Oct 1, 2014
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Read the latest crop reports from the fields across America! Also, submit your own comments.

November Crop Comments

Nov 27, 2013

Use this link to send us your comments (or e-mail CropComments@agweb.com) about the crops in your local area. Be sure to send us your photos and videos! Comments will be edited for brevity and clarity. (Please keep your comments crop-related.)

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Here's a sampling of what some folks are saying: 


  • 11/27 - Eau Claire, Wis.: If you need bin room, bring it to Wisconsin. There are a lot of empty bins and everybody wants to buy it.


  • 11/27 - Florida: I am a city slicker, but I want to thank all who helped us pray from weather suitable for good crops in 2013. This is our marvelous country-thank God for that. Let’s do this every year, God is listening to hear our yell.


  • 11/27 - Trempealeau County, Wis.: Finished corn harvest Sunday night @ 11:00 PM. All farm average on 575 acres @ 139 Bu per acre, 15% below APH. Considering how we looked in August, thankful we got the yields we did. Thankful for a safe harvest and for what we got! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  • 11/27 - East central Iowa: I was hoping to be done before thanksgiving. But with the 1 to 2 inches of snow on monday , that is not going to happen. Just have to remember, it could be worse. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!
  • 11 27 13 IA 1
    11 27 13 IA 2
    -- East central Iowa

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  • 11/27 - Wayne County, Neb.: Should finish up today if all goes well. Very good yields; soybeans 60 bpa and corn 190 bpa all dryland. What a difference a year can make. Much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • 12 2 13 NE
    12 2 13 NE 3
    12 2 13 NE 2
    -- Wayne County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/27 - St. Croix County, Wis.: Very, very long fall. Just finished the poorest crop of soybeans I've ever harvested this evening. Best guess on our average is 12-14 bu per ac. Corn has been ok. Very wet. 26-30%. Weather been an uphill battle for us all year, starting with a foot of snow on May 3rd. Can't wait to be finished.
  • 11 27 13 WI 2
    11 27 13 WI 1
    -- St. Croix County, Wis.

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  • 11/26 - Dallas County, Iowa: It would be fair to say that a lot of the corn on corn acres in this area were a train wreck when compared to corn following soybeans. Triple stack seed prices are going up and the "experts" predict corn prices may be below $3 next year, it looks like the acres of fall NH3 are less than in the past. Anyone else see this? Federal Crop Ins. saved a lot of guy's hineys this year because the revenue protection worked big time in their favor.


  • 11/26 - Pope County, Minn.: A very dry 2013. Need a wet spring to replenish soil moisture. Most corn didn't make 100 bushels this year. Beans ranged from 8-24 bu.

  • 11/26 - Gibson County, Tenn.: USDA wrong again lots of beans still in field in west Tennessee. It is raining here again. We had a good crop, but a long harvest.


  • 11/26 - Clarke County, Iowa: Crops were very poor this year. It was too wet, late planting, then it went dry. About 50% of expected yields.


  • 11/26 - Jackson County, Iowa: Heavy snow!
  • 11 26 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

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  • 11/25 - Miami, Ind.: Beans were best we ever had. High 50s. Corn was all over the place. Lot of greensnap. Average was 145.

  • 11/25 - East central Iowa: We had a cold start yesterday morning (Sunday), 4F. It warmed up into the mid-20s with sunshine all day, that was followed up this morning with 1" of snow. I think a lot of guys finished this weekend and the rest of us are getting closer. It has been a very cold fall with rain/snow delays just about every 4-5 days. There has been very little fall work done around here.
  • 11 25 13 IA 1
    11 25 13 IA 2
    11 25 13 IA 3
    11 25 13 IA 4
    11 25 13 IA 5
    11 25 13 IA 6
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/21 - Billings, Mont.: Corn harvest still going on! Moisture dropped to 13-15% with this cold weather. I had decent yields (200+/acre) on irrigated ground. I have 200 acres still to combine. It is snowing here now. I need to get rid of some grain, the bins are getting full. I wish the price was way better, I think the price went up way too fast last year with drought and came down way too far with what they think is a huge crop. All I know is there is way more demand for corn this year, everybody wants it. So I think supplies are moving really fast, and that’s what we need! I don’t understand these grain marketers. Last year said need to ration supply and no exports happened and we had 10 plus billion bushels. Now this year we have 13-14 bushels and we have more demand and exports are back and ethanol plants finally have corn to run. Shouldn’t it be a normal usage year and price should be supported at 4.50 5.50 range? $4 corn does not work at today’s input costs. I don’t care if fertilizer came down some, it still doesn’t work.


