: I checked some 112 day corn planted May 18th it tested 34%. We have all the equipment ready and waiting. If we get frost this weekend we will be able to start beans as soon as it dries out. One of my landlords from Chicago was down on Thursday to check his deer stand and I had to tell him the chances of standing corn by his deer stand was quit good for this years deer season. In our area this year it will not be a race to beat the neighbors done but to be done before 2010 starts. Have a safe harvest.

  • 10/12 - Tippecanoe County, West Central Indiana: Some corn planted April 25, on fairly high ground, has been harvested. The good news: 250-300 bu. yields. The bad: 30% moisture. Still translates to 225-240 bu. Very little corn -- even seed -- harvested in the area. Wet, cold weather is not helping dry-down; much of the corn is still green. And there are worries about how stalks will hold those big ears long enough to get harvested.

  • 10/12 - Central Minnesota: We woke up this morning to 2" of snow and 22 degrees.  More snow is on the way with 18 tonight.  On the 7th we ran for 22 hours finishing silage harvest and it looks like it was good thing we did.  "Whoda" believed?

    -- Central Minnesota

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 10/12 - South Central Indiana: We have only been able to combine beans 4 days since 9/30, and some of those were only half days due to rain! I've had 2.6" in the past 24 hours and it is still raining as I type this afternoon.  There is some corn harvested and some say it is starting to mold in the field with this rain and cool temps.  Where is old Gore when you need him! ha ha ha.

  • 10/12 - Greenfield, Ill.: Ross Prough gives a crop and weather report for his farm in Greenfield, Ill.

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.

  • 10/12 - Fayette County, Illinois: I saw the bad weather coming and took the week off to go to Florida, foing back home next week to see if there is any damage from flooding.  My corn and soybeans will probably still be too wet or not ready to harvest until closer to the end of October.

  • 10/9 - Farmington, Mo.: We have had two days of field work this week before the monsoon came last night. We were able to cut around 65 acres of beans and then sow those acres to wheat. Beans are running from 60 to 65 bu./acre, which is good but will probably be the best we have. Most beans were planted end of May/1st of June with some wetter ground being planted the same time our double crop beans were planted, which was late June/early July. Haven't touched the corn yet...still mid to low 20s. It started raining yesterday at noon and has only quit for about an hour between then and now. I have about 3.5" in my gauge but have heard of upwards of 5" to 6" 50-60 miles northwest of here. Looks like the 4x4 on the combine will get a workout this year! Have a safe harvest!

  • 10/9 - Central Iowa: More rain. We continue to get nothing done. Guess we can take the weekend and watch the Hawkeyes and the Chiefs...would rather be listening to them on the radio in the combine, not drinking beer watching the TV!

  • 10/9 - South central Minnesota: Got a decent start on beans and then 8" of rain total over last 10 days. Most corn is decent but having problems with stalk rot, mainly on my DeKalb numbers. Especially 50-44 vt3.

  • 10/8 - Springfield, Redwood, southwest Minnesota: 95% of beans are combined with disappointing yields averaging 41-45. Hand-shelled some corn today, 28 and 34 moisture and some not black layered. Going to be slow and costly harvesting corn if we don’t get some drying weather soon.

  • 10/8 - Northern Indiana: It is almost mid-October and I have no beans harvested because it rains every other day,the sun never shines and it is usually below 60 degrees. As for corn...none of it is below 30% and is still green, even the early planted April corn. Yields will be fair. We will be harvesting til New Year's!

  • 10/8 - Peoria County, Ill.: Very little harvesting being done in my area. Hand-tested some corn yesterday of first planted field, 105 day corn, planted May 24, and moisture was 31-1/2%. Others  have harvested some as high as 36%. Last field planted June 5 is dented, but some still milky. Looks like a very late start -- maybe not til end of October and some fields may never dry out..

  • 10/8 - Logansport, Ind.: Is the rain slowing our harvest down? We need to get started before we can be slowed down! We did get started on some soybeans on Monday the 5th. What we ran were very good and cut and thrashed really easy. Yield is above 50 and moisture was 13.6%. Hopefully we get back at it one of these days. Frost on windshield Monday a.m. also. Everyone be careful out there!

