Sep 19, 2014
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July Crop Comments

Jul 31, 2014

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 7/31 - McLeod County, Minn.:Lyon county, come up to McLeod County and take a look. not upset with your comments, but maybe overestimating the facts before the final score. We have a long way to go up here (many, many pp acres of corn and beans)- those that did get planted need rain and heat. There are good areas around here, but not what USDA thinks. If we don't get rain soon, many of the areas of lighter soil will be ruined. Don't want to rain on your parade, but a ways away from the bin. Looking for a rally, wait until December...

  • 7/31 - Johnson County, Iowa: Corn looks good but beans on lighter ground need rain soon also the beans are short.

  • 7/31 - Berrien County, Mich.: I read crop comments almost every day and every growing region has a crop issue due to weather and the usda keeps making the crop bigger and they will never correct it if it doesn't make 5 to 6 dollar corn will work for everybody we just need to raise 150 bu corn

  • 7/31 - South Central Minn.: Kudos to the comments from Southeast SD and Dallas Co, Iowa your comments are spot on. Why do you need to take a picture of your yield monitor and put it on a web site for the whole world to see? What do you think you accomplished by doing this? The comment from Lyon Co Mn is beyond comprehension. 3 ears?? How preposterous. Finally to the comment from Dobson N.C, glad your corn LOOKS nice but I'm pretty sure Iowa might produce just a little bit more corn than N.C. What's the average yield in N.C compared to Iowa? I have a hunch the market cares more about the yield in Iowa rather than N.C that's why their dirt is worth twice as much. The stupidity of some people to brag or boast about something they have to the whole world is beyond comprehension. There's a old saying "you can't fix stupid". How true it is.

  • 7/31 - Cheyenne County, Neb. Wheat harvest 80-90% done. One second hand yield report from Deuel County said yield on dryland wheat @ 98.2 bu. /acre. There were some very good yields around the area. Harvest stopped because of rain Monday evening. We hope to finish over the weekend. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/30 - Coles County, Ill.: east side of ill is dry. the rains forecasted the last few weeks fizzle out after they cross the mississippi river. corn is fireing up on the high ground and on the low areas where the stunted corn is from the standing water in june and have shallow roots and rock hard ground due to the standing water. soybeans are trying to put on pods but really need a good rain. cool weather is sustaining the crop but slowing development. corn ears are tipping back and the second ear is pollinated but drying up instead of filling out. still a average crop but weather is taking off the top end.

  • 7/30 - Southeast S.D.: We need rain bad, yes Lyon co Mn it is doom and gloom, are your 2 and 3 ears per stalk finished yet! In the bin? I don't think so. I've seen 2 ears on stalks before but never harvested them. When the experts at usda here talk like yours it's like dumping gas on a fire! Fayette co Tx congrats to you on good yield! I've seen good yields like that on my monitor, but will the whole field do that? If I stop real fast with my combine my monitor might jump up to 300+ but not my whole field! Hope it rains soon, no rain in forecast, but if usda and weather service need cheaper grains they'll change it to their favor!

  • 7/30 - Sauk County, Wis.: Cold no heat. Corn and Beans look good but have a long way to go. No significant rain just enough to keep you from combining wheat. No sun to dry the wheat. Sun comes out at 7:00 at night. Hope our first Frost is December 1 we are going to need that much time to ripen the crops. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/30 - Coles County , Ill.: It has been a long time since we have seen a rain over 1/2 inch. the last few weeks have seen a couple 2/10" rains and we are dry, dry ,dry. crops are showing the stress when they are trying to fill ears and develop pods.It's a bad time to be cold and dry.

  • 7/30 - Dallas County, Iowa: Sometimes I have to scratch my head and wonder about what I read on here. Lyon Co. MN. took an 80 mile road trip to Sioux Falls SD and says he has DOUBLE and TRIPLE eared corn and 15 to 20 beans per plant already, so this crop is going to be a biggun. Really? Go find that second ear come harvest time, it'll be a nubbin. There's no way to have any real idea about soybeans until the number of beans (not pods) per plant are harvestable. You must be a part of the PRO FARMER TOUR. You say the comments here are "doom and gloom" to get a price bounce. In my opinion, the trade over estimates the production so they can financially violate producers. Old sayings are usually very good advice. One that comes to mind is, "Buy the rumor and sell the fact". I think end users may want to consider this and start taking advantage of these basement bargain prices and start buying the rumor. Fact of the matter is, when it's all said and done with there have been some over zealous estimates about the size of the crops in the Midwest this year, excluding Lyon Co,'s going to be a bin buster there! I will give that producer credit in his observation that there is still a lot that can change this crop's potential. Hells Bells we could have 17B. of corn and 5B. soybean crop with $1.63 corn and $4.17 soybeans. Worst part of it is some producers would look at the production numbers and say "aint we special".

  • 7/30 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: No rain since July 5, but crops look good. Beans will start to cut yields soon. Not looking at a bin buster here like last year.

  • 7/30 - Knox County, Ill.: As per the USDA, 8.8 million acres of corn have yet to silk as of July 27th in the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Another 9 million acres have yet to silk in those 'northern' states of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Ohio and Indiana. That totals almost 18 million acres. On our farm, this is longest, most drawn-out pollination period I can remember. We started planting corn on May 3rd and finished on May 8th. We saw our first tassel on July 10th after accumulating 1,614 GDDs from 5-3. Between July 10 and July 28, we collected just 349 GDDs or roughly 81% of normal. The average hourly temperature for the same period was 69.5 degrees. NOAA forecasts below normal temps and below normal precip through mid-August.

  • 7/29 - Southwest Mich.: Corn started tasseling on July 11. A lack of precipitation has started some firing on corn planted on light soil. We still have good sub moisture, but we are running out of growing degrees days. We have had four mornings where the temperatures have been in the high fourties, this does not help the beans grow. They were to wet in June and the first of July, now it is to cold. They are flowering and some pods are developing, but the plants are only a little over knee high. I doubt that some of the 30 inch rows will reach closure before the beans reach term. It looks like an average crop in our area, the corn will be at the top end of yields (190-215 b/a) but the soybeans will probably be in the middle (35-40 b/a).

  • 7/29 - Fayette County, Texas: Yall guys up north might not be impressed, but my corn yields are turning out better than last 3 years added together!

  • yield monitor
    --Fayette County, Texas

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  • 7/29 - DeKalb County, Mo.: Crops still looking good here but a nice soaker would be great. I had expected corn to start rolling and maybe the beans to start turning over a little during the day but it hasn't happened yet. Made a trip to Atlantic IA today. Beans were smaller than I expected. Corn seems to be "thinner" than I expected. Crops looked good there but I've seen better. It'll be interesting to see what crop ratings do here if we don't get rain until 8/9.

  • 7/29 - Sibley County, Minn.: The corn on heavy ground looks "ok" but anything from a bin-buster. Lighter soils beginning to show stress right at the critical time of pollination a large portion of Central Minnesota corn crops are pollinating now and with no rain forecast expect 10 to 15 bushels off the averages. That puts our prospects at best an overall average crop with some strong spots mitigated away by the drowned out areas and the rest in the normal yield range. Beans are struggling given the lack of GDD's an early frost before October 1 will be devastating for both corn and beans. Others are correct in their thoughts given Central MN especially as there will be fields that do not black layer until the middle of October. Imagine the test weight on that when it goes thru the dryer and the cost! At best an average crop here and praying that we get rains in August and no frost until October 1 or later.....Good Luck if your crops aren't mature by then as some guys will still experience substantial yield losses if a killing frost occurs on October 1

  • 7/29 - Southeast S.D.: Back from the hills, nice and green across SD, grass not as tall and thick as other years. Saw nice bean and corn fields between Plankington and White River on the way out, not so good on the way back, tasseled corn and almost shaded beans, hailed out Sat. morning, pretty ugly, I feel for those guys! Conditions getting worse here, no rain, cracks in ground and no rain in sight! Aug 12th crop report should be depressing! I'm sure usda will still see only the record setting crop out here! Been talking with the banker some, scary! Good luck! With our recent "rally" $3.10 locally!