  • 11/21 - Manitoba, Canada: I am reading the latest headlines about record crops being seeded all over the world. I'm just wondering how this is achieved. When I go seeding in spring, I put the seed and fertilizer in the ground and hope that the right conditions will occur so that I will get a good crop. Weather conditions (drought/too much moisture, heat/cold, bad weather ie. hail etc.) seem to determine what the final outcome will be. Now it seems that the experts can determine the size of the crop before the seed even goes into the ground. The technology nowadays is astounding! Or could it be, that the markets are going in the direction that the large funds are saying that they are going and that all the "experts" are just trying to "manufacture" plausible explanations for the direction of the markets? If someone knows how to seed a record crop, I'd like to get in on this latest technological advancement so I can get in on it for next year.

  • 11/21 - Cuming County, Neb.: BEST year we ever had. Thank you God! Had over 70 bu beans and over 200 bu corn on DRY land. Hope we see that again!! Too bad corn and bean prices are sliding down hill! Happy Holidays to everyone.

  • 11/19 - Jackson County, Iowa: Talk about a bird's eye view of the 2013 harvest! This bird was on the wiper arm for 5 minutes checking on progress (which included a turn around on the end). We received 1.5" to 2" of rain on Saturday and Sunday morning. The tail end of harvest isn't coming easy.  Last week a lot of progress was made -- after the snow finally melted. The cold temps and rainy spells just keep coming. Elevators are full and the processor lines have become long. Most are done, but there may be 10-15% of the corn still standing with most moisture levels between 19-22%. As of right now, it sounds like a rainy week followed by a lot colder weather this coming weekend. Once again, we were reminded that our problems with harvest progress are tiny in comparison to those who were hit with the tornados this weekend just across the river in Illinois, and east.
  • 11 21 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/18 - Ottawa County, Mich.: 350 acres of corn left (65% done). I’m doing a little turbo-tilling, sold chisel plow for scrap a couple years ago – best move ever!


  • 11/18 - Lucas County, Iowa: Finished the last 100 acres of beans on 11/15. Yield was better than expected at 44 bu/a and 12% moisture. Corn hanging in there at 25% moisture, with lots of wind damaged down corn. Wild guess is that yield will be 100-120. Hope to start on the corn next week, if weather allows. Unfortunately this is typical for the area.

  • 11/18 - Hickory, Pa.: Finished! Beans all in a couple weeks ago. Finished combining corn yesterday. Last trailer load left farm this afternoon. Bean moisture in the 12% but corn high 17-18%. Yields were good.
  • 11 18 13 PA 1
    11 18 13 PA 2
    -- Hickory, Pa.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/18 - Benton, Ind.: We had average yields and a lot of Greensnap.


  • 11/18 - Tama County, Iowa: Finishing the last field of corn today.
  • 11 18 13 IA 2
    11 18 13 IA 1
    -- Tama County, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/15 - Northeast Missouri: Soybeans and corn yields down about 15% from normal in 2013. Fall tillage is down due to topsoil moisture being replenished, dryer weather may change that.


  • 11/15 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Finished! Corn still 17 to 20%. Some guys getting finished so those with corn can get a little more in before elevators shut down for drying. Still 10% of corn left.

  • 11/15 - East central Iowa: We resumed harvest Wednesday afternoon. Tried at 10 a.m., but there was just enough snow on corn from Monday to make us quit. Tuesday was sunny but never got above 28F to melt snow. Sounds like we have today before rain moves in again. Elevators are filling up and the dryers don’t like these cold temps, but the LP man does. Some NH3 is going on along with a lot of P and K. Video courtesy of scotthinch's YouTube channel.

  • 11 15 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/13 - West central Wisconsin: Soybeans yielded 13 bu/a on 380 ac, as drought replaced a spring so wet that we took a lot of prevent plant. corn has ranged from mid-60 bu/a on dryland sand to 160+ on better soils that caught a shower. have 200 acres, out of 500 hundred that got in, left to harvest.


