Sep 20, 2014
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April 2009 Archive for Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

RSS By: Leigh Rubin,

A cartoonish look at life...

Hairs looking at you

Apr 30, 2009

We’ve all seen the ads for those “miracle“ cures. Some of the claims they make are so outrageous that I’m almost tempted to spend a few bucks to see if the product actually works. But what if a product really did perform literally as advertised. Would it still be worth it? I guess it depends on how much you’d be willing toupee.

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On the road again

Apr 29, 2009

With summer just around the corner I am sure that lots of folks are planning their vacations. We have taken many driving trips and while they can be fun it never took long until one of our kids started asking the question which all parents dread...

Is it here yet?...Yes!

On the run

Apr 28, 2009

Had dinner with a friend of mine who mentioned he’ll be visiting Spain later this spring. I forgot to ask him if he’s a bit more cautious when sampling the local cuisine when he travels abroad. I suppose that’s all part of being adventurous but then again I’ve heard some real horror bull.


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Back in time for Pun-day

Apr 27, 2009

Just got home at one in the morning after spending the last two spend two days at the LA Times Festival of Books. It was fantastic! (More on that later).   I’d write a bit more now but to be perfectly honest I’m (ahem) fried...


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The bigger they are...

Apr 26, 2009

Okay, so I’m not going to point the finger but it certainly seems that some people who regularly make the news could use a little lesson every now and again in the fine art of humility. Let’s face it, no matter how big and powerful you are there’s always going to be someone above you…

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It is written...

Apr 24, 2009

Starting today I am going to give my pen a few days off.  Nope, it’s not a bad case of writer’s block. I’m heading down to the City of the Angels for that humongous celebration of the written word otherwise known as the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. This marks my fifth year there and I have to say it’s really quite a fun time. I get to see old friends, make new ones, visit with my folks and just have a good time while enjoying the company of more than 100,000 people who also have a passion for reading…my favorite pastime! (I’ll be in booth 811 in case any of you would like to pop on over for a visit).

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A friend told me that his friend told him that.....

Apr 23, 2009

I can’t tell you how many oddball emails containing supposedly “true” stories that have been “verified” by a “reputable” source I have received over the last several years. In reality most of them are just a bunch of hooey. I used to go to the trouble to check out the stories on a web site that actually does verify such internet urban legends and while some do actually turn out to be true the vast majority of them are hoaxes, at least that what a friend of mine heard from his  brother who heard it from his girlfriend who heard it from…

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It's the water, and a lot more...

Apr 22, 2009

So the other day I’m reading this article in my local paper about how many tons of drugs are now being flushed each year into our nation’s water supplies. According to the AP report the residues of antibiotics, anticonvulsants and mood stabilizers were detected. Ugh. Makes you kind of yearn for a simpler time way back when the water was just ridden with good old fashion diseases.

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Job satisfaction

Apr 21, 2009

Let’s face it, no matter how much I love my job there are some days which are particularly trying. When those days happen I just trudge on through and when all is said and done things usually turn out pretty good after all. Today was one of those types of days and it did end, (well it’s almost over anyway…I’m burning the midnight oil), with a couple of cartoons completed which I am happy to say brought a smile to my wife’s face after her particularly trying day. That made it all worth it!

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We're off and punning...

Apr 20, 2009

My goodness, where did the weekend go?! Could it be Monday, or should I say, “Punday” already? Well, I say let’s start the week off right with not just one, but a pair of puns...

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Hey, it could be worse...

Apr 19, 2009

The stock market has recently lost so much of its value that many people are rethinking their retirement plans. It’s during times like these when it pays to stay cool, remain calm and above all, don’t lose your head.

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Growing up, sort of.

Apr 18, 2009

My wife has often said she has three boys at home, me being the oldest. I say immaturity keeps me young. I still laugh at some of the same silly things I thought were funny in fifth grade. I’m sure I can’t be the only guy out there like this, right, fellas?...

