Sep 17, 2014
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A class of their own

Aug 14, 2008
Introductions in the combine market have taken these machines to a new level. In 2003, Class 8 was being debated, but today that discussion is over. That ceiling has been shattered by at least two Class 9 machines.
The Lexion 590 and Lexion 595R have been offered up as North America’s largest combines.
  • 462 hp with a 40 hp boost up to 516 hp.
  • 360 bu. grain tank
  • 3.3 bu./sec. unloading rate

Earlier in the summer, New Holland decided enter into the contest for bragging rights with the CR9080 Twin Rotor.
  • 483 hp with a 40 hp boost up to 523 hp
  • 350 bu. grain tank
  • 2.3 bu./sec. unloading rate
(I suspect a red cousin is soon to follow).
For some time, class assignment was assigned by each manufacturer who based their classification on horsepower and grain tank size. Today, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and combine manufacturers have developed a method for standardization. The classes are broken up by ISO kilowatts, which has been agreed on as a more universally accepted standard of measure.
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