Sep 18, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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A Comment - A Response - And More Comments

Feb 15, 2010
***Editor's Note:  The following are comments received following the February 13-14, 2010 edition of the program...

   The  comment  John made  about  the  consumption again  shows he  had  his mouth  in gear before he  did  much  research---if he  thinks  9% consumption tax would  send  more money to  the  government than we are paying  now he needs to  do more study---with  all  the imbedded  taxes  we  are  paying 23%  if  that  is  more  that  9% he  needs to  re-do math 101.
Don Beaver

Hey - long time, no hear, old friend.  Once again, you heard what you wanted to hear.  The Roadmap for America (Ryan's plan) has a business consumption tax of 8.5%.  Read it here.  And if you check the script that was what I was talking about.

   I watched your program this morning and wanted to let you know that the information you gave about the land rent was incorrect.  I work for Farm Service Agency and we do not have that information.  When someone calls our office about that subject, we send them to our local Extension office or to the National Ag Statistics (NASS).  These two places might be of service.  Also our procedure does ask for land rent prices when they fill out paperwork for government programs. I hope you find this information helpful.
Zelda Cloud

   I live in southeast Virginia and I bought 17 acres of land about three years ago.  I'm 45 years old but I live on a limited budget.  So it's not easy to get into farming if you don't have the money.  There should be more programs to help the people who really want to start a be able to put a house up and farm their land.
James Puchaty

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