  • 7/29 - Berrien County, Mich.: 60 degrees today and maybe 72 tomorrow good crops right now but with out heat will be poor quality. A lot of corn not tasseling some 10 days away. USDA has record corn and soy crops wonder if we will see record actions with 50% less crop revenue

  • 7/29 - Dobson, N.C.: Here's a photo from Dobson, NC, made last weekend (July 18).Why anyone would pay $10K an acre in Iowa for land when you can buy land like this in NC for half that, and not freeze you backside all winter is beyond me.

  • corn North Carolina
    --Dobson, N.C.

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  • 7/29 - Richland County, N.D.: Cool and cloudy past several days, 10-20 % of corn starting to silk and tassle. Much is only 4-5 feet tall. Soybeans are ranging from waist to the majority under knee high and a lot of ugly fields in the valley plus I am noticing more large prevented plant fields as they get worked. Overall good conditions for a crop that is on time but we are 3 weeks behind schedule. Wheat is just starting to turn ranging to late pollinating in some areas. Wheat looks OK. According to GDD, 60% of the corn fields are looking at black layer near October 1. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/29 - Walsh County, N.D.: We are spraying the edible beans (2nd time) this week. The flower buds have formed, but no flowers yet. They are finally getting kind of bushy, but have a long way to go to make a crop. Praying for a really long, warm fall. Hard red spring wheat crop is excellent. Drove to Fargo over the weekend, stayed on secondary roads-took our time. Terriffic amount of water damaged corn, soybeans and sugarbeets thru the heart of the Red River Valley....but on the freeway at 75 mph crops don't look too bad. USDA must stay on the Interstate highways. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/29 - Lucas County, Iowa: Corn looks good and is just now pollinating. Very spotty and minimal rains this past 4 weeks with next poossibility of rain almost 2 weeks out. Will the poor corn root systems get to the needed inground moisture? Time will tell. Beans very short and thin.

  • 7/29 - Clark County, Wis.: a lot of uneven corn most of it has not tassel yet. we seem to be a week or two behind. are avg. frost date is sept. 20 last year we made it to oct. 19 that has to happen again. first and second crop alfalfa where great third crop looks good but could use a drink. went for a short drive around the county to look at the crops and figured out way we have so many cows here cash cropping doesn't work well here. crop not very pretty.

  • 7/29 - Lyon County, Minn.: Drove to Sioux Falls through the back roads to get a feel for this crop. Beans look to be in good shape. Corn while variable in size and stage is green nearly to the bottom except for sandy spots. I would estimate that we will have above average to great yields if we do not get an early frost. That will be the key. My own crops looks pretty good. I have 2 ears on most of the corn, with some having 3 ears. Beans are flowering, and already have 15 to 20 pods on. I think we are lying to ourselves if we don't think we will have a decent crop. Personally, I think we are doom and gloom on this board in hopes that we get some kind of bounce in price. I don't see it happening. From hear on out, it will be about August rain for soybeans and freeze dates that will affect the end potential.

  • 7/28 - Central Neb.: We watched on July 9 th as the worst hail storm of our lifetime hit. Our local coops ran the numbers and came up with a minimum of 40,000,000. Bushels of corn lost. Had to laugh when the boys from Cargil came up with 17.000.000 bushels. It will be fun to see what basis for fall harvest does. Lots of grain bins setting empty. As for marketing.not a lot of people did a very good job. But here's a little something you should know. If you think were gonna haul it to town and sell it for below cost of production you are wrong. Also if you get on the web nebraska farmers can store the whole crop on the farm. Last but not least we watched our dryland crops turn silver the drought is back. How about a real good freeze Labor Day weekend. It ain't over till the fat lady sings

  • 7/28 - Adams County, Neb.: irrigated corn looks good but don't think its the blow the top off record high yields . its turned dry, what dryland their is will take a big yield hit

  • 7/28 - Traverse County, Minn.: Pockets of corn look great with 200 potential. Plenty of corn was too wet early and will be lucky to make 140-150. Same story for the beans. No record crops here.

  • 7/28 - Caldwell County, Mo.: Beans are starting to pod and milo starting to head out we need a rain.

  • 7/28 - Wyandot County, Ohio: A lot of uneven corn and beans shorter than normal. About two weeks behind in maturity or so. A wet June has been followed by a dry July. Cool temps and good subsoil moisture has kept the crop going.

  • 7/28 - Madison County, Neb.: Last nights rain was spotty as they've all been this growing season. Anywhere from 5/100s to 2 inches. Chance again this weekend that will probably determine whether dry land is 200 or 120. Either way, irrigated corn looks excellent all across state that I've seen. Obvious drowned out areas on flat lands and bottoms. Beans are pretty thin, especially in Eastern NE but as history shows, we won't know their yield until the combine rolls. Basis continuously widening as we should expect(again history shows). Looking at last year, I'd still be selling my old crop as old crop basis is a 30 cent premium to new. All that shiny tin over the years will come to use this year. Good luck.

  • 7/28 - Knox County, Ill.: According to the USDA, 14,266,000 acres of corn have yet to silk as of July 20th in the states of North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. NOAA projects below normal temps in these states going forward for the next three months. Looking at historical GDDs points toward the prospect that a significant portion of these acres may well not make black layer before an average frost date without a dramatic and prolonged heat event to push maturity along. Right now, all this talk about an enormous corn is just and wishful thinking by the USDA and the end users.

  • 7/25 - Jackson County, Iowa: finished third crop hay. Some guys have started combining oats . Fair week here in Jackson County. Daughter was getting fiberglass cow ready for parade. Currently receiving a nice shower. Been almost two weeks since any measurable rain. We weren't hurting, we won't turn down.

  • round hay   spraying cow CC 0725
    --Southeast Ind.

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  • 7/25 - Southeast Ind.: While we had quit mowing yards, we got from .5-1.25" rain this week. It was needed. Going to be a good week to make 3rd cutting alfalfa. God Bless everyone!

  • 7/25 - North Central Mo.: no rain for 3 weeks. no subsoil moisture = crops going south in a hurry ? 4th year in a row for being dry . crops turning white color today and wasn't even hot. no rain in forcast next 15 days. insuarance again this year?

  • 7/25 - Grundy County, Mo.: Our big corn crop potential here is gone with a super dry July. Stopped mowing yards and all the grass in pasture and hay fields is not growing. We had great planting, perfect stands, and now will collect crop insurance for the 3rd straight summer because of drought. Beans still have a shot for some August rain.

  • 7/25 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Finally was able to harvest my irrigated wheat. The yield was decent, test weight about 58. The price isn't pretty though. We haven't had much rainfall this month, and the dry land crops are starting to show stress. Irrigation has really increased in the last week, and will continue non stop until we receive a decent rain, or until the crop matures- which ever occurs first. Good luck to all. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/25 - Madison County, Ohio: For the most part crops around west central oh look very good but are behind in maturity due to the cool and cloudy summer we are experiencing. There is probably at least a third of the corn crop in this area that still hasn't tasseled and probably about the same amount of beans that are only a foot tall. So while we look good we are still susceptible to a lot of weather and these crops are far from being made.

  • 7/25 - Minnehaha County, S.D.: Corn and beans are holding on here ok, some spots are done with no rain but maybe some silage! Will have to use crop ins. again! Funny how a positive number on the board makes me feel better! Corn is tasseling but sure is uneven, corn will be wet assuming the way it's tasseling and pollinating, slow! No moisture here but north 8 miles had .50-1.5 lucky suckers! Did tear an ear off and do kernel count, 16x38 the way I learned to do the math, might be 168 or so but it was the biggest ear there, I think that's how usda and pretend farmer do it.Good luck! Going on 4 day vacation to the Black Hills, maybe it will rain when I'm gone!