  • 10/7 - Mason, Ohio: Joe Steiner gives his corn harvest update from Mason, Ohio.

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.

  • 10/8 - Lee County, northwest Illinois: Virtually no harvest activity in the area. Have done 40 acres of early beans, running about 50bu./acre. Long-term forecast does not look favorable.

  • 10/8 - Coles County, east central Illinois: Soybean cutting has started in select fields over the last few days with bean moisture a little on the wet side and weather on the wet side too. 0.9" Tuesday, sunny Wednesday, pouring rain Thursday -- 1.75" as of noon and still coming down hard. Yields are close to normal on early planted soybeans but look to be much less on latter planted beans. Corn is still wet.

  • 10/8 - Winnebago County, Iowa: Tried some corn today. 95 day hybrid planted April 18. Moisture is 26-27%. Yield is 177 dry bushels by volume, before factoring in 50# test weight. We were hoping for quite a bit more. Last two years averaged 190s. Thought this crop was better. Rainwater on semi tarps from yesterday was frozen this morning. Looks like a long slow harvest.

  • 10/8 - St. Clair/Madison counties, southwest Illinois: Harvest is starting at a snails pace so far.  Most years we have a good dent in corn and quite a few beans cut.  So far we’ve got 2 good days of corn shelling under our belt.  Corn is still very tough.  The late mid/late May corn is running 22-30%.  Yields have been very good so far.  Most are reporting 180 to 250 on limited activity, but it does look promising.  The early/mid June corn is trying to blacklayer.  This is about 50% of the acres in this area.  I expect those yields to be good, but not as goo as the May plantings.
    Some beans are being cut as many prefer to wait for them instead of dealing with high moisture corn.  Yields on the late group 3’s have been good with many reporting 50-60 bushel averages.  Most of our bean crop in this area went in the ground mid/late June and those beans are still a week or so away.  They are shorter and not podded as well and most are expecting them to yield at least 5-10 less than the few early ones being cut.

  • 10/8 - Dickey County, N.D.: Somebody needs to be looking a lot closer at bean fields if they think the white mold issue is “contained to Pioneer varieties”.  Varieties do vary in how they tolerate sclerotinia, but canopy management and standability showed to be key factors determining WM infestations.

  • 10/8 - Mower County, Minn.: Checked 102 RM corn that was planted on April 16th hoping I would see black layer before Saturday's freeze.  No such luck.  I would guess 50-52# corn this fall.  It would be the best corn we have ever had if it had time to mature.  From my conversations around the area maybe 1 field in 10 will be mature when the freeze hits. White mold taking a heavy toll in some bean fields.  I would say 50 bu/acre will catch most beans with yields in the low 40s common.  I would estimate that is 5 bu/acre below average.

  • 10/7 - Mason, Ohio: Joe Steiner gives his corn harvest update from Mason, Ohio.

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.

  • 10/7 - Ramsey County, northeast North Dakota: Harvest has been late and slow. Most wheat has been harvested -- maybe 10% left, record yield about 30% above normal. Just started on pinto beans a month late, yields are average but the wet weather will take a toll on quality and possibly some areas too wet to harvest. Had to leave 10% last year, looks like more of the same. Soybeans were just getting close before the rains, looks to be an average crop. Some corn has black layered but most has not, will freeze this weekend. Looks like an average corn crop but very very wet, may harvest most this spring, did that last year and we were surprised how well the corn stood and the quality was better than drying very wet corn.

  • 10/7 - Montgomery County, southwest Iowa: Probably about 30% of the beans are harvested around here and maybe 2% of the corn. Field average for beans around 56-63, which is above average. Corn looks to be really good, early reports of 220-230, which is way above average. Looks like it is going to be a long slow harvest at this rate.

  • 10/7 - Central Wisconsin: Corn got froze the end of September. Corn was all dented, should make it. Just received 2 inches of rain. Very cold this week, high of 48, low of 28. Soybeans look good now, if only we can get them off. No combining going on here.

