Sep 22, 2014
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Spare change?

Sep 14, 2009

About 40 miles north of Santa Barbara is a quaint, little, touristy Danish town called Solvang. Our family met there to celebrate my mom’s birthday we all had a fun time visiting and after lunch poked around the various gift shops. My brother, the musician, had brought his backpack guitar along with him and while we strolled along he and my fourteen year old son (who also plays the guitar and quite well I might add!)  wandered off down one of the other streets. About 15 minutes later my brother caught up with the rest of us and when I asked where my son was he said that Andrew was “busking.” For those of you unfamiliar with this term, (like I was until a couple of months ago) it means the practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities.” (This wouldn't work for me as I have absolutely zero musical ability!) Naturally I was none too thrilled when I learned this and I asked my brother to go get my son and bring him back. He did and several minutes later they both came back and I asked Andrew how he did. “I made $10.00 in twenty minutes” he said grinning. Now, I am no math genius but I did a quick mental calculation and that’s thirty bucks an hour. Makes me wish I had bought my son a backpack guitar and brought it to New York when we went last June. He probably could have paid for the entire trip!

 No spare change but plenty of laughs at:

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thats funny, 30 bucks a hour, I would of sent him back to the streets. He can buy his own school clothes at that rate. travel guitars are great, though, especially the ones you can backpack with. It's a pain to tote around a huge guitar. There is a great list of travel guitar reviews at
Heck, for 30 bucks a hour I might pick up mine and head into the streets
9:36 AM Sep 22nd
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