Jul 12, 2014
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Southern View


Welcome to the Southern View blog featuring fresh information about grains and cotton production in Brazil, along with information about Argentina's and Paraguay's crops.

Planting Conditions

Nov 11, 2009

Greetings from Brazil,
Planting going on in CW regions of Brazil. Beneficial rains give good conditions in this region. In N and NE, rains permitted early seeding two weeks ago, but know rains stopped have a week and producers interrupted planting. Some producers we talk said there is no worries about the planted areas, because it was done in soil with good water reserve. But, of course, there is a risk in case of this drought lasts too much. Climate prediction center forecasts at least more 6 days with no rains.
And in Argentina some timid rains came back last days. Situation is not comfortable,  but nobody is talking about severe drought so far.
What really seems to be a threat to Argie market is, again, the conflict between govt. and rural class. A “Paro” (strike) is arranged for December in order to hold attention to the cause of the export tariffs for grains. Recent activities of truckers union, supported by rural sector, show us it’s not be a easy season for Mrs. Kirchner
 …Some posts ago we talked about a possibility of seeds shortage in Argentina, due to last season crop results. I haven’t talk to any producer over there about this, but Oil World  justified their cut down on Argie soybean crop estimative due to drought and seed shortage. I got a little surprised with last USDA number for Argie’s soybean production.  Don’t think there is a visible reason for an increase by this time.
 I will appreciate your comments.
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