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Oct 2, 2014
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Tractors on the Horizon

Dec 19, 2008
As machinery manufacturers have stepped up in compliance with the phases of engine emission standards they’ve rolled out new models with the advanced engines. As new levels of engine refinement are brought to market, the machines powered by them soon follow.
In 2011, Tier 4 Interim will come into effect. In the ag market, Cummins, John Deere, and Sisu Power have laid out how they’ll reach Interim Tier 4 standards, which are varying engine platforms and technologies.
Sisu will be implementing Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) as its platform to achieve Tier 4, and so far is the only engine manufacturer in the ag market to announce its use of SCR. AGCO says these engines will provide improved fuel efficiency, a less complex engine design, and the necessary reduction in emissions.
Their engine design relies on a SCR catalytic convertor to be supplied urea by an auxiliary tank. In the SCR catalytic convertor, the ammonia reacts with nitrogen oxides in the engine exhaust, which results in nitrogen and water being the final emissions. On top of current standards, Tier 4 Interim mandates there must be a 90% reduction in diesel particulates and a 50% reduction in nitrogen oxides.
So what will tractors look like with this new engine design? Well, farmers in Europe got a look at the all-new Massey Ferguson 8600 when it won the Tractor of the Year award at EIMA, a farm equipment show held in Bologna, Italy. This was the first time AGCO displayed a tractor with outfitted with the new engines with SCR.
And we got additional confirmation of the yet-to-be released tractor lines in this past week’s conference call hosted by AGCO. The company says they plan on releasing a North American version of the tractors with AGCO, Challenger and Massey Ferguson brands sometime in early 2009. 
Stay tuned for more machines outfitted with Tier 4 Interim engines. And we’ll keep you posted about what using an engine employing SCR means to you. As we approach even stricter emission standards with Tier 4 Final in 2014, manufacturers have openly said they are keeping SCR in their testing programs.
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Hoosier Charles Stanley
It was a 8690 that got the reward and a 8600 Series tractor
9:19 AM Dec 27th
Perkins have also announced.
The line-up will be spearheaded by the all-new 1200 Series, which will extend Perkins Interim Tier 4 product offering up to 325 hp (243 kW). The first engines to be introduced in 2011 will be a 7 liter model, followed in 2011 by 6.6 liter and 4.4 liter products. The engines will include the additional use of aftertreatment systems. Perkins said, “it is widely expected that these will be a combination of diesel oxidation catalysts and diesel particulate filters. “
3:30 AM Dec 22nd
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