Sep 23, 2014
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U.S. Farm Report Mailbag

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Comments, questions, opinions...this is your chance to speak out regarding anything and everything reported on U.S. Farm Report. Viewer feedback updated regularly.

Lots of Letters

Jun 08, 2009
*Editor's Note: The June 6-7, 2009 edition of U.S. Farm Report drew some interesting viewer response...covering everything from ethanol to immigration to the correct pronunciation of tortilla...

   Now Wisconsin dairymen know how smokers feel after the recent tobacco tax increases of 156% to 2,000%. Their "fees" are going up 480%, just about the average for all tobacco products.  Both types of costs are highly regressive, impacting below median income households relatively much more than those with higher income.  So much for promises not to raise taxes/fees on the less well off.
Phil Parker

   What befenfits does the average consumer see from the use of ethanol in fuel? I do know that snowmobile engines, boat motors, etc are having very determental effects because of ethanol not to mention the older farm equipment. I have relatives that use older farm equipment for their hay that now have to add expensive fuel stabilizers to the fuel because the corrosion to the metal fuel tanks and older fuel system components that deteriate much faster because of ethanol. One owns and uses a 1959 farmall tractor and a 1952 international flatbed truck to harvest approx. 2500 bales of hay for his small beef cattle operation (approx 25 head) that does not see any benefit but looks at more money out of his pocket for fuel stabilzers to counteract the effects of ethanol. The other major problem with ethanol based fuel that I've personally seen is the reduced fuel milage with a decrease of approx 2 mpg for both my trucks(94 chevy s10 and a 1995 gmc 4x4) not to mention my older lawn and garden tractors and mowers that i have to add expensive fuel additives to run them so where are the benefits to the average consumer for ethanol based fuels. I personally don't see any benefits for ethanol based fuels because any benefits that are gained enviromentally for using ethanol based fuels are being negated by having to consume more of these products to do the same work as the older fuels not to mention the increased price of these fuels.  Please let me know if there are any other ways to make the ethanol based fuels more user friendly without costing us more to use them. 
Bob Roy  (average consumer)

  Your Commentary on illegal Immigrants hits pretty close to home. Here in NC we see them all over the place displacing lots of American workers I haven't lost a job to them myself, I'm self employed, but I know of some folks that have been pushed out of work by these illegal workers. 
   Yes they are just trying to improve their lot in life but, you folks that hire them just because they will work for less and live 37 people in a 2 bedroom house need to wake up and realize that you may be hurting us all. 
  These folks are Illegal that means they aren't paying any taxes they don't have insurance to pay for doctor visits they are sending their Illegal children to schools they aren't paying taxes to support, lot's of them are standing in the welfare lines gathering up more tax dollars paid in buy fewer and fewer working Americans. They are also a large part of the jailhouse population, more tax dollars at work.
   I could go on but by now I think you get the point.  I'm sure you will keep working them as will the farmers, contractors, restaurants, furniture plants etc. around here. But I don't think you should make it sound OK on your farming show.
   Think about this. These folks are breaking the law every day of the week just by being here illegally. What if everyone was allowed to break the law everyday and get by with it? Maybe some will chose to drive 100 MPH everywhere they go some will chose to drive drunk, maybe some will decide they want to steal whatever they want. Is there a difference? All are laws, all are being broken. I believe hiring an illegal is illegal itself is it not?  
I'm not a farmer though I was raised with them all around me I worked in tobacco as a kid. My wife and I do try to raise a small garden each year along with some apples and blueberries. I don't own a tractor but I do work on some on occasion.  I like your show especially the old tractor segment  and will keep watching even though you condone law breaking. Mayhap you will change your views but it's not likely.  Just some early morning ramblings from an old Southern boy.
Mike Wilson

   The issue of immigration has about run its course. Considering the condition of the U.S. economy and Global Warming is creating drought or flood conditions for farmers, there wont be many farms soon to operate, anyway. Those farms that can sustain all these negative conditions, will not be able to keep up with the coming demand for food.
   As the economy falls, consider the impact on farm machinery. If John Deere and others like them fall, as the Auto Industry is, what are farmers supposed to do? Go back to working the land by hand? (Probably)
   Tomatos are already $4.00 a pound in parts of Arizona.  It's getting a bit too late to care about Mexican Citizens coming to America Illegally, without getting in line and doing it LEGALLY, as folks from other nations do. Illegals have added debt to the National Debt, while individuals have profited from the practice ... it don't matter any more. - We'll all be working the land soon, or we'll die off.
   Watch in the coming years what happens in cities where food can't be grown. Chances are, city folks will come to the rural farm areas ... and they'll be hungry.
Good Luck,

Hi there Yankee College Boy,
    I'm a California State University Girl.  Out here we have to speak some Spanish or die.  I know you're an educated man and won't take offense to this note. (I actually send these to many news people; all before this were about English mispronunciations.  Don't feel bad about not having a Spanish-English dictionary...)
   Tortilla is pronounced tore-tea-yah, with the emphasis on tea.  I hope this helps.
Your new friend,
P. S.  Can you ask your buddy there on the report, why is our government so stupid?  Cows are not a man-made source of greenhouse gases...why penalize the dairy farmer????  My interest, I love my cheese, cream, milk and oleo for me! 
We have more cow on earth only because we have more people, do we need to overtax the producers of too many babies????  Octamom, here comes the taxman!!!!!!!  If someone can help me put some sense into the government, I'd appreciate it.  All my letters are put into the round file.  


  Move over corn based ethanol. Imagine replacing 30,000 acres of corn in an already corn defecit area. Time will tell. Let the free market alone to work this one out.
   Energy beets: a $93M 'wonder fuel'?
   The story is located at



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