  • 10/7 - Dickey County, N.D.: Corn looks good, but 2 to 3 weeks behind normal, ranges from blister to milk, very few fields in dough stage. Soybeans have been looking exceptional until last week, white mold is starting to show up bad, the good news is it is mostly contained to Pioneer varieties. Corn needs mid-October to make maturity.

  • 10/7 - Walnut Grove, southwest Minnesota: Completed soybean harvest last week. One of the best ever -- 53.4 bu. average.

  • 10/7 - Buena Vista County, Iowa: It's been raining since last Thursday. I am about half done with beans. My yields, so far, have been between 50 to 55 bpa, 10.5% moisture and 56 lb. test weight. Haven't done any corn yet, but I think it's all black layered but still too wet. We are tired of sitting around and drinking coffee. I think I'll build a doghouse for my dog.

  • 10/6 - Wabasha, southeast Minnesota: Raining this morning. Had over 2 inches last week -- very welcome, as it was a dry summer. Very little bean combining -- no corn. Yields in the upper 40s. Soybean harvest should be in full swing after this weekend's freeze, upper 20s forecasted. Have a safe harvest.

  • 10/6 - North central Iowa: Most have only run on beans a couple of days. Beans so far are disappointing, worst in five or six years. Seven to 8 inches of rain the last 10 days, now way below normal forecast for temps. Might try some corn if the sun ever comes out, but moisture is still about 25%, a little still hasn't black layered. Some corn is not standing well and needs to be picked. Harvest is turning into a nightmare quickly around here.

  • 10/6 - Des Moines County, Iowa: Harvested both beans and corn. Beans better than expected, 60-plus. Corn good but wet and 49 to 50 test weight. Maybe too many cloudy days this summer.

  • 10/6 - Southwest Ohio: Combines were running hot and heavy today in soybeans. It seems like most of the yields are above 50 so far, some fields are much better. Most soybeans planted in early May were down to 13% moisture today. A little corn has been tried, but not much. The focus is on soybeans right now. I doubt much wheat or other cereals will get planted this late -- the focus is in the cash soybean market.

  • 10/6 - Waterloo, Ontario: With the first frost on the way this week, the growing season for the corn crop looks short of a full load. The cobs are not as big as I hoped, yet the crop looks bountiful from the road. I believe both high moisture and test weight will be our challenge, as the kernels are a long way from black layer. We are fooling ourselves if we think there is a record corn crop out there! Take the time to be safe!

  • 10/6 - Cherokee County, northwest Iowa: Finished with beans and had an average yield of 51.25 bu. per acre. That was early last week, has been raining here since Tuesday, a little over 3 inches in the gauge now and still raining. Wishing everyone a safe harvest season, take time to be careful.

  • 10/6 - Southern Iowa: Way too wet to start anything here. Some guys had started on beans before all of this rain. We would be able to start if we didn't get 3 inches of rain last week. Picked a few ears of corn to test the early stuff we planted (April 16) and it tested 17.5 on 113 day corn. Some of the corn on the hillsides is already laying flat. More rain is forecast throughout the week.

  • 10/6 - Sioux County, Iowa: Beans are disappointing in an area where we had abnormally high rainfall all season and exceptional yields were expected. Yields from 5% to 15% less than last year, cool temperatures and white mold as contributors. Corn appears headed for the same, with 14-16 rows of kernels where 18 is more historically common. Too cool most of the season. We are in an area where exceptional yields are expected but do not appear to be happening.

  • 10/6 - Ransom County, southeast North Dakota: Soybean harvest was just under way and now 2-3 inches of rain and we were wet already. Bean yields are disappointing, expected mid-40s but so far only mid-30s. Lots of white mold in some areas and just too wet in June. Corn mostly 1/2 milk line, hasn't made any progress in the last 10 days and I'm not sure why. Hope everyone enjoys a safe harvest.

