Sep 16, 2014
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Post Frame or Pole Barn?

Jan 14, 2009
   I live in Virginia and watch your programs many Saturday or Sunday mornings.  I am a contractor for over 37 years that has built many farm buildings. We specialize in Equine facilities. You can see many of our buildings on our website
   On a recent program, during your comments, you mentioned something about pole barns. I was surprised that you would not refer to them by the more modern title of Post Frame buildings.  There is an Association of us called the National Frame Building Association. I have been a member of the NFBA for 33 years. I/we the association would like you to refer to the buildings, barns, or what have you as Post Frame buildings.
   This past Saturday you had a story on Tom Farms. The buildings shown in that piece are Post Frame. I'm sure they, the Tom's, would not like their buildings called pole barns.  Just a thought, constructive, I hope. That is the way it is intended.  I plan to continue to enjoy your show.

Peter J. Williams, PJ Williams Company, Inc. 
Madison, Virginia
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

Peter Williams

Post frame bldgs do have the posts in the ground. Yes they are square or rectangular in shape. You may be thinking of post and beam construction. There the posts are usually not in the ground.
Go to the NFBA web site to learn more about this modern, effective, and economical system of construction.
8:37 PM Jan 16th
We have a pole barn. The poles are placed in post holes and then the plate is attached to the top before the poles are tamped in. I believe a post frame building would not have the poles set in the ground and they would be square cut instead of round. I could be wrong, I was once.
1:03 AM Jan 16th
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