Sep 20, 2014
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Seven Acre Per Minute Harvest

Aug 21, 2009
On Aug. 15, it took three hours to get 175 combines in place across a single field to asset a new Guinness World Record. The official record is for the most combine harvesters working simultaneously in a single field.

Fifteen minutes after the assembled machines started, 100 acres of wheat had been harvested. That equalled out to be the once-in-a-lifetime work rate of seven acres per minute.

Organized by Combines 4 Charity, the event included late model machines as well as vintage harvesters. Each combine entry donated $1,400+. With additional money contributed from the 8,000 spectators the event raised $429,120 for four charities.

The previous record was set in Australia with 57 harvesting machines.
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COMMENTS (4 Comments)

Looks to me like a whole lot of money spent to get your name in a book. I am an American harvester and I wouldn't have walked across the street to watch, let alone participate.
9:49 AM Aug 22nd
Nah I doubt American farmers would cooperate this well. They would worry about liability/insurance issues, biofuel incentives and Congressional payments before they would get together on something like this. American agriculture at its finest.
9:16 PM Aug 21st
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