Oct 1, 2014
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Out to Pasture

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Hey Limbaugh. Watch this.

May 15, 2009

By Steve Cornett

The Humane Society of the United States fund-raising spots are still on Rush Limbaugh’s Web site, so let’s suggest he look at this mighty fine report from an Atlanta TV station on just what it is they do with their money (click here to view report).

The report says they spent $112 million in 2007, the vast majority of it on their animal rights legislative agenda.

It’s a short video and I could watch in even on my mighty slow Internet satellite hookup. But it will show you why I’m so concerned about Mr. Limbaugh’s conversion to the left side on the issue.

He’s going to raise them a zillion bucks, and they’re going to use it to legislate animal agriculture out of business, and Mr. Limbaugh will have to give up his Allen Brothers steaks. He’s so right on so many issues, you’ve got to wonder why he is so not right on animal rights.

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COMMENTS (6 Comments)

CJ Oakwood
What part of the HSUS deal do people not understand....they want to eliminate ALL Food and NON- FOod animal agriculture!
Pacelle and his organization are terrorist. The animal health industry sits around with their head in a very dark place while their existence is in balance. If we allow these loons to prevail we should lose all our agriculture production to South America! Give me a break!
2:23 PM May 21st
Its true, Rush is right on a lot of issues related to our economy and national policies in general. As an individual that with no formal education that can outwit any think tank PhD or a Harvard educated president, I don't see why he threw his support behind this group.
6:17 PM May 17th
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