Sep 18, 2014
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Missing Acres Again

Feb 25, 2010
Hello John,
    I see that we have setup the "professionals" again to scream that the sky is falling this summer. I remind you of an email that I sent you last year when the acreage reports came out and the "professionals" could not figure out where the extra acres of corn came from, when the first reports at planting showed 3 million acres MIA. Well here we are again with the same scenario. The first guess at crop acres came out and showed 5+ million acres less wheat and soybean acres than last year. But only 2.5 million acres more corn to be planted. So where do we put the other 2.5 million acres at? But I have not heard anyone talk about that missing acres. Just like last year, our experts will forget about those acres until summer when the USDA tells us where they went.  And again corn prices will take a hit while the experts continue to tell us to hold out cause better days are coming on prices. Oh and by the way, I think that we have both seen in the Agri News and article that the figures show a need for at least 3 M acres just to keep up with demand. Well I guess that really clears things up then. I just hope that the bugs don't win, and mother nature just remembers where the water goes. :~) I have told friends before that the only difference between farming and Vegas, is at Vegas you know the outcome a lot sooner than a farmer does.
Michael Rust
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COMMENTS (3 Comments)

Sometime ago a trucker wrote down all the different prices for milk on the shelf as he traveled across the US. It would be interesting to see all the different ranges of prices for milk on the shelf. Also all the different price ranges for corn, beans, etc throughout the country. See who really is getting a better or worse price for product and grains.
9:53 AM Mar 1st
There is a trucker who picks up milk in VT, trucks it to Boston, unloads it, loads back up, trucks it to NY City, unloads it, loads up again, and trucks it back to VT.
4:02 PM Feb 28th
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