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Life, liberty and…

Apr 17, 2009

We all want it. Some say it lies within. Some people spend their entire lives looking for it. Money can’t buy it. It may be elusive but one thing’s for sure…It’s certainly worth pursuing.

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Get Down!

Apr 16, 2009

Does life ever get you down? Do you sometimes need some tender loving care? Perhaps just a little pampering and things will seem better? Maybe what you really need is a nice down comforter to help you feel all warm and fuzzy. Before you know it everything will be just ducky!

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A monstrous amount of paperwork

Apr 15, 2009

Seems like these days there is so much paperwork that needs to be done before we can actually get anything done. Forms to fill out for this, forms to fill out for that. There sure seems to be more paperwork than ever before. Funny, I thought with everything being done online  that by now we’d be living in a paperless world.

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Things are looking up!

Apr 14, 2009

It’s all how you look at things they tell me. Sometimes it’s only a matter of perspective. Just a slight change of viewpoint can make all the difference in the world…

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Getting the lead out

Apr 13, 2009

I have never been very good at crosswords. Even when I get the “right” answer it rarely aligns with the other “right” answers I come up with. About the only time I do crosswords is when I’m flying somewhere or another passing the time reading an in-flight magazine. I’m always relieved when the plane lands, not because we landed safely but because I don’t have to continue on being frustrated by the crossword…at least not until the return flight. One of the "benefits" of being middle-aged is the ever increasing forgetfulness. This excuse comes in very handy when attempting crosswords. In fact it comes in handy for a lot of things. Now just exactly where was I going with all this…?

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Labor intensive...

Apr 11, 2009

…And with so many of them to deIiver I imagine he must have to deliver each one pretty darn fast!

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Go ahead, pamper yourself.

Apr 10, 2009

Change, change change. It seems that change is all we heard about last November. But let’s face it, sometimes there are things that really do need to be changed...

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A Twist on Classic Rock...

Apr 08, 2009

My youngest son is really into classic rock. It’s funny as he’s now listening to the music I grew up listening to. It’s kind of like having a classic rock station in my own home. Maybe I’m just getting old (and my parent’s , I’m sure, thought the same thing about the music they grew up on ), but they sure don’t make rock like they used to!

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I'd like to order some happiness, with a side of fries.

Apr 07, 2009

We all want to be happy, but is being happy really all it’s cracked up to be? I guess in some cases the old saying, "Be careful what your wish for"might be true after all.

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Here's the scoop...

Apr 06, 2009

I hereby propose that we change Monday to Punday. To celebrate the first Punday I'd like to share with you a little tweet...

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You've got mail...

Apr 05, 2009

My oldest son can home from work the other day and looked at the place on the table where we usually put his mail.  There was none and he was very happy about it. “I used to like to get mail when I was a kid but now it’s usually only bills.” I know what he means. You just never know what surprise awaits…

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Waste not, want not...

Apr 04, 2009

I enjoy the convenience of watching movies in the comfort of my own home, but there really is nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen. It’s big, it’s loud and it’s really pop corny! There is one  problem…people don’t seem to care how much popcorn spills on the movie theater floor…and at the price of movie house popcorn you’d think they'd be a little more careful! Well, I have always hated seeing perfectly good food go to waste so I hereby, with the aid of the cartoon below, propose a solution to the problem…

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Take me to your leader...

Apr 03, 2009


The remake of the classic sci-fi film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” was just released on video.  I wonder what it would be like if the Earth really was visited by beings from another world.  What would such a highly intelligent advanced race think of our culture? If it were to happen I can only hope they’d appreciate our primitive sense of humor…

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It's Nature's Way

Apr 02, 2009

“Going green” these days…. it’s all the rage. Green = environmentally friendly. What’s not to like about that? I’m all for it. But let’s face it, when it comes to environmentally friendly we are way behind the curve. Nature “went green” long before it was just a catchy advertising slogan.

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Just say yes.

Apr 01, 2009

Just imagine all the uncomfortable squirming that men could avoid if only their wives or girlfriends asked them a question like this...

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