Oct 1, 2014
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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Iowa

Jul 28, 2011

With many miles on the road, it’s not uncommon to come across machinery on the move, loaded and ready to be delivered to the dealer. However, on a recent trip to Iowa, there was a series of the machine pictured below that passed me heading south on the highway, and I am not familiar with this type of machine. Please forgive the quality of these cell phone photos, but can you help me identify this piece of equipment?

There were about 5 of these that passed me within an hour of each other. The first picture has the machine loaded back end first. The second picture is from the side with the front end facing forward.
The first person to e-mail me (mfischer@farmjournal.com) and unveil the correct answer will get a John Deere hat courtesy of me.

IMG00151 20110728 1919

IMG00152 20110728 1919

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COMMENTS (3 Comments)

Darryl - AL
and a great way to spend $550,000.
4:36 PM Jul 29th
Darryl - AL
Tha is one of the new round module cotton pickers.
4:35 PM Jul 29th
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