Oct 1, 2014
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Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

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Labor Day

Sep 03, 2011

Seeing as how it’s Labor Day weekend I think we should salute all the women in the world who have experienced the joy of giving birth. I was present for my own birth and too be honest the details of that experience are a bit vague. The first time I saw a woman give birth (I have never seen a man give birth) was when I happened to pop over to visit my married friends George and Lisa. It was late at night after I had gotten off work. George invited me in and after offering me a beer casually mentioned that his very pregnant wife was in “false labor.” Having a rather limited knowledge of all things relating to childbirth I assumed that “false labor” was kind of like a “false alarm” and just assumed that it meant that Lisa would not be giving birth that evening. This, however, was not the case as there was nothing “false” about Lisa’s labor. From what I could hear from downstairs she was working mighty hard...harder than I have ever heard anyone work...ever. While I was quite content to relax sipping a cold one on the couch downstairs George, Lisa and (thankfully!) a midwife were all upstairs tending to the emerging (pun intended) situation at hand. I guess George didn’t want to feel that I was being left out and he called down and asked if I’d like to come up and join the fun. I must say that I did feel a tad uncomfortable with the idea of seeing his wife give birth but not wanting to be rude I accepted the invitation. As I vaguely remember (blame the beer) there seemed to be a slight complication with the delivery and again, displaying my ignorance of all things relating to childbirth, I helpfully suggested using a plunger to move the process along. Thankfully this suggestion was not necessary as nature seemed to take the right course and George and Lisa (with no help from me) were blessed with a healthy baby boy. Since that first experience I have witnessed three more births, my sons, none of which seemed difficult in the least. Of course my wife may not necessarily agree with me on this, but then again I just stood there and watched while she did all the work.(So what else is new?) I guess that’s why they call it labor.

Labor Day



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