Jul 22, 2014
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Welcome to the Southern View blog featuring fresh information about grains and cotton production in Brazil, along with information about Argentina's and Paraguay's crops.

Good Soybean Yields in Brazil

Apr 01, 2009

Brazil – Soybean harvesting reaching good yields in almost all regions. In PR, low averages was already expected, and being confirmed. MT and MS in the normal way. For RS is expected the biggest crop ever, although some believes the current lack of rains since three weeks ago may break on 10-12% the total volume. -  Indeed, it has two periods of soybean planting in RS. The early one is just being harvested and seems to be fabulous, but the late (planted after the corn harvest) is now in the filling stage, and loosing yields for each day without rain. There is no official numbers about early and late soybean area.
By the way, weather is threatening now the 2nd crop corn in some regions: PR is supposed to start planting, but drought is not allowing. Meanwhile the excess of rains is stopping the soybean harvest in some regions of MS an MT, what can delay the planting of 2nd crop corn.
Argentina – The end of “el paro” gave some breath to local crushes, at last ‘till producers get in conflict with government again. Actually producers need to sell due logistic reasons. The big matter I see in ARG is, again, the drought. Have some days we have being talked about it, checking forecasts and soil moisture comments, and concluding the current lack of rains should be affecting yields, although no comments in the market. So this week SAGPYA announced it’s soybean harvest expects: between 37 and 39 million tons!! 15% to 19% under last year crop. Their last number was 42,7 mi tons. This reduction is based on some of worst yields reached in Argentina (1320tons/ha), was said, for the drought in the planting season, and now in the filling stage.
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Eder Silveira
Yes, in the day after the report, SAGPYA put it self numbers in doubt. Anyway, we heard some Argy farmers and some of then said just haven't received even 10mm in March, along the Entre Rios region. This week some good rains ocurred over BUE, but we beleive it stills helpfull only for those who planted lately. We expect an Argy soybean crop about 40 mi tons.
8:28 AM Apr 3rd
Seeing comment that Argy Ag Secretariat has withdrawn latest monthly crop report saying errors in data. What is your take on crop size?
2:02 PM Apr 1st
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