  • 7/24 - Richland County, N.D.: The first few fields of corn are just showing tassels. Others are weeks away from tasseling. Beans are about shin high to 6 inches. Moisture is fine and temperatures have been OK. Tasseling looks to be very uneven in some fields. No bug problems yet. Wheat is about 3 weeks away at earliest from harvest. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/24 - Palo Alto County, Iowa: Perfect storm is hitting us once again. Floods in early June drowned out our heavy ground and now no rain in July is burning up our light ground. Our crops the past week have been looking better but we are going to be a far cry from a bumper crop. Usually this time of year arial sprayers are buzzing all hours of the day and this year it is rare to hear one in the distance. That alone tells you what kind of crop we have. With the price drop everyone is expecting an insurance check. No need to produce extra bushels

  • 7/24 - Cass County, Iowa: Need rain this week .. but its taken out of forecast. Beans/Corn may rollover -- w/o it yields are going down quick. Glad I didn't sell my crop last week when the TV Ag Pros said to....

  • 7/24 - Polk County, Iowa: No appreciable rain in three weeks. Ground starting to show cracks and lawns browning. Corn looks decent, but with many drowned out spots. With the very wet spring, will the minimal corn root structure survive the predicted dry forcast? Beans very uneven, the best are behind normal height for late July and showing pale leaf color, where they weren't drowned out. The temps and rainfall for next 2-3 weeks will determine whether or not we'll have an "average" crop yield.

  • 7/23 - Southeast Iowa: Corn looks great, beans are improving. Could use a rain, not much in the 10 day forecast though. Cooler weather should help.

  • 7/23 - Lawrence County, Ohio: After an extended dry period we're finally getting some much needed rain. Corn is looking excellent now. Good news for crop farmers is we will be chopping it for silage.

  • 7/23 - Monroe, Mich.: Most corn rolled today, no-till beans not above last years corn stalk's. Flash drought continues, half a crop on both at best. There are two Is' in Michigan does that count as an I state?

  • 7/23 - Berrien County, Mich.: corn progressing nicely could use a rain shower corn could break 200 bu on some farms needs to keep raining.

  • 7/23 - Faribault County, Minn.: Corn starting to tassel. Some fields uneven where water stood. Could really use a good rain now since it finally got hot. Only had a good half an inch so far in July. Won’t have to mow this week since the lawn is starting to brown up. No aphids in the beans yet, but it is a little early, most years we spray for aphids the first week of august.

  • 7/23 - Waupaca County, Wis.: Took a drive around our county, amazed at how bad things look. Our county ranges from heavy clay to black silt lomas to irrigated sand. The irrigated always looks good as it should. What amazed me was the heavier soils. If they were planted earlier and mudded in or producers waited and planted late, it really made no difference. Yellow, stunted or just plain short. I saw a lot waist high or shorter. Normally this type of ground can look as good as the irrigated. But with no rain for almost a month, it was wilting! A lot of silage corn this fall. Wonder if USDA will take notice?

  • 7/22 - Lancaster County, Neb.: Took a vacation with family left Lincoln headed east to Des Moines then up through Northeast Iowa over to Madison WI (Dells) up to Green Bay (go Pack but not Badgers)) home by way of Northern IL then I 80 west. Corn looks 175 or better all the way except from 40 miles east of Madison up to Green Bay. Beans look average about everywhere. Tremendous looking corn I thought in SW WI. You farmers in NE Iowa through Wisconsin sure know how to keep up your farmsteads with those pretty big red barns, very impressive. Back here in Southeast NE we could use a rain haven't really had anything since the first of July. Corn could be tremendous with a good soaker shortly beans are very uneven this year and to early to tell what will become of them. Wheat was around 60 bus/acre from what I heard. Feel sorry for the producers around Adair IA, that was one nasty hail storm. With what I saw for the 1800+ miles we drove, looks like the market is doing just what it should, hate to say that but basic economics of supply and demand are taking hold (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/22 - Sibley County, Minn.: Crops starting to look better with warm and dry weather. Still won't be much of a crop. Large drowned out spots, and crop is behind. Four years in a row of claiming crop insurance indemnity not fun. Good for those farmers in areas with big crops on the way, enjoy. Look forward to hearing your yield reports this fall. Sounds like they will be unbelievable. Low prices should correct a few areas of production costs.

  • 7/22 - St. Clair County, Mich.: Illinois farmer is correct as far as GDDs around here. Most corn went in 2 - 4 weeks late and we haven't had the heat to keep up with normal. Most corn is 2-3 weeks from tasseling, that should put us at maturity around Oct. 1 that is if we can get normal temps, which hasn't happened at all this year.

  • 7/22 - St. Clair County, Ill.: Record crop what a joke. I have not gotten a decent rain since Memorial Day (1"). Crops look good but are going down hill more every day.The cool weather has masked some of the damage.I suspect that the USDA and most local farmers will not admit to that. According to USDA everyone in the U.S. is going to have a bin busting crop all in the hopes of driving down the prices that we get for our crops.

  • 7/22 - Billings, Mont.: crops look good around here it quit raining a month ago , going to start combining barley next week looks good not a bin buster but good , corn is tasseling but short , got to dry before we got water on it , 95 degrees and 30 mile hr wind not good growing conditions ! have to agree with minnehaha sd farmer when should leave planters in shed next spring , but we are greedy and we would see our neighbor out there planting and we would too ! i have always said if we just planted half our acres one year what would those grain brokers do than ? they would just import it from south america and say was our crop and ding us the following year in price like they did last year !

  • 7/22 - Southeast Ind.: Crops look good, beans are starting to catch up even with cool temps last week. Yet we are plenty dry, some thunderstorms would be welcomed.

  • Double crop 10 days after planting IND
    --Southeast Ind.

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  • 7/22 - Bon Homme County, S.D.: Corn is 10 feet tall and pollination nearly complete. At this point, it's the best looking crop since 2009.

  • SD corn
    --Bon Homme County, S.D.

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  • 7/21 - Searns County, Minn.: Corn beginning to tassel and soybeans are flowering nicely. What started out as a horrible looking crop is now looking better everyday with the heat and timely rains. Had a chance to drive through a big chunk of southern and southwest MN where it is actually "corn country". I would have to admit that the crops really look nice, with the exception of drown out spots. I did notice some prevent plant land, however. At least some land will pull a profit this year ;)

  • 7/21 - Southern Manitoba : Saw soybean crops in North Dakota and Minnesota during this last week. I'm just wondering what the crop potential is for soybeans that are 4 to 8 inches tall in the middle of July because there were a lot of them out there. There was also a lot of spring wheat with large yellow areas in the fields. In Manitoba, this usually means a large loss in yield. I guess that US wheat yield isn't affected by water damage according to crop condition reports. In 2013 there was an awful lot of wheat from Canada that went across the border to make up for a shortfall in US production. This won't be the same in 2014 because the Canadian crop isn't nearly what it was last year. It'll be interesting to see how government agencies will try to cover up the shortfall in their crop reports. The amount of crop damage, due to flooding, has been hugely understated in the Canadian prairies. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/21 - Mower County, Minn.: in response to the farmer from Knox County Ill and his question about Mn and gdu accumulation. I was very suprised to see my corn tassle over the weekend. I was expecting to wait another couple of weeks as we haven't been very warm this season and it has rained plenty. One thing that has been in our favor is that after the rain clouds let go it cleared up again and didn't remain cloudy for any amount of time.103 day corn planted May 20th is tasseling.Corn is very short compared to normal at this stage, I would guess twenty iches less tall than normal. So I went and found some average conditions in the field and pulled some baby ears to get kernel set counts. We are off 15% on total kernels this year and I would say we have a poorer stand than I have seen in many years. Root mass and plant health is fantastic so kernel set back at pollination and ear fill and kernel depth will be big factors.I see 85 percent of what we would normally have for a potential to make a crop as of now. I would assume a dry crop out of the field in mid October and am not concerned with a frost issue like I was previously.

