Sep 21, 2014
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Race to the End Rows

Sep 29, 2008
Competiveness with combines isn’t limited to the machines themselves. The world record for most bushels harvested in eight hours has been hotly contested. While the record of 16,571 bu. was set with a New Holland CR9090 early in September, on September 16, a new record was set near Nottingham, United Kingdom. 
The current world record was performed by a Claas Lexion 580 Terra Trac (Europe’s version of the Lexion 595R). The Lexion 580 harvested 19,533 bu. of wheat in eight hours. This harvest stretched across six fields. The combine was outfitted with a 35’ Vario head.
Their attempt at the world record lasted from 12:02 p.m. until 8:02 p.m. After six hours and 45 minutes, the Lexion crew broke the previously established record.
The average hourly yield was 2,444 bu. Telematics showed the combine was running at 2,572 bu. per hour for the first two hours, but slowed to 2,351 bu. per hour for three hours and then increased back to 2,572 per hour for the rest of the time allotment.
Guinness World Record officials track grain moisture, grain quality, loss ratio and stubble height throughout the competition for compliance with their parameters. For example, acceptable grain loss for this competition is less than 0.5%. 
Congratulation goes to Kevin Yates and Keith Challen (from right to left holding the plaque) whose successful attempt at the record was recognized by Guiness World Record juror Carlos Martinez (pictured with official record notebook).

Here’s a video of the previous record harvested by a massive New Holland CR9090.
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