Sep 20, 2014
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An exercise in frustration (Part 2)

Dec 02, 2009

In my last blog post of 11-30-09 (An exercise in frustration ) I had reported that the treadmill my wife and I had put off buying for years had at last arrived and that just when I had begun to assemble it a hole was missing preventing me from continuing with my manly-man duties of being the household handy-man. First thing Monday morning I was on the phone to the manufacturer’s consumer hot line. I’m glad it wasn’t an emergency as I had to follow countless button presses only to be put on a very long hold with the Muzak interrupted by frequent announcements telling me to ask for “This week’s special!.” After about 25 minutes of this torture I hung up and called back only to be told by a recorded male drone that due to heavy call volume I should call back later. I did...about ten minutes later. This time I left my number on a call back system which is the greatest thing ever! All you do is hit the correct prompt (which I neglected to do the first time) and they’ll automatically call you back, which they did, but I was on another call and couldn’t pick it up. So I had to go through the whole procedure again by leaving my number and waiting for the call back. To be fair, the person that called back was indeed very helpful and is having a replacement part shipped out to me by the end of the week. I sure hope all the holes are in the proper place this time. My poor index finger has had enough of a workout for one week.




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Now add a desk-like surface, a keyboard, mouse and monitor and, voila, you have a treadmill desk at which you can walk and kill at least two birds at a time.

Google "Dr. James Levine Mayo Clinic treadmill desk"

or go to

7:03 PM Dec 2nd
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