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Sep 23, 2014
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November 2008 Archive for Economic Sense

RSS By: Matt Bogard, AgWeb.com

Matt's primary interest is in the biotech industry and ag policy.


Nov 15, 2008
In the Chornicle of Higher Education Blog, there is a troubling post.  Below are some excerpts:

" There is no doubt that food issues will be increasingly important in coming years, as agriculture is stressed by climate change, dwindling petroleum supplies, and environmental degradation in the form of loss of biodiversity and erosion."


"traditional agriculture and the industrialization of food have led people to wage war against nature, against each other, and even against their own bodies, in the form of cancers and obesity. The industrialization of food has led to empty countrysides both here in the U.S. and in India, Ms. Shiva’s native country."

Then colleges of agriculture are blamed:

"The so-called Green Revolution, which created fertilizer-dependent industrial agriculture, is a result of research done at colleges and universities. “The solutions will have to come out of the place where it started”

I assert that both industry and universities have addressed all of these issues quite well by helping to bring biotechnology to the world.

The article is supposed to be about gardening and asserts that 'middle-school students are learning about agriculture and cuisine by growing gardens.'

That is great, but great harm is also being done if these kids are not learning about the tools of modern agricultural biotechnology, and even worse if they are being taught that it is harmful!
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