  • 10/5 - Huntington County, Indiana: Next to nothing harvested yet in our area.  The latest we have started harvest in the last 16 years is Oct. 6.  This year could beat that.  Our soybeans look pretty good but it's hard to tell until the combines roll.  Corn still has a lot of green leaves and needs heat and sun to finish maturing and drying down.  It is going to be a very late harvest and a lot of LP is going to get used to get this crop dry.  With prices dropping every day, it gets pretty discouraging.

  • 10/5 - Lancaster County, Penn.: H. Grant Troop shows the green corn still standing, along with a field that is starting to have some stalk issues in his area..

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.

  • 10/5 - Putnam and Henry Counties, Northwest Ohio: Soybeans any where from upper teens if you did not receive rain to lower fifties if you were lucky enough to get rain.
  • 10/5 - O’Brien County, Iowa: Two-thirds done with beans 10% less than last year. Little if any rain in Aug or Sept.

  • 10/5 - Rockford, Ill.: Tried some corn yesterday. Planted April 20, 106 day hybrid, still 35% and 50 lb test weight. Yield looked decent at over 200 bu/ac shrunk to 15% moisture. Corn moisture has never been this wet Oct 2 with earlier hybrids planted mid to late April. Full season hybrids won't be ready till Halloween. Going to be a long harvest.

  • 10/5 - South Central Indiana: We started combining beans on 9/30 and last night we received 1.4" of rain and it was already wet!  This looks to be a long wet harvest as the weatherman is calling for more rain Monday and Tuesday!

  • 10/5 - Northeast Kansas: Soybean yields continue to be above average consistently, we are happy. We have harvested some corn and have above average yields too, but it is too early to tell how the bulk of our corn crop will finish out.

    Elevators in our area have space now, but the fear is that they will run out of room and shut off storage or DP soon. Some elevators in our area offered high moisture discounts for a while about 2 weeks ago, but I believe one of those elevators is having trouble with too much high moisture corn they took in. Oh well, their problem now.

    I agree with (Iowa’s) response to Clay County Minnesota. Who would buy your 2011 crop? Do you really think the market cares about your production costs? No. Besides, not too many neighbors around me would even consider not planting a crop at all. Maybe you did not forward contract anything this year and are mad about it.

    Happy Harvesting!

  • 10/5 - Central Illinois: Harvest is happening on Kevin Wood's farm in central Illinois..

-- Pam Smith, Farm Journal Seeds & Production Editor

(Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)



  • 10/2 - Polo, Ill.: Corn is still pretty wet, says Dustin Spears of Polo, Ill. But, they are harvesting because they have a lot to do.

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.


  • 10/2 - Weld County, Colo.: Our low night time temps dipped close to 32 this morning. Some areas had light frost again. Corn silage harvest should be wrapped up by this weekend...some of it is getting a little dry! Yields appeared to be above average where there was no hail. It appears that around 80% of our state had hail this year. One farmer north of us had hail eight times! Early run on sugar beets are just about complete with yields very impressive except for the hailed areas. Most early planted corn is black layered but late planted corn is only 40% dented. It would be nice for the temps to stay above "hard freeze" for at least 10 more days! Dry beans harvest is just about complete with average yields.
  • 10/2 - Lincoln, Neb.: Combines rolling in the beans 50-55 average maybe a little better if you were one of the lucky ones to be under the right cloud in late July.  Some corn taken out still running 17-19 moisture not a lot of on farm drying happens around here. Corn yields very good for how dry we were during July, 180 bus/acre and above average, this area has a 145 bus/acre average. Big problem will be today with wind gust to 45 mph and corn already going down do to stalk rot and drought conditions we are going to leave top end of yield in the field.

  • 10/2 - North Central Iowa: Received 3.9 inches one week ago -first rain since Aug 23rd -Combines headed to fields on Tuesday afternoon- all day Wednesday and woke up to rain and now have 2.2 inches in rain gauge. Yields on 150 acres of beans were 3 bu. below average. White mold pockets drop yield monitor by over 50%. Aphids were sprayed on time. SDS and mold could be the same surprise we had 5-6 years ago when aphids first came and the markets didn't react until combines started to roll.

  • 10/2 - Greenfield, Ill.: Ross Prough of Greenfield, Ill., shows his dented and maturing corn.