  • 11/13 - Crittenden County, Ky.: Finished bean harvest today with a yield of 40+. Weed control wasn't the best due to wet weather, but we are so grateful for a good year. Last year we made nothing, not even enough to bale or pasture. I planted with a 20 year old drill and 38 year old tractor, used a 29 year old combine and only one 37 year old truck that never had over 320 bushels on. Never had a breakdown. Praise the Lord for all!

  • 11/13 - East central Iowa: It was a great weekend for making harvest progress. Temps were around 50 and sunny. A lot of corn was taken out and a lot of stalks baled. That was followed by a crappy day on Monday. Temps started in the 40's and quickly dropped into the lower 20's by evening, along with an inch of snow. Everyone is hoping to have 7-10 days to get closer to wrapping up harvest and bale some bedding. Corn is hanging in the 18-22% mt. for the most part and dryers are having trouble keeping up.
  • 11 12 13 IA 1
    11 12 13 IA 2
    11 12 13 IA 3
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/11 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: 3 days left. Long lines at elevator and short hours (2 to 3) a day for wet corn. Lucky to get one load a day in. Still a few beans and 20% corn left in fields. Elevator commented about not taking corn on some days.


  • 11/11 - Whitley County, Ind.: Harvest is winding down. A lot of corn was shelled this week. Our corn yield was at 159 and beans at 55. I do agree with the farmer from Canada, we need to figure all the acres planted when we come up with the yield. We had beans and corn the tallest I have ever seen. If we would of got a 2 inch rain in the middle of August, I'm sure our beans would of made another 10 to 15 more bushels. We are happy with our yields but hope for a better price for corn.

  • 11/11 - Wayne County, Neb.: Started combining again on Saturday. Excellent corn yields. Dryland corn making 200 bu. Corn was planted May 15th, currently testing 17.5% moisture.
  • 11 11 13 NE
    -- Wayne County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/11 - Dallas County, Iowa: Just finished last 400 acres in Dallas and Boone counties on 11/8. Beans averaged 29 bu/a net, per weigh tickets. Brand new combine monitor was showing 34. Corn averaged 173 bu/a net per weigh tickets. Came out at 18%, 51 lb weight. Monitor was reading high again, showing wet corn at 212 and dry yield of 189. How could it be so far off if calibrated by dealer? Every acre failed to reach the 85% insurance level but were much better than I was expecting in August. Just going to pay storage and see what happens next spring.


  • 11/11 - Wisconsin: Soybeans yield 34 dry bu. Corn yielded 140 dry bu. Sorry that's all folks!

  • 11/8 - Manitoba, Canada: Generally good crops in our area. Just a few personal observations. Grain bins capacities are overrated by 7-8% (compaction apparently). Never mind the space taken up by the aeration floor that is in most bins. Most of my crop is custom harvested by operators that have yield monitors. FYI, these monitors have been set up by the dealers so they have to be "accurate", right? I have yet to haul away nearly as much grain for sale as all these digital marvels indicate. Maybe this is where many of the "Bin Busters" and "Record Yields" are coming from. Oh, the other observation that I have made is that the first farmer who goes out to harvest in an area sets the yield standard for all the other farmers, in the area, to surpass. I have asked other farmers whether they ever compare what their yield monitors show with what they actually haul away for sale. So far, no one has answered with a yes. As well, the 160 acre field should remain 160 acres for yield calculation purposes. And yes, the low drowned out areas are still part of the field, even at harvest time. Maybe this is where the USDA gets its last 10 bpa from.


  • 11/8 - Northern Houston County, Minn.: Southeast MN is making up the difference. What a year. Snow warmed up the calves, flies cured the pinkeye, timber wolf guarded the cattle. Best year ever. 198 bu. beans, 398 bushel corn. Wall Streeters better sell, $1 corn $2 beans are on the way. Don't worry next year under Obama ag, all inputs will be free, if they can keep the website up. The good times have just begun. LOL! Looks like our meager meals are quickly turning to bare bones.

