Oct 2, 2014
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Syngenta Field Report

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The Syngenta Field Report features information and experts from Syngenta sharing observations about issues growers are dealing with in the fields.

Report from the field with Mike Aldinger, farmer in Iowa Falls, IA

Jul 30, 2013

Early growth stage update

We’ve seen a lot of rain on our farm this year. It started off really wet and cold, which caused some delays this year compared to last year. 
We started planting on May 14 and it took about 10 days to get the corn in the ground.  A foundation herbicide was applied right behind the planter, which gave us a little break between planting and our post-emergence application of glyphosate and Callisto® herbicide. The rain was pretty consistent after planting, and the month of June brought good heat to our corn, which helped it to grow quickly. The corn reached the 4- to 5- leaf plant stage on June 20.
A foundation herbicide was applied right behind the planter, which gave us a little break between planting and our next application, which will be glyphosate and Callisto® herbicide. We apply Quilt Xcel® fungicide to 30 percent of our corn acres, at V5 then again at tassel. These are corn-on-corn acres and I feel they need extra protection from plant stresses during important growth stages as well as the disease control provided by Quilt Xcel from Northern and Southern corn leaf blight, anthracnose and gray leaf spot. We are currently experiencing dry field conditions, but we’re still seeing good color in the corn, which tells us that the nitrogen stayed in place even after all the heavy rains this spring.
Product performance assumes disease presence.

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