Oct 2, 2014
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The Livestock Today blog is your place to learn the latest production news for the livestock industry.

Open the gate and here we go boys!

Feb 20, 2009

I love to hear the call of the opening of a cattle sale—and it doesn’t hurt that my favorite one is voiced by a certain retired auctioneer in Missouri. That call embodies how I feel as this blog begins. I’m ready to see the best, learn the most and see good things come through the process.
Right now, I know it’s tough to look at the cattle in the pasture and the hogs in the barn and wonder what is going to happen in a year. Do you bid on that next group of heifers or bring another load of kill cows next week? My advice—take a breath and remember why you began raising livestock in the first place. Does that reason still justify the work you do every day? 
It’s time to be smart. Get a handle on where you are—know your profit center and your cost corners. Look for ways to trim those corners while keeping the profit center intact. If you have great ideas to share, send me an e-mail.
Like many of you, I know the challenges you face everyday. My parents and brother raise cattle, hogs and row crops. I am still involved in the farm operation and active in the local 4-H and FFA programs. There is nothing more inspiring than watching young people get excited about the future of agriculture. And nothing is more comforting than knowing there are other farmers with the same concerns as you.
It is my goal to inspire discussion and explore the topics related to the livestock industry. I would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions.

E-mail me at sbrown@farmjournal.com.
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COMMENTS (5 Comments)

In my 50+ years of farming life I have seen ups and downs in the market and so many times have sold at the right time when I thought it was not. I just trust our system to keep working and everything will be alright. I just bought 14 head of cows, 10 with calves on ground and 4 heavy with calf. We have to keep moving instead of listening to the horrible media. We made it all those years without their input and we will do it again. Keep the faith.
9:21 PM Feb 23rd
I am hopeful for the beef and dariy industries when the weather warms and Spring comes. Folks are to have on average 65 bucks more per month due to stimulus tax cuts and Springtime always makes you feel better. The opening story on the Today show today featured the Oscars, and while that might not interest a lot of folks, at least it wasn't a doom and gloom story about the economy. It's time to focus on the positive, do what you can about the negative and don't worry about what you can't change. Tell your Governors to take the money and move on to better days !!
8:12 AM Feb 23rd
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