Sep 21, 2014
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On being self-employed

May 14, 2009

Many times I have been told how lucky I am to work for myself and not for the “other guy.”  ApparentIy some people assume I sleep in late, have a casual breakfast and then laze around the pool all day. Sounds good to me. Where do I sign up? In reality, as many of you know, being self-employed means you get to put in longer hours than if you worked a “regular” job. I’m not saying I’d have it any other way. I have worked “real” jobs and sometimes more than one “real” job at a time. Would I trade what I do for a living now for the security (what exactly does that mean anyway?) of a “real” job?  That question is better answered with the following question: Who in their right mind would hire me?! Besides, I like my boss. If I finish my work early he says I can spend the rest of the day lazing around the pool...If only I had one.


Go ahead, take the rest of the day off and visit:  (I won't tell!)

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Will Rogers Today (Randall Reeder)
As someone who does some professional speaking, I'll ask the question often asked speakers: Exactly what do you do for a living?
6:05 PM May 14th
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