Sep 16, 2014
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"New, improved, etc., etc, etc..."

May 29, 2009


New Improved Packaging! ” the label reads. What exactly does that mean, the old packaging kept the contents marginally fresh?  Or how about, “Better tasting!” What have they been selling us all these years, something that was barely tolerable to the taste buds? It’s interesting the lengths some companies will go in an attempt to breathe life into an old product. I guess my favorite example of silly advertising was something my brother saw many years back on one of his many cross country adventures.  It was an ad for a container similar to a Thermos® (though I’m not sure if it was a genuine Thermos®).   At any rate, the ad stated” 32 oz. beverage container- includes cup...with real handle!”  Imagine that, a “real handle.” What were they using before, an imaginary handle?  If so, I sure hope they didn’t also claim that their product would keep your coffee “Hotter than ever!"

See what’s new, improved and better than ever at:


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Will Rogers Today
I believe it's Coors that essentially advertises that their beer is COLDER.
6:57 PM May 29th
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