  • 7/21 - Minnehaha County, S.D.: Watched Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong on their show Sat. morning, am I missing something, they are so positive and bubbly I just want to puke! Their weather forecast called for rain all over SD and east - didn't rain here at all! Makes me wonder who they work for! I have a brother-in-law who works for a rock quarry, his income has never went down in the last 20 years! When will us farmers figure it out! Leave the planters in the shed next spring and price our product! When will we wake up?

  • 7/21 - Rice County, Minn.: Crops look good, rain forecasts have not materialized in the last three weeks. Have not had to mow lawn in over 10 days. First tassels showing from our corn planted 5/7. Funny our neighbor said we were crazy to be planting that day due to ground temp. His corn is half as tall. Everyone was locked out of the fields for two weeks after to plant the majority of their corn around here. In response to Knox Co. ILL: You bring up a good point about the planting delays, GDD, & frost worries but it would have to actually happen to change anything. Rice Co. MN had a killing frost 9/15/2012. We were so far ahead of schedule due to the drought south of us that it did not matter. If it would have happened in 2013 it would have been a pure instant disaster. We may be better off in my county than 2013 but 2012 corn was all in by 4/21, beans 5/1 & we had perfect weather all summer. This market is the pure example of human nature. Like the person who loses the weight & quits smoking after the heart attack. Best regards and enjoy your freedom.

  • 7/21 - Southeast S.D.: Second cutting put up with no rain! Been just about 4 weeks with no rain! Top 20% is gone so I think with timely rains from here on out will be 140-150 bu on better ground and 100-110 on poorer soils! It has been overcast last couple days, maybe that will help out a little! Light spots are not white anymore just brown! I'm sure "pro farmer" won't see those spots though! $3.16 for corn local!

  • 7/21 - Sibley County, Minn.: Went on a 2000+ mile drive during the week following the 4th of July, I call it the "real" farmer tour, evidenced by an experienced farmer. That said the tour covered southern Wisconsin, Northern half of Iowa, East part of South Dakota and lower half of Minnesota, following is my predictions as the USDA is off as you would expect. Final corn acres will be approximately 82.5 Million down an additional .7 Million from the USDA report with a final yield of 162 which puts the crop at 13.365 Billion bushels. For soybeans I see quite a few more acres at 85.8 Million acres with a final yield of 42.7 putting final crop at about 3.7 Billion bushels. The crop will be smaller than predicted in both crops...... the fields in these areas I toured were between 2 to 4 weeks behind in maturity and top end yield has been lost and can not be recovered. There will be some good areas and fields throughout the U.S. BUT the real farmer tour of over 2000 miles doesn't see it in a prime producing area of the corn belt...... I can not put more than 55% of the crops I saw at good to excellent it will take a late fall to make a crop in much of this area

  • 7/21 - Kandiyohi County, Minn.: To Knox County, IL: Just spent several hours with my agronomist looking at our own fields. Extreme variability in all the fields. Good fields are a rare exception. As far as the GDD's, my agronomist said that we are roughly 1 week behind, and since the crop was planted on average 2-4 weeks late, we easily lose another week of GDD's. (Considering the coolness of May on an average year). Lots of drowned out, massive amounts of prevent plant to our east. The majority of the counties in this state have been declared disaster areas, but yet USDA gives us a crop rating of around 65% - good to excellent. We will not have any idea on our crop size because our first freeze will determine the size of this crop. But I am getting the feeling the crop is so big to our south, across the US, that our conditions up here do not matter.

  • 7/21 - DeKalb County, Mo.: Crops looking good overall. We've been a week without rain now but it's been cool. Forecasts are for a week of hot weather and no rain. We'll see what these crops have now. It is still soft in some places in the corn fields. Hang in there guy from NE. Everyone should know that if the 3-I states have a crop, prices will plummet. Our local exchange manager told me that the company state-wide is preparing to put up a lot of on-the-ground storage in preparation for what is coming. That just doesn't happen in MO.

  • 7/21 - Knox County, Ill.: record yields possible, maybe moreso for corn than soybeans

  • 7/21 - Red River Valley, N.D.: Just flew over red river valley of north dakota and there is a lot of PP and the crop that is planted has Lots of drown out in them. The analysts all say that even if there is drown out the rest of crop makes up for it im not so sure about that! If you have a 100 acres at 200 bu and drown out a third the other two thirds have to do 300 bu an acre just to break even! A 25% loss of acres means the rest of the field has to do 250 bu an acre! IMHO that aint gonna happen!!!

  • 7/21 - Fayette County, Texas: Cut a milo sample @25% moisture. Start harvest on corn next week. Nice to make a decent crop once again. Might have to fill the gas tank on the grain truck more than once this year.

  • Texas crop
    --Fayette County, Texas

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  • 7/21 - Renville, Minn.: The crops look just offal. Some of the worst crop I have seen in the past 50 years. I have a word for this but I will not repeat it here.

  • 7/21 - DeKalb County, Ind.: Stopped raining long enough for the wheat to be dry for harvest. All the repeated rain hurt the test weight. But with how hard the winter was and how long the snow covered the ground into the spring, we're happy with the yield. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/21 - Buffalo County, Neb.: If you were fortunate enough to miss out on the hail, crops here look about as good as they can. Pollination is in progress on the corn, but things have slowed down due to very cool conditions. I have not cut my wheat yet as it just won't mature and dry down with temps only in the 70's during the day. Much warmer temps are in the forecast for the next week, so hopefully it will dry down so that I can get it cut. Some of the comments on this page are quite amusing. IMHO, Mower County, MN summed it up best; Ag is a cyclical business. If you didn't put some money in the bank during the last 5 years you made a mistake. If you tore up pasture and/or CRP and planted crops, you are part of the problem as to why crop prices are sinking. Some farmers love to stare prosperity in the face,.. and promptly hand that "prosperity" over to the equipment and building companies, or to landlords to rent land away from someone else so that they can brag about how many acres they farm. Some of us will never learn the lessons of the past, as thus we are doomed to repeat them. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/21 - Monroe County, Mich.: Corn planted first part of may is pollinating but it is getting very dry, 2.5" of rain since June 1. All crops on lighter soils will be done without rain next week. 30 miles nw of us many fields not planted or way behind.

  • 7/21 - Livingston County, Ill.: There is the potential here in central il for a corn crop yield of the likes we've never seen before. Even with all these bushels out there $3.00 corn isn't gonna cut it. These good folks that control our markets better wake up and realize who's feeding em. HEY USDA TELL US IN YOUR NEXT REPORT WHY THE AMERICAN FARMER HAS TO TAKE A FALL AGAIN.

  • 7/21 - East Central Iowa: Illinois farmer thinking our only hope for a price rebound is if we have trouble reaching maturity. Just guessing it will be 2 weeks before the planes are flying around here. 2nd pass beans is also wrapping up. Have noticed that a lot of the beans that had pre emergence applied are shorter than those who didn't. Everybody is entitled to their opinion......not sure why some on this blog can't gracefully disagree with another producer. Play nice!

  • cutting alfalfa   Illinois Hay   
    --East Central Iowa

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  • 7/21 - Henry County, Ohio: No rain in 3 weeks. Nice looking crop starting to go backwards a bit. Veggies need a shower ASAP. Plenty of time for a decent year yet as far as yields go.

