Sep 16, 2014
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AGCO’s Return to Primary Yellow and Red

Nov 17, 2009

There have been rumblings of AGCO making the decision to phase out their line of orange tractors and implements branded and co-branded with the AGCO name.


This is true. We first reported this from the company’s third-quarter investor call. Moving forward, AGCO Corporation will focus on the Challenger and Massey Ferguson brands in North America. As an official timeline and more details are announced, we’ll keep you posted.


What’s also true is the Gleaner line of transverse combines isn’t going away. In fact, the company has prototypes of redesigned machines that ran this past harvest.


You can see more photos here.


And for those who are fans of the silver machines, check out the book that is all about the brand’s heritage: Great Silver. It’d make a great Christmas present for the Gleaner fan in your life or yourself.


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COMMENTS (4 Comments)

Guy Conan
Its about time,Massey is by far thier biggest seller accounting for over 60% of total worldwide sales,orange tractors only account for about 1% of total sales.Give Massey a four wheel drive and they would sell them by the bucket load.
8:33 AM Jan 28th
thank godness my head was spinning seeing my massey's in all different colors now just down to 3 ,lets paint that silver rotor massey back red and call it done!! Also just wanted to point out its a good thing case, international, steiger, ford , new holland, versitile have never merged to form a company. If they did I wonder what it would be called ?c?a?s?e?i?h?
9:46 PM Jan 27th
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