Oct 1, 2014
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Crazy horse policy

Jul 09, 2008
By Steve Cornett

It’s crazy.

Here’s a place to go read something crazy. /files/cnn.pdf

It’s a page of comments on a story about activists’ efforts to keep the government from euthanizing the thousands of wild horses that, left to nature would be happy to eat much of the west into dust.

If you click into the foundation’s home page, you see the dilemma facing the livestock industry. The comments on the CNN story have both points of view represented. However, notice that the foundation has got a nice financial boost out of the publicity.

If you buy into the proposition that wild horses are a greater symbol of the American west than are cattle and ranchers, the story affords a nice easy way to find a way to contribute money to your cause.

Moreover, it’s an easy cause to get your heart into. Who doesn’t like the thought of wild horses running free? Of perfect black stallions rearing just like Zane Grey dreamed of? That’s why people who think with their hearts—and that includes a bunch of hillbilly singers, including Lacy J. Dalton, founder of the foundation in question and her fellow wild horseman, Willie Nelson—tend to get involved in these issues.

If, however, you think with your brain instead of your heart, and regard it as folly that the government should be buying up scarce feed resources and spending scarce public monies to keep 30,000 unwanted animals, to whom would you contribute

Nobody, near as I can tell. There is not a “Let ‘em die” foundation or a “Slaughter ‘em and let the French enjoy ‘em” foundation.

There should be, although the founders might choose more oblique names. Western Way of Life foundation, for instance. Ranchers Defense Fund maybe. Society for the Protection of the Public Lands.

Don’t get me wrong. I like horses fine. I like Lacy J. Dalton fine. I even like Willie Nelson, when he shuts up and sings or writes songs like “I’m crazy for crying and crazy for trying.”

But my theory goes like this: You spend too much time in honky tonks and smoking dope, you get cloudy in your thought process.

How crazy is it to use public lands to breed horses for which the only use is going to a tax-supported welfare program?

If you want to have a breeding herd, fine. But then put them to use. Sell them. Eat them. Turn them into dogfood. Anything else is crazy.
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COMMENTS (17 Comments)

For all of you who continue to spread the proganda of the "movie stars" and groups that are making a fortune off your donations while they spread twisted opinions - do your OWN fact finding.... and while you do that, ask Sheryl Crow how many BLM mustangs she's adopted (you can tell a mustang by the freezebrand on the left side of their neck)- NONE! and has she even talked with the BLM to make sure there is a balance to what she is saying?? Probably NOT!!! Oh yea, how about the Humane Society of the US?? the ones that are saying, let them starve on the range instead of humanely enthanizing them... how many homes have they found for the BLM mustangs.... few to NONE!! Then there's the head of the Cloud's Foundation - don't even get me started on that one!! Finally!! Let's keep this discussion to the issue - it's a "unwanted horse issue" instead of pointing fingers at the cattle - there are a bunch more NATIVE species (animals and plants) that are suffering AND the cattle ranchers are in the business of selling beef - they don't turn their cows out when there is NO FEED but they do continue to pay their fees whether they are using the land or not (not to mention provides the wild species with the water rights THEY own!!)
7:34 AM Jul 11th
To Anon that posted " loved the article and agree 100%...and why are they having trouble getting homes for the mustangs? Because horses are so cheap now you can buy one that is already broke or even have one given to you!! Way to go activists!!!!"

You have it wrong, It's way to go over breeders. Someone needs to tell the AQHA that if there is a surplus, that means stop over breeding. The AQHA is the number 1 contributor to horse slaughter. 137,000 foals last year vs. 100,000 horses slaughtered.
6:50 PM Jul 10th
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