  • 7/18 - Jackson County, Iowa: Crops look good and it's time for the livestock guys to see some black ink on cheap corn we are over due.
    Iowa corn
    --Jackson County, Iowa

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  • 7/18 - Knox County, Ill.: The corn around here does look good, but the accumulation of GDDs is more than a bit worrisome. It seems to me that the vast majority of corn planted in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan is at risk even with an average first frost date. Am I wrong? Looking for input from other producers as to their perspective.

  • 7/18 - Harrison County, Iowa: A lot of uneven corn pollination. Some NCLB showing up & some reluctant fungicide spraying is starting due to economics. Crop conditions are from one extreme to the other (early frost, severe hail, too much rain, to excellent conditions). Happy are the lucky & sad are the unlucky!

  • 7/18 - Mower County, Minn.: Poor crops , poor prices. fun to watch all the farmers correcting each other on crop comments. We didn't make the high price high yield years and we didn't make the low yield low price years. We all knew it could be this way. Farmers were great at living with starvation revenue levels,and spent money when they made some recently like they could not stand the prosperity.I haven't acquired a taste for green paint yet. It will be fun watching the adjustments happen again. I will be buying the fire sales or rather flood sales, freeze out sales and poor price sales. What was forgotten was that the tax tables werent moved up as they printed more money. We are in for an expensive depression in farm country for some time.

  • 7/17 - Southeast S.D.: Putting up second cutting of alfalfa, should be much better quality than first cutting, no rain in last 3 weeks and none in extended forcast! Michelle Rook said in 2012 we need 1/4"of rain per day to maintain the corn crop, we're not getting it! Beans will not canopy if we don't get some moisture soon! But our "experts"still think it will be a record! It better be at $3 I need 187bu to break even! Not gonna happen!

  • 7/17 - Dodge County, Neb.: Grain prices are dropping but i bet rent real estate taxes fertilizer seed and other inputs won't. Some of us in nebraska know reality save for the bad years pretty hard when expense soar!!!!

  • 7/17 - Fillmore County, Minn.: Last year SE MN & NE IA went through extremely wet spring and many acres were prevent plant. Many of these PP acres are very productive acres on a typical average growing year. People need to remember that these markets are so large and what happens in your area really does not matter in the grand scale or big picture nation wide and world wide. Last year was proof with hundreds of thousands of acres of PP, and the price started to slowly decline all summer. Weatherwise, it generally takes an entire growing belt drought like 2012 to move the markets, not a back 40 hail storm or PP acres in a regional area. This year our crops look great so far, just starting to see some silks and tassels. We need some heat and degree growing days to push things along. We might be slightly behind in this area.

  • 7/17 - Wayne County, N.Y.: Crops that were planted on time look great, within a few days of tassel on the corn and full flower on the beans. Anything planted late will struggle to reach maturity by an acceptable date. Overall, a lot of variability across Upstate New York-yes we have farmers in New York!

  • sidedress ny
    --Wayne County, N.Y.

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  • 7/17 - Waupaca County, Wis.: Big change in crop conditions in the last week. Sandy ground burning up. Heavy ground looks yellow and stunted from being planted too wet. No decent rain in over two weeks and none in sight. Unless you have irrigation, the crop is bad!

  • 7/17 - Bay County, Mich.: Crops look good in the area.Rain has been spotty with next to none to extreme in areas.Don't cry about the prices we farmers work hard to do a great job and then we get pentalized for it.People in town work to just get their job done and don't give any extra effort or goof off and they get a good wage. We are the stupid ones.The govt pats you on the back and then pees in your pocket for your hard work.Don't you want to be in oil instead? Any excuse for oil prices to go up and they do but very slow to go down.Farming is a cycle and now we are in the break even mode for another 8 years before we are allowed to make money again.Look at history it repeats itself.Good luck for the next years.

  • 7/17 - South Central Minn.: Went in to certify today and the person helping me said the amount of farmers coming in with prevent acres is off the charts. She didn't think it was as bad as it is. To confirm that my crop ins agent said that with just his clients alone in his area he had 40,000+ acres go pp. I'm sure the usda will show this in their future reports right? Oh wait I guess I "INTENDED" to plant something so look for more acres in future reports. By the way what is an "intended" acre and why does it matter? Shouldn't it matter what actually gets planted? I intended to win the mega millions but it didn't happen so am I a millionaire anyway? To the Nebraska comment, what you said is an insult to all farmers. Would you work for someone for free because you made some money the previous years? How much money goes back into the economy when the farmer makes money? Ask John Deere, Case IH, Ford, Dodge, GM, the guy who sells bins, sheds or whatever, if it matters if the farmer makes money. If you said that to any successful business person they would laugh in your face. I can't believe you as a farmer could say something so preposterous. If you want to farm and make just enough to survive or loose money, then have at it. Farmers should be the richest people on earth for what we provide. Everybody on earth needs food to survive so if the farmer doesn't provide it who will?

  • 7/17 - Blackwater, Mo.: Things are looking great.

  • Missouri Corn
    --Blackwater, Mo.

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  • 7/17 - Ohio: Thank you, Dallas County, I could not have said it better in regards to the nebraska non sense

  • 7/16 - Dallas County, Iowa: The July 15 "Nebraska" comment was a swing and a miss. Everybody knew that the extreme high prices were bogus and not sustainable. Of course they were manipulated! Manipulated by the specs, funds, the commodity brokers, and most of all by the USDA! You almost sound grateful for the over correction that is taking place. You stated that we had some good years and should have saved for the bad ONE? I got news for you. This is setting up to be a lot longer than one year. Suggesting that the trade is "reasonable" is like having somebody run a Stop sign and T-bone you at an intersection, then thanking the other driver for not going fast enough to kill you and just maiming you instead. "South Central Minn." comment is spot on right! Kudos to you!

  • 7/16 - Weston County, Wyo.: Went on vacation from 7-8 to 7-13 leaving from Northeastern WY traveling through middle of South Dakota and Northern and middle of Iowa and then back home. I thought the corn crop looked very good. There were some fields under water or not planted, but very low percentage overall. Some fields were behind other fields in maturity but maybe that is due to management practices or timeliness? Very enjoyable to see pride of ownership with fields and homesteads.

  • 7/16 - Southeast S.D.: Hey Nebraska, see the picture of hailed out corn in your state, the ones moving the grain prices don't care about hailed out or 76 % good to excellent! all they care about is making money, every year, not just the good ones! Let's all go back and read theFFA creed, 3rd paragraph, less emphasis on begging and more on marketing! USDA and our other experts have now put us back to begging, $5 or so corn and $13 beans are not being greedy just a reasonable profit and the funds and specs etc. would still be making a profit too! Crops here are still the same.

  • 7/16 - Renville, Minn.: The crops look just offal. Some of the worst crop I have seen in the past 50 years. I have a word for this but I will not repeat it here.

  • 7/16 - Grundy County, Iowa: Beans are the best looking ever. Corn is dark green and showing tassels.

  • 7/16 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Everybody seems to be forgetting 1993 when to much rain stopped the roots from going deep enough to catch up with the fertilizer that the ample moisture took down.

  • 7/16 - Stearns County, Minn.: Corn is chest high and soybeans are canopying and flowering very nicely. Very ccol conditions. This was the week our corn usually polinates and it would have pollinated very well with this weather. The next 2 weeks so much warmer and that is when pollination is going to start. I hope we have enough moisture then! Will be starting small grains by the end of the month. Nothing short of a bumper crop there if it doesn't lodge. Sold some fat black Angus for 1.53 /lb. Going fishing with the boy today. Things are good in God's country today.

  • 7/16 - Plymouth County, Iowa: Have heard people compare this year to 1994 and of the 40 years I have farmed that is the year I would say was perfect. This year is far from it. Just one example - in 94 my corn was fully tasseled by the 4th and as of today I only have a few tassels showing. Warmer in 94 too. So compare the two I'll take 94.

  • 7/16 - Southeast S.D.: Corn is at all stages here chest high to starting to tassel, some is back to knee high and white! Wet spots are still yellow and will not recover completely, that will be some record setting corn in those areas! Beans look good for most part.

