Oct 1, 2014
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Fendt Tractor Plays Simon Says: Video

Oct 04, 2012

The trend of autonomy seems to be in every manufacturers R&D budget. Earlier this fall I saw the Kinze solution in action, and just last week at the opening of the new Fendt factory in Marktoberdorf, the company showed off its GuideConnect technology.

As one Fendt tractor made its way around a track, the second tractor—without an operator in it—followed its every move. Watch the video here:

Set up through the Vario-Terminal, the system links two tractors together, so that they act as one unit. The driverless tractor performs the same operating procedure, turning at the headlands and avoiding obstacles.
As the tractors travel through the field, the distance between the two rigs as well as the clearance off to the side can be set. The system requires RTK correction, and it uses an encoded wireless connection to ensure accurate positioning and that only those two machines are affected.
Just like the children’s game simon says, tt the headland, implements are automatically raised and then lowered into operating position. If an obstacle is encountered, the operator can briefly disconnect the mimicking motion of the following tractor, and then the following tractor can be routed manually.
Another safety feature is an emergency stop.
The guided vehicle not only accepts commands, but also reports to the guidance vehicle about errors or operating status, such as a low fuel level, or the engine speed or the ground speed.
And more coverage of the Fendt factory opening and autonomous systems to come…
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