Apr 18, 2014
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Southern View


Welcome to the Southern View blog featuring fresh information about grains and cotton production in Brazil, along with information about Argentina's and Paraguay's crops.

Soybean Harvest in Brazil

Feb 15, 2012


So far all regions have seen low yields. Drought in the South has definitely affected the yields with representative losses to be considered, and forecast is not optimistic.
In other regions still harvesting early variety of soybean, so lower yields were expected indeed, but the continuous raining in NE and CW is delaying the harvest, so we haven’t seen good averages so far. Aprosoja (Soybean Producers Association) is expecting a 5 mi tons lower crop than CONAB’s last estimative. Many local ag agencies talking about a under 68 mi tons for 2012.
This delay on soybean harvest is prejudicing the seeding of second crop corn in MT. The good window of planting is closing today and many important regions in that state haven’t finish harvesting soybean yet. So we can expect a reducing in the next CONAB number for corn.

Crop Estimates from South America

Following some estimative researched by Safras & Mercados, a local and very traditional reporter in Southern Brazil.

Safras e Mercado 2012 crop estimates:

  • Brazil bean crop estimated at 70.273 MT vs. 74.38 MT in 2011
  • Argentine bean crop estimated at 49.0 MT vs. 49.2 MT in 2011
  • Paraguay bean crop estimated at 7.5 MT vs. 8.373 MT in 2011
  • Bolivia bean crop estimated at 2.42 MT vs. 2.336 M in 2011
  • Uruguay bean crop estimated at 1.62 MT vs. 1.54 MT in 2011
  • Total South American bean crop estimated at 130.813 MT vs. 135.830 MT in 2011


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