Sep 16, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on U.S. Farm Report. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

All Kinds of Comments & Questions

Mar 01, 2010
***Editor's Note:  The following viewer comments & questions were received following the February 27-28, 2010 edition of our program...

   I watched your show this morning and you had an article about a home made auger used to breakup corn blockage and also talked about using a ladder across the top of the bin with a safety harness.  I would like more information on the homemade auger as I am concerned with safety.  My son-in-law and daughter experience similar problems with corn silage in their silo which has an automatic feeder installed.  How can I get the information as shown on  your program this morning?
   I am not a farmer, just a farmer wife father and I make it a habit of collecting different tools which I give to them.  My son-in-law has been able to put many of them to use on the farm and probably would not have had them otherwise and finds them very valuable.
Fred “Ken” Decker
Candor, NY
***Editor's Note:  CLICK HERE for more information on Stan's corn borer...

   Further comment on grain bin safety.  I  only have one grain bin and I have a stirator in that bin which I can operate to break up a plugged discharge point in the middle of the bin.  This does not require any one to enter the bin.  It will also break up a hot spot or a crust on the top.
Ben Carpenter 

   I watch the U.S. Farm Report Program every Saturday morning and enjoy it more every week!  My love for the farm and country living has never wavered! In 1960, when a beautiful young lady came along and captured my heart, I left my parent's farm, got married and then children, college, seminary, thirty six years of pastoral ministry and then retirement.  Staying active singing in the choir and teaching an adult Sunday School class every week.
   Through your program my love for the farm continues to grow!  The last two programs have really been on the cutting edge!  Keep up the good work and "do even better next week."
Norm Glassburn
Retired United Methodist Pastor

P.S.  "Out there" is New Mexico?  I will check out Baxter Black's website and hope to find out........

   I like the church salutes that you give and the map that you provide to let the viewer see where the church is located in the state. 
SUGGESTION - On the old tractor tales, could you not have a MAP like the one for a church, to let the viewer see about what part of the state that person is located?  I enjoy this segment. Some of these towns are small and unknown to your viewers.
George Hall

   Whereas it may be of necessity that a farmer might need to haul manure on snow covered ground, I think it extremely unwise to paste pictures of such actions on your broadcast.  Our image is tough enough to defend!!!   Dennis Spangler 
New Berlin, PA

Dear People,  
   As a rancher in Guffey, CO I must take exception to John Phipps'  comment that taxes are down for most ranchers/farmers.  Our property taxes and other taxes just keep going up and further the Bush Tax Cuts will expire at the end of 2010.  Also, many taxes are hidden as "fees."  In CO the Governor increased all vehicle and trailer license fees.  A average rancher has 4 or 5 trailers, thus these are really huge tax increases.  Further, when I enter a state park, the fees are up and it just goes on and on.  I do enjoyh your farm  report an d I watch it every Sat morning.  Drive on!   Robert Zawacki
Old Bob The Cheerful Malcontent 

***John's Response:
   I agree.  If you listen carefully, I made reference to federal income taxes only (I added it adlib) - not all tax burdens.  Since I was speaking about the federal deficit, I thought the decline in federal revenue was the salient point.  Besides, given the state of local/state finances, those taxes have got to zoom upward, I would guess.
Thanks for watching.

Hi John,
    I happened to watch your program this morning. First of all, I would like to complement you, on your professional appearance.  As always, it's perfect. You represent the farm populace very well.
    I am of the opinion like your self, that we are heading into a period of deflation, rather than the opposite.  I watch the US Treasury debt auctions quite closely, last week the Treasury sold 120 billion  at extremely low rates of return. 
Ten years ago, an offering of this magnitude would have broke the market.  Yet this caused barely a ripple.  Obviously, the big buyers are of the opinion that this is a favorable return, or they would not have participated. The herd is many times on the wrong side of the situation.  I thought Greg Hunt expressed himself very well.
    I have traveled extensively thru out the world, both on business and for pleasure, I remember quite well being in Japan in the late eighties, how prices were, and what they are now.  Being the worlds second richest nation, they are a major player in GDP.  Yet they have suffered from 20 years of severe deflation, so it can happen, even to us.
    I also remember the Brazil exchange rate of 4000 Real  to 1 USD in 1985, and their 285 % inflation rate, yet today, they are doing well!!!   This is my observation, for what it's worth.
James A. Lomont
New Haven, IN

   Your analysts were on the soapbox today about deflation fueled by Walmart report of lower sales.  If my memory serves me correctly, earlier in this recessionary cycle, when others were reporting declines, Walmart was reporting increases, which told me that peple were being more conservative with there spending.  I just wonder, where are Walmart's sales compared to before this all started?
Jerry B. Williams
Carmi, Illinois

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