  • 11/8 - East central Iowa: Harvest is plugging along in between rain events. Corn is 60-70% complete. Some are finished while others are just over half. Yields are in the 150-200 /bu range. Moisture is between 18-24%. The higher moisture, cooler temps and rain are dragging this harvest on. Been here before, just hope to be done before Thanksgiving. Been really hard to bale corn stalks for bedding. Feel for you guys who have snow and are not done with harvest, we can do without it.
  • 11 8 13 IA
    -- East central Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/8 - St Croix County, Wis.: Finished beans last week – 16 bu. average. Corn still at 26% and 48 test wt. Corn will maybe run 60 bu. Worst crops here since 1988.


  • 11/8 - Knox County, Neb.: Corn is good. It looks like us farmers made some money this year yeyeye.


  • 11/8 - Northeast Missouri: Corn was ok. Beans are disappointing, in the 20's. New wheat looks good. Have a lot of 2nd crop beans to go, rains so easily now! They're making about the same as 1st crop! How in the world soybeans made anything with no rain and hot temps day after day! Yes all glory to God. A miracle.

  • 11/7 - McLeod County, Minn.: Finished harvest on 11/4. Corn averaged 158, soybeans 46. Some of the beans were not planted until 6/20. They ran 37 bushels. Kept delaying the corn harvest because it wasn't drying. Averaged 21% moisture and 52# test weight. 7" of snow here on Tuesday late afternoon and evening. Didn't allow me to get all of the stalk chopping done let alone any tillage. Only time in the last 30 years that that has happened. 17 degrees here this morning.


  • 11/7 - Wells County, Ind.: We were blessed with the best crops we have ever had. All the glory goes to God. We were truly blessed.

  • 11/7 - Western Walsh County, northeast North Dakota: Last evening (Nov 5) we finished all the beans -- soys, pinto, and blacks. Never thought they would mature when seeding last June 15-21. But turned out to be a decent crop. Just 250 ac. of sunflowers yet...will start tomorrow.


  • 11/7 - Southern Knox County, Ill.: 20% of the corn left to harvest and 10% of the beans.  None of the corn still standing in the field is as good as what has already been harvested. Same for the beans.  There was never a line at the elevator. I have yet to see an outdoor corn pile anywhere.  I do see farms with still empty bins. Some field work was done before the rains set in, but not a great deal.

    In our combine, the yield monitor bounced between a high of 300 bpa and a low of 75 bpa.  The variability in any given pass through the field was as much as 200 bpa and commonly, probably around 100 bpa.  With this kind of variability, it seems to me that the probability for misjudging a field's yield potential was higher than normal. My guess is that the crop is not as large as they say, but we won't know that until next summer...when supplies begin to tighten and processors bid up the price on grain that's not in the bins.


  • 11/7 - Wayne County, Neb.: Soybean harvest nearly complete. Very good yields 60 bu. dryland.  Corn harvest moving along slowly. A lot of corn still at or above 20% moisture. Snow and rain 11/5. Will be Saturday before combines roll.
  • 11 7 13 NE
    -- Wayne County, Neb.

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)

  • 11/6 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: Local elevator opened 5 hours a day for wet corn. One load a day, maybe 2. 8 to 9 days if it gets firm enough to harvest. 7 plus inches of rain since 1st of October.


  • 11/6 - Adams County, Neb.: 2013 harvest is in the history books. We had excellent yields.


  • 11/6 - Meeker County, Minn.: Just got 4 inches of snow last night. This easily is the most difficult harvest season in at least 40 years. There is still one-third to one-half of the corn left to harvest. There are still a few soybeans left to harvest. The soybeans will most likely be in the field until spring. The soybeans were better than expected. But still about 4 to 5 bushel below average. The corn is poor. The corn is 20 to 25 bushel below average. This was the most difficult year I have seen in 45 years of farming.


  • 11/6 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Corn harvest here is not even close to USDA latest figure. It sounds as though the trade has made their mind up on Friday’s report. Why don't we just make it 200 bpa. Take corn down to $1.50 and watch our government step back in with ldp again. I don't want a government farm program. I don't want a check. I want a free market like what we have seen. Good prices. Too bad our government can't see how much money American agriculture has made and spent for the good of the country. New vans cars pickups trucks tractors planters machine sheds grain bins, ect. And oh yes Mr. President. All the jobs. That working people had to make all of it. Get out of agriculture. Rain and snow now. Have a safe harvest.


