Sep 14, 2014
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Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

RSS By: Leigh Rubin,

A cartoonish look at life...


Sep 06, 2010

Recently, someone I know (who shall remain anonymous to protect his privacy) was walking through a neighboring town when a complete stranger came up and asked if he had change for a twenty. The person I know said he only had five 1’s and the guy who needed change said that was fine and he happily traded the twenty for the five 1’s. Why would somebody do that? Was he stoned, drunk or just desperate? Why didn’t he go to a store or bank and ask for change?  Whatever the reason, my anonymous “associate” made a hefty profit so it didn’t really matter...or did it? We have all heard the saying that if something is too good to be true then it probably is, right? Well, as it turned out the old cliché still holds up. When that certain someone I know (who will continue to remain anonymous to spare him from embarrassment) went to deposit the twenty, his new friend “Andrew” turned out to be nothing but a Bogus “Bill.” Yep, it was a counterfeit.  It was an inexpensive way to learn a very valuable lesson but I’m certain he still felt a little a bit like a big, well, I’m sure you are all familiar with another old saying often attributed to P.T Barnum...


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