  • 7/16 - Daniels County, Mont.: Crops in this area doing well, but do need a rain.With grain prices the way they are i am already planning next years crops.Considering lentils,mustard,peas,flax.if the rest of the world can raise wheat at a profit at these prices let them. We all will be lucky to break even.Wheat prices have to go up or inputs have to go down.Who do you think will give first because the farmers already have.Good luck to all of us and hope to see all of us still in business next year. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/15 - Southwest Neb.: July 9-10 numerous severe storms with large hail and damaging winds caused significant crop damage in an area of south central and southwest Nebraska. The National Weather Service in Hastings reported hail from 1-1.75 inches, wind gusts up to 85 mph, and crop and property damage. Hail stripped plants and high winds leveled fields just as corn was nearing pollination.

  • hail damage nebraska
    --Southwest Neb.

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  • 7/15 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Going to spray for Northern leaf blight. Beans finished spraying through mud, Good prospects, but nothing outstanding.

  • 7/15 - South Central Minn.: Looks like raising record large crops isn't all what its cracked up to be. Prices tanking and appear to be heading lower. It might be fun harvesting a big crop but how much fun is it trying to sell it below the cost of production? If we as farmers don't wise up and cut back on production we'll be headed for the LDP day's. There's prices out there already approaching $3.00 and below $2.00. We might not be able to write into ag web and brag to the whole world and let everybody know how great are yields are like some like to do but at least we'll be able to pay the bills and make a decent living.

  • 7/15 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: Wheat harvest started on earlier planted fields over the weekend. The crop looks good from the road, no yield reports yet. If the rain and hai1 stay away and we get some heat maybe we can be done in ten days. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/15 - Southeast Ind.: Got timely rains last nite. From .5-2.0 inches. We were in need of moisture, but then its county fair week and it always rains onthe fair!! Corn for fall '14 is $3.55 at Ohio River today.

  • 7/15 - Richland, N.D.: Our crops have finally started to take off. A big variance in the crops from chest high corn to less than knee-high and yellow. We have some beans that have been sitting nearly still at 3-4 inches high for weeks and are yellow. There are not many good looking bean fields unless they are on rolling ground. I would say that one third of the crop will be good, with the rest fair to poor in the Red River Valley. We were just too late and saturated. Good luck on 30% moisture corn in November again!

  • 7/15 - Nebraska: We should remember that the same people that have pushed our current corn price down are also the same people that had pushed our prices higher the past several years. We didn’t claim they were manipulating the market then. We have had some good years, maybe we should have saved for the poor one. This might be the repercussion of the high prices we had. Less demand and more production.

  • 7/14 - Southeast S.D.: Cool this morning but that will be good for crops since our "grain making rain" has stopped! Still yellow crops in low areas and white in light areas! Don't have anything else to add-oh yea thanks usda!

  • 7/14 - Southwest Ind.: Corn looks very good. Most has pollinated or is close to tassel in our area. Corn will do really well if these timely rains keep coming.

  • corn2 cc 0714   corn cc 0714
    --Southwest Ind.

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  • 7/14 - Southwest Ind.: Wheat beans are anywhere from just planted last week to just within a day or two of popping above the wheat stubble. Some ground was even worked after wheat before the beans were drilled. Wheat did fairly well in this area. Anywhere from low to upper 80's was the average. Some wheat also had high levels of Vomitoxin due to the head scab. Early beans were considerably late this year but look good overall. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • sprouts cc0714
    --Sothwest Ind.

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  • 7/14 - Franklin County, Ind.: well, yesterday I found an extra 10,000 bu of beans that I didn't know I had, showed the bank my piece of paper, but they won't let me use the paper for collateral lol

  • 7/14 - Lac Qui Parle County, Minn.: Crops look good here. Lost some acres to drown outs. Finished spraying beans. Hope the hail and wind stays away.

  • 7/14 - Adams County, Neb.: its hard to find a bad looking field of corn or soybeans except the hail area its pretty muck a 100% loss , my heart bleds for those who were hailed

  • 7/14 - Rice County, Minn.: I want to know the actual percentage of producers who are left to certify with the FSA? I bet the number is way behind the curve with no incentive to come in yet. In fact I wonder how many consider not signing back up? Last I checked you can still get crop insurance, commodity loans, etc. In regards to my my experience certifying and crop reports: USDA never factors prevent plant or drown-out. If they rely on the info. from insurance this is scewed as well. A producer is going to claim it all planted regardless how much is gone. If from the seed companies: same effect. Government needs a safe, large crop impression. They do not make much tax revenue off farmers directly. Inderectly it is a different story. The commercials need to make a good profit, as well as the trickle down effect. Think about. Economics 101. Besides how many of us do it for the money? This is what we do.

  • 7/14 - Walsh County, N.D.: Travelled to Carrington yesterday (125 miles to the south west), in east central ND. I don't know where the increase in Spring wheat is coming from (USDA report). Looked like 70% went into soybeans. Our wheat and barley crops look excellent, but soybeans and edible beans need to do some fast growing to make it. Sunflowers and and canola also doing very well. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/14 - Gujrat, India: only 10% cotton sowing in sauratra.No rain in our district.all farmer sawing other crop when after rain.10% cotton sowing in very poor condition.

  • 7/14 - Spokane County, Wash.: We dry land farm mostly wheat in 17-18 inch rainfall zone. We were blessed w 2-3 inches of rain in June and crops look good despite having 10 days hot temps w another week of it still to come. Extremely frustrated w another price wrecking usda report. They call me all the time and I refuse to give them any info and even drag my feet on the census. It's simply governmental market manipulation and a giant waste of our money. Let informa and others do it and let a market be a market. I always felt entitled to direct payments because I feel the government constantly messes w the market and now those payments are gone and we still pay the price. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/14 - Southeast S.D.: Rained this morning, sidewalk almost got all wet! Grain making ran again. 2012 Michele Rook on WNAX sai we need 1/4 inch a day to maintain this crop, where is that talk now! The rain we had in June just caught us up for the year! We need some rain to maintain the "record crop". $3.32 for corn at local elev?

  • 7/14 - Dickinson County, Iowa: Floods in June really damaged the crops. Corn is very irregular and the poor beans look raggedy as heck. Obviously, this will not be a good year for harvest. Of course, the white-shoe boys in-charge of esitmating yields are "adjusting" their reports to benefit the buyers at our expense...again.

  • 7/11 - Custer County, Neb.: Crops looked good on our farm up until Monday evening. Then we got stripped up by hail. Some was pretty bad. Some not so bad. Then Wednesday night came, and we got hit again. Now we have corn about ready to shoot a tassel and the plant is severely damaged. Not a good combination. The soybeans are damaged as well, I think they may come out of it somewhat. It's tough to take. I know that I am not the only producer like this in my area. Some have it worse. In eastern Buffalo county and into Kearney county some fields were completely leveled. Naturally I plan for top crops every year. Hail has been the story in this area. The crops not affected look awesome. So, I will keep my head up and do my best with what I have left. For me, one thing that is working very well is my cow/calf pairs. Count your blessings, it can always be worse.

  • 7/11 - Southeast S.D.: Thank you Dallas Co. Ia post. Got a chance to go with my son golfing today! Rain but we didn't get wet, but I suppose our usda experts think a sprinkle with 85 derees and 20 mph sw winds are ideal conditions. The ground in my best fields has cracks and hard as a cement floor! Sure hope we get some "grain making rain" soon! Keep pushing prices down for phantom conditions, and like Nicollet Co. Mn comment, we will have to revert to crop ins checks! Thanks!

