Oct 1, 2014
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How A Gleaner Is Like a Land Rover

Sep 16, 2013

 Kevin Bien gave an analogy that stuck. In visiting with him about the new Gleaner S8 Super Series combines, he said "A Gleaner is a lot like a Land Rover."

LandRover like this.... Gleaner S88 Combine DynaFlex Draper Wheat Field 72dpi 08152013


He explained that Land Rover built a reputation on durability, and there’s been no radical change to the vehicle’s appearance. And that is what makes a Gleaner like a Land Rover.

My original reaction was more based in the following, how is a luxury British SUV similar to an American-made combine? (Side note, in 2013 Gleaner is celebrating the 90th anniversary of being created by the Baldwin brothers in Nickerson, KS.)

Kevin went on explaining how the two are parallel, and as he continued I started to see it.

"That original branding set out the Land Rover as different, and that translated to value," he said. "Same with Great Silver. Today, a Gleaner S88 weighs as much as 15,600 lb. less than a competitive Class 8 model."

Bien says that if we have a wet harvest, farmers will quickly realize the weight of their harvesting machinery.

"The design of this machine, from the tranverse rotor to the cleaning system is simple, practical and logical," he said.

He foreshadowed some changes to the machine’s appearance, as well. Although don’t expect anything too radical.

"Our design is simple, which allows us to build our machines with a single frame and provide a straight line," he explains. "We don’t cover up our machine with plastic paneling to make it look more sleek. But we have some ideas on how to make our combines looks more high-tech with gradient graphics that don’t add weight."

Just for fun, here’s a mash up of embedded Gleaner commercials with an archived Land Rover commercial…

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