Sep 30, 2014
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Say NO to Wind Turbines

May 18, 2009
Placing wind turbines on flat black Muscatine and Tama soil in Illinois is not the best use of the land.  Property values of all homes within the footprint of a project will be drastically reduced resulting in less county revenue. These concrete and steel noisy jungles belong on crap ground in North Dakota, not in my backyard. Promises of money for schools, townships, and county are driving these monsters. Schools are asked to abate taxes for 3 years while the farmer and company CEO rake in the cash. Give me another nuclear reactor any day…for each tower on this highly productive soil two more children will starve to death and company CEO’s will gain 4 LBS. We cannot feed the increasing population now, what will happen when we take these additional acres out of production?  These are not wind turbines but tombstones...please do your own research.
Farmer / Licensed Realtor
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COMMENTS (4 Comments)

Nuclear is a bad joke. Investors won't build one unless the government guarantees their investment 100%! Here in SE MN they're multiplying in a hurry. I understand NIMBY, but I know we need the electricity and I have a conscience when it comes to global climate change, so I've signed up my land.
10:00 PM May 18th
NIMBY. I can't believe he wrote it in his post even. I wonder, if as a realtor, he has ever sold bare ground to grow houses on.

Don't get me wrong, I think turbines are an area specific item and don't want one in my backyard but in the pasture away from everything is fine and dandy with me.
1:57 PM May 18th
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