  • 7/11 - South Central Mich.: I have to agree with Dallas Co Iowa. I'm not sure why it's called the "Pro" farmer tour. What is a "pro" farmer and what qualify's as one. I know when they estimate the yield for MN they barely make it into the state except for the very southern part of it. That would be like me walking into my field about 2 rows and determining what the yield is. I hear everyday on the radio how great everything is so why the need for the tour? As far as those nincompoops (funds) their the one's who make the "market". We've all heard the term "money flow" so whatever the "funds" want it to do that's what it's going to do. It's a casino on steroids. By the way the corn in this area looks pathetic a nice hail storm would make it look a lot better and the beans are OK short and nothing to brag about.

  • 7/11 - Monroe County, Mich.: We are cutting wheat and making second cutting hay. Also crops are but need rain. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/10 - Minnehaha County, S.D.: Crops look good except for yellow areas (wet) and white areas (dry) I would like USDA or other experts to call me when they want an honest assessment of conditions!

  • 7/10 - Dallas County, Iowa: How is it possible to have so many nincompoops sitting behind their desks in their white shirts and neon ties dictating Corn and Soybean prices between their little golf games? I can tell from my own extensive Midwest travels and the comments here on AgWeb that this year's production is being grossly over estimated by some over zealous nitwits. Now we can look forward to the USDA and The Pro Farmer Tour throwing out some ill conceived numbers and pushing the price prospects further into the toilet. Being a long way from home really does not make you an "expert" Chip!

  • 7/10 - Southeast S.D.: Some great corn and some poooor corn, beans act like they were planted in June and just won't take off! Definitely, corn is not above average and beans sure don't look good at this time. Drove to Twin Cities through Wilmer, Mn looks like they lost 30-40% of there crop to water.

  • 7/10 - Nicollet County, Minn.: Crops are starting to come around with dry weather and some heat. We are way behind and hoping for a late frost. Hoping USDA will keep showing big numbers through October and the markets will continue to fall. Recipe for big insurance check. My fear will be to save cash the market will rally in October and then crash after that to save on indemnity checks.

  • 7/10 - Greene County, Iowa: Driving 50 miles north, east, and south of Jefferson I notice a very large area in all bean fields that are yellow. I am not an agronomist, but I believe these yellow areas will have a significant reduction in yield, if any yield at all. What do the Pros. have to say about these areas and are you seeing the yellowing in your area?

  • 7/9 - DeKalb County, Mo.: Just got home from a week in Ontario. Crops there looked good although maybe a little further behind than last year when we were there. We went from here to Champaign, IL, up to Chicago and across MI. We came back down through Detroit, Toledo, Fort Wayne, across 24, back down to Champaign and home. There were some trouble spots but from the road things looked very good overall. I have no way of knowing if there were extra acres planted or not but barring a disaster, I’ll have to go with USDA numbers.

  • 7/9 - Southeast S.D.: Crops here look good, if they are not yellow or white! Wet spots even where we tiled are short and yellow, and light spots are turning white with lack of moisture! 8-12 inches of rain in the area in 2 weeks in June now it has shut off! Rain makes grain? We had better have some in July, the month we need it to "make our crop"! Then we better hope August gives us some to make our bean crop! USDA and all our other experts make me sick! They should have someone play with their livelihood! Good luck making $3.00 corn work!

  • 7/9 - Yakima, Wash.: Overall the crops look really good. Corn is 10 ft tall and starting to tassel. 3 rd cutting alfalfa next week. The heat is on. 100 + for the next few days. Irrigation water is good due to a large Mt snow pack. No problems, No worries.

  • 7/9 - North Ky.: Crops here in Northern KY looked good through June, but when July rolled in crops here began to show the signs of stress. All the forecasts were for moisture, but none has made its way yet.

  • 7/9 - Porter County, Ind.: Drove from NW IN to Norwalk OH and back over the holiday weekend. From the toll road, only saw 1 field that had tassels. So many soybeans were "ankle-biter" height, looking more like double-crop..they weren't, as the wheat hadn't been harvested yet. Really uneven stands; would estimate that less than 5% was a decent green color throughout the field. Too much yellow, and some standing water & drowned out spots. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/9 - Southeast Wis.: Call me slow or what ever, It seems to be raining every 2 days impossible to get any hay made still some 1st crop to finish there will be no bumper crop of hay because we sure won't get an extra cutting this year corn still need to be sprayed the first time and soybean are very weedy and have not been sprayed yet making deep ruts when spraying not good,water standing in all the low spots big patches of corn and beans drown out Corn that is taller looks Ok with yellow spots scattered around shorter corn looks bad all yellow need additional nitrogen already broke the bank getting the crop in and now we are adding more to the cost with additional nitrogen. I think you might find the crop isn't what you think. Chicago thinks it can't be to wet I have news for them it does and it will affect the yeilds

  • 7/9 - Stearns County, Minn.: Corn is knee to waist high and is looking better. Soybeans don't look too bad except drowned out spots. Cool again today. Crop is growing slowly and farmers in this area are starting to worry about early frost. We will need until at least October 20 without a frost to get these crops to maturity I'm afraid. We need some heat and humidity and we need it soon! Good soil moisture. Still recovering from the weekend activities...

  • 7/9 - Berrien County, Mich.: crops are coming along nicely but are spots all over the county with yellow holes some even dead. hope we have a record crop because 3.80 corn doesn't go far on 4.50 inputs. i don't know how or why ceo's make millions every year they aren't really that smart because when things get tight they need a bailout and us farmers cut back and make it work

  • 7/9 - East Central Iowa: For the most part we have been rain free for last week. A lot of hay and oats is being cut down. As of right now, the weather sounds good until Friday. This should allow anybody that has first crop left to get done. Corn and beans are enjoying the dry weather at the moment. Expect to see some tassels in a week, unofficially. Other then hay there is really no field activity.

  • path cc0709   hay cc0709
    --East Central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/8 - East Central Mo.: looks good around here so IL must be absolutely fabulous!

  • 7/8 - Halifax County, N.C.: The spring moisture has long gone. Part of the county got rain from Aurther last week the other half of county has been 4 weeks with no rain. We have had to stopped planting beans and wait on some rain.

  • 7/8 - Northeast Neb.: Corn field south of Snyder in northeast Nebraska is 6-foot tall by the Fourth of July.

  • Corn byNathanMueller UNL
    --Northeast Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/8 - South Central Minn.: I remember last fall when the cattleman's association and the grocer's association petitioned the EPA about the RFS and how ethanol was causing high food and feed prices. They wanted something done about it. As we sit here today cattle are at record high prices, and the price of cereal and anything that uses corn or wheat have not come down at all and ethanol is about $1 cheaper than rbob gas. Maybe the ethanol coalition needs to go to the EPA now and petition them about the high beef prices and how much corn we have. We should be able to blend even higher rates of ethanol now. In the midst of rising food prices we supposedly have plenty of corn, wheat and beans around. Whose causing these high prices? Not the farmers. Can't blame ethanol and the grain prices. Last time I checked there was no pork or beef in a box of cereal or in a loaf of bread yet they haven't come down at all in the store. Maybe someone at agweb could go to these organizations and ask them why this is. The hypocrisy with both these organizations is off the charts. You can't make it up. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/8 - Waupaca County, Wis.: Crops look good. Big variation though. From ankle high to almost tassel. Most of it towards the earlier. With all the potential sun and heat units lost, how can yields be record? The math amazes me. Beans and Cotton up 11 and 9% respectively and Corn And Wheat down 4 and 1%. Where did the extra acres come from? Getting dry with no rain in over a week (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/8 - Southeast Ind.: Crops look good, but we are dry and it will take rain to bring up double crops beans in our area. Wheat turned out great, around 90 b/a. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • Josh loading straw bales cc0708   Bales coming out of field cc0708
    --Southeast Ind.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/7 - Southwest Michigan: Corn is doing well on most of our acres, roughly 5-6 feet tall at this point. We have had 7 inches of rain in the last 10 days. We can't get into the field to spray soybeans on the heavy ground. Some of the beans and even the weeds are turning yellow with all of the moisture in the soil. We had good moisture during the past winter and even this spring, so the sub moisture reserves are full, with no place for the excess rain to absorb into. Hoping for 7-10 days of wind and sun to help dry the ground enough to support a sprayer.