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.

  • 10/2 - Seneca, Kan.: Betty Sudbeck is harvesting corn in Seneca, Kan. See what the moisture content and yields are making.

    Agriculture Reports Network provides crop conditions directly from the farmer to the farmer. Visit, to find out more from locations across the United States.

  • 10/2 - Ottawa County, Ohio: FROST last night some of our beans were still green yet, 40%.Corn was almost blacklayered. We are only 6 miles from Lake Erie. Beans and corn will still be very good. We are still dry only 8tenths in September. Hope the crop GOD shines on you all.
  • 10/2 - Scott County, Iowa: Beans are a bit disappointing.  Yield monitor bouncing around from 20 to 75 bushel but over all average 5-10 bushel below normal.  Test weights very low on beans, around 53.  I've heard corn test weights coming in under 50.  We are supposed to have a huge crop here, so far, I don't see it.  It is pounding rain now and by the looks of the forecast, will be quite some time before we can get back in the beans.  I'd switch to corn, but most of it looks like late August versus Oct 1.

  • 10/2 - Lafayette County, Southwest Wisconsin: Started some hail damaged 103 day corn on Sept 30th.  Corn was brown and looked like it was Oct 30th.  26% running 123 bu/acre on a weight wagon check.  This corn had potential for 225 bu/acre and from the combine, the husks are long and hanging down, making it look like 175 bushel corn, but ears are pinched and stunted.  It is coming off the ear very nicely though.  Some soybeans harvested in this area yesterday but little else done.  The hail damaged corn has pretty much been hit by disease severely and much of it is dead and brown, and better be harvested soon.  Other non-damaged corn looks very good and is approaching maturity, although some varieties are wracked with disease and dying before full maturity of the ear.  Farmers still chopping corn.

  • 10/1 - Wells County, Ind.: Temps right at now 31, with heavy frost. Corn checked yesterday not black layered, needed 10 more days. Think most beans other than double crop will be ok. Done some yield checks Some not going to be too bad but others going to be disappointing. Going to be surprises when the combine roll. Disease and lack of rain took its toll.
  • 10/1 - Northern Indiana: It's 4 a.m. on Oct. 1, outside temp. is 30 degrees, with ice on the pickup windshield.  I'd say our growing season is over.  We run some corn this week.  Yield is 60 bu. on the sandhills, 160 in the low spots.  Average about 130 so far.  Moisture is 23 to 33.

  • 10/1 - North Central Iowa: Have done 3 bean fields.  Yields are a little disappointing. The best field did 47.6 the worst one only did 39.  The worst one had about 25 acres of river bottom that was rotten with white mold. Even some higher ground has white mold.  Last few years we've had a lot of    55-60 bushel beans. Hope we average 45 this year.

  • 10/1 - South Central Minnesota: Corn here just died last week, some turned brown in about 5 days.  I think anthractnose has set in.  Checked some early varieties and they are getting to black layer, but the samples I've tested did not have good test weight, this will hurt our yield some if all varieties are light. Beans are dropping leaves with a few fields almost ready, and most 10-14 days away.  Don't know what to expect for bean yields, hoping they make 45-50.
  • 10/1 - South Central Indiana: Started bean harvest today. First 40 acres went 63 bu/a. Corn harvested last week in the bottoms was making 160 to 200 bu/a with 25 to 40 % damage from diplodia and ear rot. Hopefully it will get better on the higher ground!

  • 10/1 - Cherokee County, Northwest Iowa: 400 acres into bean harvest 5 bushel below 5-year average. Yes I sprayed for aphids.

  • 10/1 - Northwest Ohio: Last report some corn was harvested in Fulton County was moisture: 32-35. Beans next week. Stay safe.

  • 10/1 - Texas: Rain alleviated drought conditions throughout much of the state. However, many regions need considerably more rain to fully recover, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel.

Despite the drought, peanuts look good throughout Texas this year, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service personnel. Fields were being dug in the South Plains, and combining should start soon. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo).

(Have any photos of the crops on your farm? Send them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


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