Sep 22, 2014
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Diesel-saving round bale mover

Jul 07, 2008
The Stick Wagon takes claim as the first round hay bale hauler that can be used with an ATV.

Combining a bay spear and a trailer, this piece of equipment allows you to check livestock and feed in one trip with your ATV. Available in two models, the Stick Wagon also double as a feeder–the tongue can fold back to protect it from damage. Maximum loads on the two models are 2,800 lb. and 3020 lb. The Stick Wagon can also be used with trucks and tractors.
The Stick Wagon is made by Davis Welding, LLC. Check out their website:
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COMMENTS (3 Comments)

really not new,there have been homemade versions of this around for a least 20 years.It works better with a 2 prong fork to slip under the bale. If the round bale is well made the spear has a difficult time entering the bale, especially if ground conditions are not perfect.
11:20 AM Jul 8th
This looks DANGEROUS!! You are one downhill path or road from getting killed by a 2000lb round bale!! Stay Away!!!!!
10:29 AM Jul 8th
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