Sep 23, 2014
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The Cap & Trade Debate

Feb 01, 2010
Comment #1 
   I just saw your piece on the Farm Report about the first thing to know about C and T is fuel....that it will be expensive.  WHY???  C and T has not come to fruition; farmers are possibly the most respected individuals in this country; if farmers don't "drink the kool-aid" and, one, don't accept global warming, which has now been found to be bogus and, two, show a combined support against C and T, maybe the stupidity that is so apparent with lawmakers currently can be thrown in the manure spreader and dumped in the back 40. 
Philip Campbell
Lexington, Kentucky
P.S.  I'm not a farmer but grew up in a small town in Kentucky and worked on and with friends who farmed.  My dad sold International Harvester/Farmall farm equipment...i have a total respect and real love of farming

Comment #2
   First a question I was under the opinion both houses have not yet signed on to cap and trade and it is not law yet, am I wrong ?  Now for fuel I can not see how using more fuel is cutting down on foreign use I get 17+ miles per gallon MPG with hydro carbon fuel , now lucky to get 16 MPG so I am buying more carbon fuel , now for the legislator that you have his interview on twice , his comment about needing to know where the fuel comes from is naive I see a distributer with no ethanol he gets my business that is the first consideration , up and until ethanol can do (ALL) the other things that oil does,,, it will (I BET  NEVER) replace oil , which brings up the point all the media ever talks about is oil as a source of energy for vehicles and that is just not the whole TRUE story , I shudder to think of a higher percentage of ethanol in my hydro carbon fuel , and a last item and then I'LL shut up all of the push for little tinker toy vehicles is a joke its 100 miles round trip to the grocery there is no way I can haul a week or so's worth of food and all kinds of material in one of those toy cars , thank goodness our governor farmer / rancher in rural Montana and understands these things. 
Thank You,  
Garth C. Good 
Greenough, Montana
Comment #3
  You are totally  wrong  -- after the Massachusetts election  you  will  not  find  enough  democrats  to  vote  for  this  bill for  it  to  pass---do you  think Iowa  would  vote  for  obomation again???
Don Beaver
Comment #4
            On your show this morning you mentioned Cap and Trade, and the fact that it will increase the cost of fuel.  I have no doubt that it will have some effect, but you totally left off the rest of the story,  and why it is a MUST for the farmers and the world! 
            US reached peak oil in 1972, the world reached peak oil in 2009, maybe before, due to over stated middle east oil.  The Cap induces a change to clean energy.  The trade allows at change without huge increase in cost.  Without a cap.  When the next oil crises occurs, which is very near, the price of oil will put the world in a depression not just a recession.
            The farmer will be the producer of much of that clean energy and may even get paid to store carbon.  Did you miss $2 gas = $4 Wheat and $4.5 gas = $22 wheat.
            On the global warming, there is no argument.  Just post the pictures of the increasing ice in the world!   I will watch for them on your show!   If 50% of them have increased in size in the last few years then the world is cooling!
            President Obama has it right. The do-nothing Republican's have it wrong.  Welfare for the rich (war) (uncontrolled healthcare) does not work.
Bill Woodhouse
Power MT
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COMMENTS (2 Comments)

8:17 may be right about the wheat price, but Bill Woodhouse has it right about the price of fuel putting us into a recession. It was the price of fuel that caused the home owner to not be able to pay for fuel to heat his house and get to work plus have any money left to pay the bank on the loan to buy that too expensive a house that he is living in. There is a finite amount of oil in the world and we need it for a lot more things than fuel. It took millions of years to make it and we can use it all up in 200 years.
1:57 AM Feb 6th
Bill Woodhouse's comment does miss one thing: the correlation between gas and wheat prices is coincidental. $22 wheat was a result of worldwide supply vs. demand. The oil market had comparatively little to do with it.
7:17 PM Feb 2nd
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