Sep 23, 2014
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Cow Tax Comments

Dec 15, 2008
I live in Scotland county Missouri and have a cow calf operation. After thinking about EPA's taxation idea related to methane and cows, I wonder whether they will tax the conservation department of each state for all of the deer and turkeys that they say  they own, that we feed and house????

Best Regards,
Steve Dawkins
Quincy, IL

Am I ready to pay a global warming tax on animals?  NO!  The latest cause of GW (global warming) is cow droppings. If this is such a big problem - before PETA organizes any more protests, the US Ag department should research the system used in Germany. All waste goes into a methane recycling program. Every farm employs the same program. There is no stink in the air, and the electricity produced about fuels the entire country. Why can't America try this idea, at least in the feedlots here in Western KS?  It would be the answer for 2 major problems in society - methane pollution, and electricity.

Janette Haverkamp
Garden City, Kansas         
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COMMENTS (4 Comments)

James Ross-upset farmer: I agree. You said it well. I am also upset.

11:23 PM Dec 28th
James Ross-upset farmer
After Obama gives all this free money out for nothing to bailout corporate greed we will have taxes like we did when Carter was President--all but Socialism. Two months ago corporate America banks and car makers said they were going out of business without help then when they got help gave millions of your tax dollars as obsurd bonuses of $80,000 plus --I ask were they really going out of business. We will soon be taxed to wipe our tails heck they are so creative in our town now that we have a hamburger tax on prepared food on top of the city,state federal tax and it is about 30 cents on the dollar. The good lord only ask for 10% and can run their public service when some give nothing. I went to the store before Christmas and priced a beef brisket and it was $75. I told the meat cutter I sold 500 lb angus calves a week ago for .65 cents a pound which is nothing compared to even 30 years ago. I have more feed and medicine in them than that! Wake up America! My dad taught me from very young that you give a man a fish and he eats for a day but if you teach him to fish he eats for life. I learned to work hard and take risk but for WHAT--now we give illegals our social programs without even being citizens and pay their medical expenses and now they are dealing drugs to our kids and stealing anything and everything because we too have taught them that in this country they are entitled to free food stamps, milk,cheese,housing, medical and special teachers in your school system so they learn in their language. All while they use ficticious social security number to keep from paying taxes (maybe yours) but I bet we legalize all of them too under the new president and see how many pay taxes then! America has lost its core values that my ancestors came here for over 150 years ago. We learned English, worked hard and payed taxes to build this country but have done nothing but tear it down for the last thiry years.
8:04 AM Dec 27th
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