Sep 23, 2014
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Rubes Cartoons - Tales from a Twisted Mind

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A cartoonish look at life...

The Digital Revolution

Jul 07, 2011

Recently that huge online bookseller, (which is so big they named a large South American river after it!), announced that they had for the first time sold more digital books than actual traditional printed books. (I am sure many trees breathed a sigh of relief). This is obviously a major turning point in history. Just think, tens of thousands of years ago humans wrote on cave walls. While some of these writings still exist proving they had extraordinary shelf life they weren’t exactly easily transportable. Same thing goes for those cool hieroglyphs inside the pyramids. What humankind needed was a lighter way to spread knowledge. Clay tablets were somewhat of an improvement but still a difficult way to store your receipts. (I am sure they had taxes then too!) Parchment was a giant leap forward though I am guessing most sheep disagree. At long last some genius discovered paper, (much to the sheep’s relief as well as anyone who has ever had to use papyrus in the restroom), and then movable type was invented and then cheap and tawdry paperbacks followed soon thereafter. Now thanks to miracle of digital technology you can have the entire works of Shakespeare or thousands of cheap and tawdry “digital paperbacks” available right at your fingertips. Now for you traditionalists out there rest assured, digital will never entirely replace paper, at least not as long as we have to use the restroom.

10 commandments Rr

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