Sep 16, 2014
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Good News!

Sep 10, 2009

It’s always a treat to open your newspaper and see some good news for a change. Whether it’s a story about a little old lady who lost her life savings in a brown paper bag only to have it returned to her by a Good Samaritan or a lost dog who managed to find its way home from half way across the country. Occasionally there’s even the story of how some guilt-ridden thief returns whatever it is he stole to the rightful owner with a sincere note of apology. It’s nice to know that not all news is always bad news. In fact sometimes what may be considered bad news for some might be good news for others. One of the odder example s of this was a story a friend of mine read about the “benefits” of global warming. Apparently there are some areas on the planet that are “defrosting” and because of that the real estate in those areas is becoming desirable. I’ll bet in the eyes (and bank accounts) of the real estate agents in those areas that is really good news!

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This is a real case of the housing industry in a meltdown in the area.
10:03 AM Sep 21st
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