  • 11/6 - Palo Alto County, Iowa: A lot of people wrapped up harvest before the rain today. I would say 80% or better in our immediate area. Soybeans came out as hard as they went in with a lot of high moisture beans at the elevators and a few fields left to harvest.  Our yields as far as planting dates and late summer weather were surprising but at least 25 to 50% below average on soybeans and 25% below on corn. Not to mention the thousands of acres of high producing ground that yielded 0 from prevent plant. I’m still with the bullish crowd that thinks there is no way we have an abundant supply of corn and soybeans and that the price for corn for certain is way too cheap. Our area was average to above last year and ethanol plants were out of corn the end of September. All the experts say sell but with positive basis levels in November what will they be next spring? Maybe USDA will be realistic on Friday.

  • 11/6 - Caldwell County, Mo.: Our beans are out, we put NH3 down yesterday along with the P an K. There are beans to be cut and some corn to be shelled, my Amish neighbor just got started on picking corn.


  • 11/6 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Crops mostly out here in the Platte Valley. Most corn 200-250, beans 65-85bu./A. Crops better than expected! Bins all full waiting for a rise in price but we might see them heading South!! I read of many ethanol plants coming back on line. Maybe they will save the bacon! Next couple years could be pretty rough if corn stays below $4.50. I think the party's over boys!


  • 11/6 - Buffalo County, Neb.: Finished the 2013 harvest today! Very thankful to be done, with a chance of snow in the forecast. Overall, yields for corn, soybeans and wheat were pretty good. Did a good job selling the wheat and beans, and a lousy job of marketing corn. The rest of my cattle are coming out of the Sandhills tomorrow (weather permitting) and after the calves are worked 2013 is in the book. Good luck to all who are still in the field! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com) 

  • 11/4 - Lac Qui Parle County, Minn.: Down to our last 200 ac of corn. Finally getting propane. Corn still running 19-23 moisture but yields are 190-200. Be nice to see some sun.


  • 11/4 - Marquette County, Wis.: Corn yield all over the board. 23 bushels to 145 bushels. Moisture is the same 33% to 17%. Just waiting for the rain to stop to try to get back in the field to see what the moistures are this week. Only about 50% done. Cannot wait till next year, hopefully can get out of these very low yielding acres!


  • 11/4 - Cheyenne County, Neb.: 5.25 inches of rain in September and into October. All the wheat is planted, some replanted. Emergence is slow due to cool soil temps. Thousands of acres of proso millet either in the windrow or still standing. You can’t lay millet on wet ground. Millet still standing has been shattered out due to high winds. Millet swathed in Sept. has sprouted in the windrow making it questionable as to marketability. Have never seen a fall like this one. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's www.VirtualWheatTour.com) 


  • 11/4 - Randalia, Iowa: @hort4cy: Glad I kept planting corn last June, amazed by the yield.
  • 10 29 13 ia
    10 29 13 ia
    -- Randalia, Iowa

    (Have any photos of the crops on your farm? E-mail (CropComments@agweb.com) them to AgWeb and have them posted on Crop Comments! Be sure to include a caption.)


  • 11/4 - Northern Stearns County, Minn.: Corn coming out at about 18% moisture. I just got a few wet spots left to go. Test weight at 56 lbs when dry and yields running around 150 bu/ac. Our average is 180. I got 1 field of late planted soybeans to do yet. They are running no more than 30 bu per acre at best. This drizzle and fog is getting old. We need some wind and sunshine.

  • 11/4 - Pottawattamie County, Iowa: 1 3/4 in. of rain, Over 6 for October. Ten mi. away, they had over 5 inches. Elevator will take wet corn for 3 hours a day. Going to be a long harvest.


  • 11/4 - Buchanan County, Iowa: Beans been done since Oct. 11 averaged 56 bpa over 1000 acres. Corn anywhere from 112-230 bpa and moisture 16-26. Overall better than expected.


  • 10/30 - Cass County, Mich.: While Michigan's harvest is 10 percentage points behind average pace, yields aren't lagging, according to AgDay's I-80 Harvest Tour.

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