Sep 16, 2014
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Too Much Nonsense???

Mar 16, 2009
There seems to be too many people getting involved in farming these days.  Ending horse slaughter has crippled the horse business.  I as a horse farmer have had to pay the price of keeping unwanted horses now for almost two years.  There needs to be some relief.  Is the government going to start paying the feed bills for the animals?   Now they say they want to put a tax on cattle and hogs.  Charge farmers for creating dust!!!!!!  When is all this nonsense going to stop?
Ernest Boren  

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COMMENTS (24 Comments)

Sometimes I wonder what or HOW people are thinking. What is better. A horse starving in its own back yard or slaughter?
you say starving. Have you ever seen a horse die very slowley? have you ever seen a horse in a US slaughter house die?? and I do not mean on UTube were anyone can cut together anything they want. Well I have. and the starving is something no one ever wants to see. Yet the slaughter house was fast and painless. Only in the UTubes videos does it show horses in slaughter houses in Mexico having a horrifying death and yet it was so easy for all you anti's to make sure that is where the bulk of the unwanted horses went. You will not put that one on us pro's shoulders. And dont blame the breeder either. It's us breeders that put the good useing horses on the ground and the dink that got them cheep boneheads that think they can make a dime putting nothing horses on the ground.
Slaughter needs to come back to the U.S. and who says that there is no horses ate in our country? Horses have always been ate here. Horse meet was sold in stores until the 80's and now people just slaughter their own or have them slaughtered. dang you people need to get out more.
8:53 PM Apr 24th
Attention true horse lovers while we are fighting to end horse slaughter by the passage of H R 503, cattle producers want the following bills passed so they can continue to pollute our air with greenhouse gas from their cattle and then be exempt from paying the greenhouse gas emission tax that all other business will have to pay. We need to get everyone involved to vote against these bills. they want a free pass to pollute and kill our horses I say no to both and it is high time to fight back lets see how much horse slaughter is worth to them.

Contact your congressmen and senators let them know to vote for the quick passage of H R 503 and against H R 1438 and S 527. Remember it only takes one sympathetic senator to block their bills just as Conrad Burns blocked our bill last year. The pro slaughter associations need to know that as long as they oppose a horse slaughter ban we will oppose any bill they want passed. Let’s see how much money we can cost them; what will they be willing to pay to continue horse slaughter. The cattle associations are also against S 22 so urge your senators to cosponsor this bill as well.

11:59 AM Mar 23rd
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