Sep 21, 2014
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Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

RSS By: Leigh Rubin,

A cartoonish look at life...

Green with envy...

Jan 15, 2009

In reply to my blog of 1-14-09 a reader who shall remain anonymous, (because that's the name given by the person), made a funny comment which reminded me of cartoon by a certain cartoonist who shall not remain anonymous… (yours truly). At any rate, the comment was, "The Grass always looks a little Greener on the other side, but it usually is not any taller." In my case my neighbor's lawn is always greener and always more manicured than mine... (Sigh!)...

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COMMENTS (1 Comments)

Different Anonymous
I remember another cartoon where the cow has her head through the fence and then around the post and through the fence again to eat on the same side as she is standing on.
7:45 AM Jan 15th
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