  • 7/7 - Dickey County, ND: Who is reporting this info. If you look on this website under crop conditions, it says North Dakota has soybeans blooming and corn in silk stage. I find this hard to believe. Everybody in the country planted late. How is this possible and where does this info come from.

  • 7/7 - West Wisconsin: Hired a BTO to come in and make 1st crop haylage. They will be chopping today. Planted the last field of corn on July 1st, if I'm lucky enough, and pray enough, it may have tassels by our normal freeze date. About 1/2 of first crop not made in my area yet, though alot went down the last few days. Crappiest, yellowest corn I have ever seen for July 4th. Beans look to be the best thing growing by far. We need a very late fall or it will be a disaster for many!

  • 7/7 - Washington, Kan.: Our wheat was planted late and got help from a 1/2 inch rain, then 4". Large kernals......43 bpa. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/7 - Polk County, Iowa: Many acres of drown outs in N Central Iowa. Way too wet and too late to replant. Where the corn has not drowned out, it is shoulder high with some starting to tassel. Area bean fields are barely knee high and showing some yellowing stress from too much water.

  • 7/7 - Central Neb.: Crops here finally looking good. Early planted corn not as well. Four nights of freezing really messed it up. Soybeans loll horrible. It's just like they don't really wanna take off. And then there was the good ol usda report. Isn't it amazing how they can keep comming up with more and more acres. But they won't say how many acres have been lost due to urban development. And no one wants to tell us how many beans have been imported. Like Grandpa says it ain't in the bin yet!!

  • 7/3 - Western Wis.: 16 inches of rain/cold in June crops are suffering can't spray or side dress,sunshine and warm temps needed!

  • 7/3 - Giles Tenn.: Had localized flooding early June. Have had very spotty showers since. Set a good crop with good pollination. Corn firing up,deteriorating daily with temps in the 90s. Soybeans look good but starting to show stress. Wheat harvest behind ,but crop is very good. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/3 - Northumberland County Pa.: Just had two thunderstorms come through this evening, didn't look what we got yet. Crops looking really great and with the hot humid weather we've been having is making stuff grow. This rain will help a lot also. Had to replant some corn acres count of chemical damage. The chemical company that we worked with made the program up and stuff was good with reps and they said yes everything will be okay for us. Now we have massive damage in spots and now reps won't stand behind it. Even though they gave us they okay and go ahead for everything.

  • 7/3 - Pierpont, Ohio: Most corn here is looking good--lots of little showers--a Lot of first cutting around here still not made. We had 4.5 inches rain last week and the ground is drying out fast.

  • 7/3 - Putnam County, Ohio: corn excellent shoulder high soybeans good early ones starting to bloom: wheat very good will harvest in a week: alfalfa excellent looks like best tonnage ever. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

  • 7/2 - North Central Neb.: Crops around here are looking good. Corn and beans have made a huge jump here in the last couple of weeks. Drove from home all the way to Omaha this last weekend and saw alot of pretty tuff crops. But also saw alot of VERY GOOD crops as well. The only places where crops look bad around here are places where you shouldnt have been planting in the first place. Everybody have a good 4th!

  • 7/2 - Richland County, N.D.: Who the reporting for my county? He is NOT even close

  • 7/2 - Berrien County Minn.: 3.5 in of rain last night nice dark green corn laying flat from strong winds hope it will stand back up. I was always taught not to count chickens before they hatch not that way in Washington

  • 7/2 - Pittsylvania County, Va.: Praying the tropical depression comes far enough inland to give us some relief. A few a farmers have had a small shower, but we've had less than three tenths of an inch of rain in over three weeks and temperatures in the upper 80's to mid 90's every week. Corn is tasseling now and double crop beans are struggling to emerge. We desperately need a rainy 4th of July.

  • 7/2 - Pine County, Minn.: Most fields so saturated cannot get all fields planted. Some corn planted, even less beans planted. Now trying to cut hay between rain storms. All in all not a great spring nor beginning to summer for farmers in the area.

  • 7/2 - Walsh County, N.D.:Finished seeding on June 18. Crops look pretty good despite all the rain. But when I drove 160 miles south and east to Fargo, we realized how lucky our area has been.The heart of the Red River Valley is REALLY WET. Rainy days and high wind has put us way behind spraying. We all need some warm temps and sunshine.

  • 7/2 - DeKalb County Mo.:USDA is amazing. I finished planting beans June 29th & they have said planting is over. They must watch me. It was a muddy mess and a battle for me. It's not surprising to me that acreages are up. If there's not a cow in a field, it's in soybeans. I'm surprised the acreages are as low as they are. Some of these fields are now relocating to the drainage ditches alongside the roads as this thinner ground is washing away rapidly. I'm guilty too. I've planted beans on some pasture ground we had but that was to provide me more acreage to spread my hog lagoons.

  • 7/1 - Pennington County, Minn.: Crops started late but came up good. The rain and cool weather has hurt small grains and the row crops are small. We have had 15+ inches of rain. We are going to need heat and dry weather soon. The grain crops are predicated to be a half crop.

  • 7/1 - Jackson County, Iowa: 6" of rain last week. 4.5" so far this week. Once again areas around us received a lot more. Last night we had 2 rounds of severe weather. Some corn took it pretty hard. All rivers are at or above flood stage. Both corn and beans are showing stress in parts of the field because of excessive moisture. Still a fair amount of 1st crop hay to be made yet. After last night, the only thing standing are the weeds in the hay fields.

  • flooded fields iowa cc070114  flooded field2 iowa cc070114
    --Jackson County, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/1 - Oliver County, N.D.: Too bad usda doesn't tell us what percentage of those acres are underwater. Did some driving around the state this weekend and found a lot of the same everywhere we drove, WATER. I agree, rain makes grain, but in excess it makes for prevent plant and flooded fields. Seen some really nice crop, but also more shaky looking stuff than I thought was out there. Need sun and warm temps!

  • 7/1 - Palo Alto County, Iowa : It's been about impossible to spray soybeans and even try to replant where we still have lakes that fill up every couple of days. We will give up with the idea of replants by next week. Lots of acres under water and the rest are under stress because of too much moisture. We don't have to have a drought to have a poor crop. Obviously these markets have forgot this. Wind rain and hail ruin a crop way faster than drought!

  • 7/1 - Northeast, Neb.: ...seems every time we get rain we get a storm...lots of hail,green snap, tornadoes, high winds..crop looks good then mother narural beats it down again... had hail and lots of green snap and blown over corn this last weekend and monday...beans keep getting hailed off wont have to worry bout growing to tall this year...don’t under stand were all the 75% good corn is at????????

  • 7/1 - South Central Minn.: Another scandolus report out of Washington. This time from the USDA. Mysteriously finding more corn & beans. Apparently the bean increase came from underestimating last years crop. That's odd because we were told in the January report what the final yield was. Since the USDA is so good at mysteriously finding things maybe they could get hired in finding the missing emails from the IRS.

  • 7/1 - Polk County, Iowa: Inch of rain per half hour combined with 70 mph winds equal a lot of building and crop damage. More forecast for later tonight. Rivers and creeks out of their banks for the second time in just the last week.

  • 7/1 - Tippah County, Miss.: Soybeans off to a great start for the most part. Some localized areas have been wetter than others this spring but on average things look good!

  • Soybeans Miss cc070114
    --Tippah County, Miss.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail ( them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 7/1 - Pottawattamir County, Iowa: Another 5 inches this week, with some hail and wind. 15+ inches of rain so far this month. Water everywhere.

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